Saturday, January 16, 2010


A few weeks ago I purchased a copy of The Magic Of Findhorn by Paul Hawken at a library book sale. It was 25 cents for the hardcover First Edition with a still-in-decent-condition dust jacket. When I got home I opened it up and discovered that the inside cover is signed by the two founders of Findhorn, Peter and Elaine Caddy. "With Love" from Elaine, in fact.

Findhorn is a miraculous garden in the north of Scotland. The soil is very poor and sandy, yet 40 pound cabbages and large flowers and other delights have been produced there. The Caddy's have been able to communicate with the spirits in the plants themselves, the Devas, and have grown the garden "psychically."

University City, and perhaps St. Louis overall, is my Findhorn. Not so much that the soil is barren-- although the culture here is harsh after so many years in laid back L.A.! --, it's more that I know this is the place I can produce miraculous results. A place where I can commune with the spirits that will tell me what I need to blossom and grow.

And there are so many spirits and interesting entities here! Los Angeles has it's otherworldly inhabitants, but they are mostly human. There is a theory among many of St. Louis' mystically minded citizens that this was the original Egypt. The mounds in Cahokia and in Forest Park are ancient pyramids. There are many spirits of all kinds here.  And very active.

I do feel an energy here that is deeply primal and very powerful. This blog will also document the interesting astral and spiritual encounters one can have in this city.

My garden has not yet blossomed yet, but I knew when I saw the Caddy's signatures in the book that I was right (write?) to leave L.A. However, the thought of abandoning my "skanky lady" (as I like to call the lovely but overly generous and open-legged LaLa Land) permanently is still too difficult a thought to bear!

Hence, I chose the new nom de guerre L.A. Lady Rae to remind me of my Angel City. My PKA has the added bonus of sounding like a cross between a Madame and psychic, which isn't an entirely incorrect depiction. (This blogs address is actually laladyrae.blogspot. Unfortunately, raeoflight on both blogspot and gmail was taken!)

Peter Caddy of Findhorn fame had one cornerstone belief. It was that the most powerful force in the Universe was "being in the right place, at the right time, in the right way." That is how miracles like 40 pound cabbages--grown without fertilizer or even proper soil-- are not only produced, but made to be commonplace.

There are miracles abundant in every moment of every day, waiting to be experienced and made ordinary. All things are truly possible!

It is the right time and right place for a Rae of Light to shine!

With love from my heart to yours, welcome to my new blog!
Lady Rae

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