Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The Watcher Angels don't visit the same anymore.  That's part of the Mystery.  It's a knowledge that can only be gained by esoteric means, and only individually.  Once you see them, you see the Mystery, and then you understand what has changed in the last few years.  Sorry to seem so vague, but this is directed at those that are seeking the revelation I had.  A stronger hint might take the revelation away from me.  It is too powerful and fragile to be revealed.

The Strong Sun Full Moon is coming up in two days.  The full moon is a sun-moon opposition.  One of the few oppositions we celebrate.  The biggest brightest full moon is during the darkest days and longest nights of the year, and the weakest full moon is during the longest, brightest days of the year.

Hence "strong sun" full moon.

This is the moment during the year when the inner and emotional landscape are the least illuminated.  And this is also the last full moon of the "waxing" half of the year.  This is when our day to day lives, our mundane, mortal, shitting, breathing, eating, fucking, lives, are strongest and most able to make the changes in our emotional, personal and inner lives that illuminated during the full moon before the winter solstice.

In terms of the global shift- the move to 5D consciousness and an Aquarian Age lifestyle, and the collapse of the Old Piscean Age structures of ego and martyrdom, of possessions and wealth and violent power- this is also turning point.

Choices need to be made or changes will be forced and uncomfortable.  Kindred, what is your next step?  Do you withdraw from this world and begin creating the communities and structures necessary for the transition?  Do you join the people fighting to dismantle these larger structures and make them adapt? Do you settle down in one place and put in roots, or do you hit the road?

If you live in the USA, especially the St. Louis area, I am still advising keep stocked up on supplies in case of emergency, developing personal networks and meeting places in case of disaster or widespread internet and electricity outtages.

If you are in St. Louis I think the more focus on transforming this region, the better.  This may not be true in other areas.  This full moon will give you the clarity you need for yourself and your area.

If you are standing on the sidelines, you will need a written note or pass.  Because things are going to be moving around, and if your karma isn't straight and you are taking a holiday from an authentic life for yourself, it's gonna be a mess.  A six month mess at least.

I'd say it's vital to stretch your comfort level.  Maybe that's just me.

As always, the most important thing is to keep your focus on the world you want to see, without denying the world that you do see, or that others see.  Your inner vision is your compass.  Stay on True North.

There is no saving of others, and no saviours coming to save you.  You are your only power, and your power has to be authentic to work right now.

But also, don't forget to celebrate, and sample the sweet strawberries and smell the thick clover fields, and laugh in the sunshine with the children who will inherit the future you are fighting for,

Blessings peeps,

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Have you ever listened to the way these flamboyantly wealthy people are?  The Christian sort.

We have to find another name for them.  It is an insult to true Christians to call them "Christian" no matter how loudly they, themselves, proclaim it.

The way they talk about Jesus.  Was Jesus saving souls or tax dollars?  Or are they the same thing?

What Jesus taught means nothing.  It's all just "Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.  I can do whatever I want and be forgiven."

These are not Christians.

"There was only one Christian.  He died on the cross."

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I believe that this world and the people in it are all living in both subjective and objective realities. There can be more than one objective reality, supported by empirical facts.  But there are as many subjective realities as there are individual humans. I find no contradiction in believing in all Gods, and no gods at all.  Both can co-exist simultaneously.

I believe in both Creationism and Evolution.  But I'd prefer only evolution be taught in public schools.  I think Numerology can be helpful to many people, but I think mathematics should be a requirement.  I believe in Astrology, but Astronomy is more useful in mundane life.

I am a witch and a multi-dimensional entity, but I am also a human living in a shared reality with other humans. As a witch, operating in other dimensions, I might see where I effect the shared reality through "supernatural" means, but until I can prove that empirically, I wouldn't testify in court on magickal or psychic phenomena.

For many years I was a stone cold atheist.  Of course, during that time I still experienced psychic phenomena.  And it always bothered me a lot.  It didn't fit in with how I wanted the world to be.  So I cannot speak for those that do not believe in anything "supernatural" and have never had an "otherworldly" or psychic experience.

Subjective realities matter only when we try to make everyone else believe as we do.  And in this regard, hard core empiricists can be just as bad as religious zealots.  The difference is that the science based person is willing to accept new evidence and new theories, while the zealot is trapped in an unchanging belief system.

