Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am originally from Saint Louis, but lived in Los Angeles from 1985 until 2008. I have been reading tarot cards since 1991. In 2002 I developed sufficiently to work as a Spirit Medium and Psychic. The cards, spirits and my own abilities continue to astound me, even after 22 years.
One of my most notable public achievements was predicting the exact score of the 2008 Superbowl the night before the game in an email. (There is a copy of it in this book.) I have not been able to duplicate these results again, sadly, and wish that I had placed a bet that year!
However, being psychic is not the same as being “all-knowing” or omnipotent. I am not a guru or a saint. I have an unusual ability to communicate with entities that many people cannot. There are spirits in bodies (the living) and spirits without bodies (“ghosts”). Just because I can “hear” and “see” more than other people does not mean that I am perfect.
I am able to see multiple viewpoints, partly because of my abilities, partly because I have had an uncommon and unusual life, with a lot of varied experiences. I grew up in a family with hereditary mental illness and a lot of dysfunction. When I was a teenager I often ran away from home, going as far as Southern California when I was only 13. (I moved to Los Angeles as an adult in 1985.)
I was for many years a radical political activist and atheist when I was young. While I do not hold these beliefs at all anymore, I would not trade the experiences I had, talking to people from all countries, cultures, and walks of life about politics and government.
I have worked at many different jobs and doing different kinds of work. Everything from an artist's model, film industry (distribution, effects, and Producer’s Assistant), personal assistant, and also spent many years as a secretarial “temporary”.
I am a Life Coach and Consultant via The Dream Garden (www.dreamgardencreators.blogspot.com). I help people identify and achieve their goals for happier and more fulfilling lives. Some of this is “hands on”: doing odd jobs, usually cleaning, organizing and/or bookkeeping for hoarders or the chronically busy and overwhelmed. I also provide a type unofficial problem resolution and mediation service, as I am a very effective problem solver.
For example, in 2008 a friend and client signed a contract with an auto dealership without reading the financial terms correctly. The contract charged $8,000 more than she had understood. After an almost two hour meeting with the dealer, manager, salesperson, and my client, I was able to get the full amount reduced from the purchase price and interest on the car. (The Dealer actually offered me a sales job, I was so persuasive.)
I am a true Bohemian Libertine, a free spirit, with a strong aversion to Authority. I am a Pagan and Witch, and in my opinion that has nothing to do with the Christian God or Devil. I believe that religions are like languages to the Divine, and that every religion is a valid path for the Believer.
I believe music will heal your soul and set you free.
I am a writer and poet. Essays, opinions, poems, and lefty political rants can be found on my Rae Of Light Blog: www.laladyrae.blogspot.com
I can be reached by email laladyrae@gmail.com or by phone 818.968.5815

EDIT 22Jan2016: This is taken from my "book" for Tarot on the Spot.  A loose-leaf binder with information on readings. I forget to update these posts, unless they get a lot of activity (hits) and show up in my blog's stats. If you are going to call my cell, please text me or email me first.  I live in an area with a lot of cell service issues, and may not get your call. I am also on Skype: scottish.toodler  Again, email or text me first if you want a reading or need to contact me.

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