Tuesday, January 12, 2010




Some of the other tools I use for accessing the subconscious, that you will see set up on the table:

A Candle – to honour the Light.

A Lady's Fan – to cool tempers and dispel old energies from the Air.

A Bell – To signal the beginning and end of each reading.

A “Decision-making Stone”- A rock that is just the right shape and size for holding while making a weighty decision or choice.

A “Mirror of the Goddess” – A seemingly ordinary compact, the mirror allows The Lady, The Goddess, to view you with her eyes of Love.

Frank” - My “Watchover Voodoo Doll: “To stop bad things being thought about you and improve your thoughts about others.”

A small statue of the Hindu Deity Ganesha, as all endeavours go better with his blessings of abundance and reassuring presence.

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