I believe that one day science will explain my psychic and other abilities. I don't know how or when, but I do believe one day it will be accepted for all humans, or perhaps just certain humans.

In many ways, it doesn't matter. Because I am here in this earthly incarnation to experience human existence and this shared reality.  When I can levitate in front of other human beings I will allow scientists to examine me and figure out how other people can duplicate it.  Until then, levitation is a subjective experience, a possible hallucination, a "crazy" belief.

(EDIT: While my personal subjective belief is that some people who do things like mass murder are possessed by evil spirits, or entities, I would not expect a court of law to exonerate that person. Not until there is empirical, scientific proof of possession. However, if the court found the murderer as "possessed" by mental illness, and convicted to a forensic ward, if that murderer wanted to be exorcised by a priest, and that person believed it would heal him, then they should have the right to try it, if a priest was willing.)

It serves no purpose to insist that other people believe as I do.  And in order for me to insist that I be allowed to have the subjective reality that I live in, I must defend other people's right to have their own subjective reality.

But our mutual society must be based on shared reality.  This is why I support an adult's right to treat an illness with prayer, or commit suicide, or try to live on breathe alone, but not a parent's right to do any of those things to their children.  Or to anyone else.

If it were up to me, children wouldn't be introduced to belief systems until they were 12 or 13. Let children start school at 7, and let them learn the empirical, observational, shared-reality first.  And while they are teenagers let them learn how to control their hormones and form strong relationships and the basics of managing a life (budgeting, bookkeeping, keeping house, health routines, etc). When they are 18 they can choose a religion if they want to.

We don't need religion to see what benefits all people.  We don't need religion to be "good" people. (We don't need science to see it either, but we do need science to help us achieve it.  I believe in prayer, but not in place of medical care, or engineering, etc.)

Every person on this planet needs clean air, drinkable water, arable land, health care and treatment for illness and injury.  Every person on this planet needs shelter, most need clothing and shoes for at least part of the year.  And every person needs education on how to survive in this shared reality, this empirical reality. (EDIT: Every person needs emotional support and opportunities to expand and grow, and to have work that is meaningful and contributes to society.)

If you are an adult and you choose to believe in a caste system, or an after-life of torture, or a superiority of one kind of person or another- please, feel free.  But I don't know why any adult would willingly accept a religion based on fear and tyranny. **

(EDIT: A religion that can only survive by ignoring shared reality and indoctrinating children is not a religion of true believers.  It is not a soul exercising free will.  I also don't believe it is right to tell children that "there is no such thing as faeries" or "you will never be able to fly like Superman".  Tell them instead that their is no proof of those things, and that many people do not believe they are real.  Then let them investigate on their own.  One of the most valuable things ever said to me was "It's as easy to learn to fly by jumping off a curb as jumping off a roof."  I think I was about 4 or 5.  I knew that I could fly, and I kept jumping off of things, hoping I would take flight. Thankfully there was an adult around that didn't repeat the "no one can fly" admonishment. There was an adult who let me have my belief in myself, and also knew how to prevent me from hurting myself while I attempted to prove my theory.)

I prefer a diverse world of many subjective realities.  But I want our unity as humans to be based in shared reality, in science.  Far from restricting diversity of subjective reality, I think a science based society opens up more possibilities, more dimensions. There is more room for subjective truth when we all agree on empirical facts.

In Science I Trust, So Mote It Be.

This post is a preface of sorts, for another post I am working on, which I will link to here when I finish it.

**The people standing in front of Planned Parenthood believe in a God that expects them to defend the unborn from "murder".  I find this ironic considering that in their subjective reality the aborted soul would go to Heaven.  But should that child be born with the free will granted to it by its creator, this soul could inadvertently end up being tortured FOREVER in a hell dimension.

Surely in this belief system it would be better to abort all fetuses and ensure that all souls go to Heaven and with God?  (Except the abortionist, who is going to hell anyhow, simply for not believing in this god.)  Why would this god simultaneously want to test souls with free will AND want other souls to take away that free will choice by demanding obedience to that god?

Monday, April 3, 2017


One thing I love about North County is the abundance of owls. Saturday night after midnight there was a HUGE HOOTENANNY going on! I went outside and there must have been 5 owls- maybe as many as 8- clustered in the trees around the house.

