Saturday, February 20, 2010


Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!!

Many people have commented to me that my view of the world is very different. People are often curious about how I experience this life. Rae Of Light is a "guided tour of my reality."

Welcome to my world.

I believe that there are 6 billion different realities on this planet-- as many as there are people. I think there are as many "Gods" as there are people, too. None of them are right-- or wrong-- for anyone but that individual person.

All of the religions are like languages to God/dess, the Divine, the Highest. Even the religions of heroin and hate. The Divine is in everything and can be found in everything. Even things that destroy and hurt us. It is our frail mortality that forces the Gods into such narrow confines, speaking outdated languages. The Divine is immortal and diverse. The Divine is fluent in all tongues.

(I don't blame the atheist. As creator of his world, he decides to distribute Divinity evenly to everything, and worship nothing. Like the person who, in ignorance of the issues, decides not to vote lest he do harm to his own good. Or worship nothing but what is empirical, so that nothing that cannot be considered a shared reality can be left out.)
I feel the feelings of people around me, and I always hear a kind of whispering with names and words that come up later, and sometimes I will even hear a conversation taking place somewhere far away, or a conversation someone is having with themselves.

I have several spirits that surround me that I speak with frequently throughout the day, as well as Angels and nature entities and spirits. I also come in contact with lost spirits looking for mediums, as well as what some people would call "demons." (Strong thought-forms filled with anger, despair, etc. Or spirits that are angry or greedy, or simply not human-friendly, like spirit leeches or somesuch.)

I believe that like attracts like; every thought and feeling and belief is a magnet.

I see all of us inside of a type of sphere--literally and figuratively. And then we are all inside of our own "reality bubble" as well. How we each appear in other people's bubbles may not be how we appear to ourselves in our own bubbles. And we have no control over that.

I  see that we are all encompassed by an aura and an auric shield like a sphere around our bodies, as if the physical body was the filament in a round light bulb.

I see colour and shadows and marks and sigils and spirits and energy and angels around inside of your bubble. Different for each person, and often different in different parts of a person's life.

Sometimes I see little thought strings like webs that stretch out to the things and people we think about. And the fabric of thought and feeling and magick and earth and heaven that weave as we each go through our lives here on this plane, so that our lives go on "forever" on the astral plane.

We are surrounded by each other's bubbles. We do create and feed and discard and generally share among our individual realities. But we do not have an objective "shared" reality. (Other than gravity, the necessity for sleep and eating, that sort of thing. Although I do believe that even many of those things are negotiable.)

Television and the internet might make you think that the whole world knew of Michael Jackson's passing, but there are people who don't even know who he was. (Probably not many, but still. You get my point.)  There is a diversity of life experiences on this planet.

And nature plays a part in the deception as well. We all inhabit human bodies. We tend to echo each other and form similar patterns based on natural activities like eating, sleeping, and sex. We share things like gravity, this planet, emotional states, and so forth.

Many people come to believe that because we share this natural world, all of our realities must be the same. Further, because there are so many different experiences possible in this world, and therefore too many things to fit into any one reality, many believe that we in fact must all share one very limited reality. One that other people experience the "wrong" way. (I.e., differently than how they think it should be experienced.)

I believe there is a limitless way to experience this universe and this human dimension. I am learning not to judge. I am learning to let go of the things I don't like, in order to experience more of what I do like.

Further, I believe that many of the really hurtful things that happen here are because we think we are all fighting for what is "right". We do not think there is enough for everyone. We think that we have to get everyone else to conform to and share our reality.

I have no desire to disturb the empirical or rigidly religious person. (Or any person!) I have experienced those realities myself and find them to be valid. I have held a smorgasbord of beliefs in my 44 years. More than once I have found myself opposing something that I had once fought as hard to uphold!

These contrasting changes through the years have enriched my view of this life. I am able to understand and interact with many different types of people on a higher level than their "beliefs". Perhaps that is why it is so easy for me to live in this Universe of Multiverses.

I am able to share in the reality of other people and enjoy it as they enjoy it, and understand it as they understand it. For some reason, a great many people I meet find this very uplifting. It makes them feel validated, and they like having someone to share what they love.

I like to experience new things, or old things in new ways. And I enjoy sending out positive energy, being loving, and sharing information that I have learned that has helped me to lead a more joyous and fulfilling life.

Certainly there are some people and places that I prefer more than others. I try to stay focused on what I want and the good things I have. However, I find myself in circumstances that are not to my liking at times.

G.K. Chesterton had a good way of looking at life. He said "An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered and an adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered." I always gain something from every experience.

And even among long-time friends and comfortable, familiar circumstances I try to remain in a constant state of courteous, observant, non-judgement; always staying open to enjoyable possibilities and new opportunities. I do not care for stagnation. I like vitality and growth. I try to keep everything fresh.

I think of myself as a sort of spiritual anthropologist and constant tourist. A priestess of the six billion Dieties that peek out from the eyes of my sisters and brothers upon this planet.   A translator, transcriber, archeologist, and linguist. A True Believer. A believer in You.

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