OMGoddess I have never heard so many different owl sounds! And I actually saw a few of them flying from tree to tree! I was a little kid again it was so OWLSOME! My eyes were saucer plates and my mouth was a big O and a I kept getting thrill chills and shivers of excitement!

Since someone said it was mating season, I couldn't help but engage in anthromorphic imaginings of the hootenanny:

Big Owls: "Hey women, look at me, look look look at meeeeee. Hey babeeeee, look at meeee."
Females: "Ho hum"
Big Owls: "I make the biggest eggs! I build the strongest nests! I have two snakes cleaning up after me!"
Females: "Meh"
Not So Big or Loud Owl: "Baby, let's talk about you. How are you doing? Wanna get out of these place and go somewhere else? I know a place where the mice are so thick all you gotta do is land on the ground to catch one! Then I'll rub your claws and pick 'em clean. You got such pretty claws and I LOOOOVE your beak."
Females: "Mmmmm, hmmmm, yeah, I could use my claws cleaned."
Females fly away with Not So Big or Loud or Macho Owl.
Big Owls sit in tree sulking. From far away Not So Big Owl: "See ya later losers!"

PS- I don't know if Owls clean each other's claws.  I was thinking of the owl version of a manicure. 

Monday, January 23, 2017


Welcome to the Women's Revolution.

We are the descendants of the Witches and Powerful Women the patriarchy could never catch and burn.

I might need to get a bumpersticker and t-shirt made with that on it.

From the RFT slideshow:

I wrote about #whyImarch on Political Activists Guide to St Louis:

I'm still concerned about the future, and we all need to step up our game if we want real change, and to prevent fascism from taking (further) root, but this weekend was a big turning point.  Yes, there is still darkness, but millions and millions of lights are shining, with more to come.

Peace out peeps!

Here's another from STL, one of my favourites!

Sunday, December 11, 2016


A facebook friend said "Reality has jumped the shark in 2016."  The Cubs winning is probably one of the biggest examples of that.

A Trump was probably inevitable.
"As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron." H.L. Mencken

But the most surreal thing about 2016 for me has been watching a real life "Red Dawn" unfold. (As in a cyber invasion and crashing our economy and government, instead of actual red boots on US soil.) As someone that was called "Red" and "Commie" for ten years in the 80's and early 90's, to now be actually HOPING the fucking NSA is reading my blogs and going after the "Ruskies" the way the FBI used to follow us revolutionaries communists and anarchists around.

Because, seriously.  This Trump bullshit is no joke, and neither is the instability of our country and the rest of the planet.

I hope I am just crazy conspiracy theorist.  But I started this post after Thanksgiving, and since then about half of it has turned up in credible news sources, and the CIA is all over the Russian's hacking our election.

So please read this.  It's all straight, real world stuff.  Nothing supernatural or magickal or psychic or inter-dimensional.  Just plain muggle disaster.

Wake the fuck up USA.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


... the centre cannot hold...


I was relieved to hear that a "tsunami of phone calls" was recieved by Congress regarding Trump's conflicting business interests.

NOW is the time to protest.  My personal opinion is that now is NOT the time to be out "protesting as usual".  Direct action and challenging the police is one thing if it is something like DAPL and the Water Protectors.  But in the case of a Trump presidency, laser focus on immediate results is needed.  That means targeting the individuals and institutions with the power to intervene.

That means a continual tsunami of unrelenting demands from the public to government officials.  Whether you voted or not. ESPECIALLY if you didn't vote.

Now is the time to wear a safety pin, Or a "solidarity" hijab. Or volunteer to register people to vote in areas where voters were turned away due to strict voting requirements.

I also think a nationwide "Taco Trucks on Every Corner" fundraiser for "Faithless Elector" sanction fees, and/or Legal Aid for immigrants, and/or funds for travel to abortion providers for states like ours that have just been invaded by "right to work" Reds.  (Funny how the Republicans of today are the "Reds" and actually behave just like they said the Soviets and Mao-ist China did.)

Taco trucks on every corner, donating a portion of the proceeds to the above mentioned services.  Musical acts and other entertainment could be included.  Permits for street faires, etc.  Or conversely we could make it a weekly or monthly event for the duration of the nightmare, if the Trump presidency ascends the throne (insert game of thrones/ toilet reference here if you'd like).  Taco Trucks on Every Corner could serve as havens of tolerance and black market birth control during the Trump/Pence coup.

In addition to the safety pins, taco trucks on every corner, and non-stop phone calls to elected officials, agencies and advocates, the best hope we have is the "Faithless Elector."  And whether the Electoral College hears our cries or not, the Electoral College needs to go.  Trump is exactly the kind of president the College was meant to prevent.

The President should not be elected by states equally.  Governors and Congress cover that.  The President should reflect the actual voting population of the country.  I'd be saying that even if Trump had won the popular vote.  And I'd be calling for Faithless Electors even if Trump had won the popular vote.

Because that is just how much of a nightmare Trump is.  Even if Clinton and Kaine came to office there is a lot of damage that can't be undone.  And it's really the middle class that is going to suffer the most.  The working class could be decimated, which would eventually raise wages, but I have a theory about who Trump really serves- whether he does so consciously or not. Below is a cut and paste from a hastily scribbled social media post.

If you need to, subtract mu opinions on 9/11.  This theory still bears investigating.  I bet the evidence can be found in the markets, and in the movements of the wealthy in Saudi Arabia and other Arab oil countries, and in Russian and Chinese communications.

One final note- it doesn't matter to me and the average person if the wealthy elite congregate elsewhere if we keep this country together domestically.  We need to focus on what everyone needs and providing those basics in our communities.  If we give into civil war the economy will collapse, and if that happens while we are under trade embargoes or a natural disaster or some draining conflaguration or war with another country- well... as I said, read your history.

I say Trump is our assassination of the Archduke of Ferdinand.  But had Franzy not been assassinated I think something else would have sparked World War.  We might not be able to avoid what is coming, or a Trump ascendancy, but we can be prepared and be focused on what we need and want from this country and our government.

That is why it almost doesn't matter what you do or who you call- as long as you do SOMETHING. Something non-violent, and legal, and forward thinking.

Anyhow, below is my not so crazy theory:

 The more I muse on it, the more I think Trump was played by or works in tandem with a faction of global superpowers and elites that want to shift the base of wealth and power to Putin's Russia. The death of the Bush regime means that the Saudi led oil cartels are going to go shopping.

( Especially if we are going to sue them for something I am certain Senior, Cheney and Rummy were part of- I mean 9/11.)

Pence, the Koch's, and the Paul Ryans of Congress will unwittingly assist in destroying us domestically and keeping us on the brink of civil war until they don't need the US's economy to remain stable. Trump will break enough treaties and pacts, sour enough relations, that the instigators will be able to hide in the crowd while everyone calls in their loans and bills past due. It will make "good business sense" to move out of the US.  They will "protect the shareholders".  They will collect massive bonuses and fees,

 PS-- I do not believe in a unified "they" or that this was planned or executed as some big overall conspiracy. There are always many ,many factions, working to advance their own interests. Right now there is a lot of fighting and activity. Each faction is going to align with whatever helps them most, and Trump-Pence presidency helps alot of factions, and they are always blind to each other, or suffer from hubris. Plus, the power players here are so wealthy it won't hurt them at all if they have to abandoned the USA.

Read the history books. This is a techno Space Age update of what happened during World War One. And to some extent World War 2.

 (Oh, Trump is not HItler. Seriously. Hitler was lower class, strict aesthetic and zealot, true fascist wanting continual war and domination of the world.  Hitler had been to prison and been a soldier. Trump is soft rich boy, vain, egotisical and hedonistic. Yes, he is very useful to the real US fascists- Pence, DoD contractors, Koch Brothers, Alphabet Agency zealots- but he is no Hitler. If he is direct cahoots with the Russians I don't know if he will be able to hold up to inauguration. If he's not, I still don't see him being able to survive the demands of even a puppet presidency. He probably got a whiff of what was happening- Dubai probably- and since he is NOT really a wealthy global elite, bought himself a role in the game and some protection.)

THere is only one power that come stop them, and that is YOU. Your awareness, your knowlege, your action, or inaction (and I don't mean that in a bad way- I mean, as in, refusing to follow orders,etc). No matter where the money goes, we are the ones that actually create it and we allow them to control it. Plus we the people always have "them" -- the many factions of governments and wealth- surrounded