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I've just read The Law Of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It is a must-read for any entity wishing to master this dimension. Because the book is channelled by a collective of Angels and Spirits called "Abraham", it is very clear. These two people did not write a book, they simply took dictation.

Basically, you can live in any reality that you want. You can be a ballerina or a cowboy or a lazy layabout. It does not matter. We are here to experience anything we put into our minds and ponder with enough emotion-- either fear or joy or anger or happiness.


That includes the stuff we don't want. The greater part of the book is an instruction manual on how to keep focusing on what you want by remaining centred in a feeling of joy and harmony.

It's all in my head... really...

One thing that this book makes clear that others like it (that I have read) do not, is that there is no "purpose" that you have to stick with once you are in this life. And you can free yourself of all past life karma by moving your awareness away from karma and past lives. Simply stop thinking about them and go back to thinking about this life, and this moment.

"Stay in the moment; stay in me," I always say.

However, if you find an interest in seeking out your past lives you may. Of course! It is part of your reality! If it stops bringing you joy, stop doing it.

For me, this idea of "no contract or commitment" was very liberating. Because of my psychic sensibilities, I am always somewhat aware of the movements of my greater Self in the astral dimension. While I have known for some time that my thoughts control much of my experience, I viewed karma as an almost non-renegotiable contract. Something I had to think around. Constantly. Karma was always in my awareness.

And then, too, for so long I did not realise I was feeling the feelings of other people. And even understanding this now I am often greatly swayed by people that are emoting strongly-- about anything-- in my presence. (I am perhaps not so much kind as simply possessed?)

This can go to the point of being against myself in an argument. In other words, being able to see and feel the other persons' perspective to the point it is hard for me to defend myself. Even if my "side" was less harmful, or "right". Or, worse, this awareness would send me into a rage of helplessness at how different my desires were from what I was feeling from the other person.

Thanks to the book, I now see that by not immediately releasing whatever I perceived coming from the other person that contradicted my own joyful feelings, I was maintaining that which I did not want.

Seek and ye shall find. So always seek joy, the Abraham Collective suggests. In it lies your true happiness and authenticity. If your karma or thoughts of your past make you feel bad, think of something else or find a new way to think about them.

Like everything else in this world, the only power, the sole, true power, is in the moment. This one. Right now. Not one moment ahead and not one moment before. If you do not bring karma or the past or unhappiness into this moment it will not exist in your reality. (Unless you choose it in order to experience feelings of satisfaction from sacrifice or loyalty or something.)

Without karma, and through the power of contemplation, I can live in any reality I can conjure. All I need is the compass of joyful feelings and thoughts centered on what I want. If the two-- joyful feeling and desire-- are in contradiction then karma can intervene, or things may not work out as I wish. (Or perhaps I do not feel I deserve what I want, or do not think I can get it, etc.  The lack of a joyful feeling tells me that my head is not "right" with my heart.)

This new understanding has completely changed my life. Outwardly I am the same. But my internal processes have all shut down temporarily, in order that they might be re-worked. I have felt this drift, caught this current, many times before. (To a lesser degree!) I anticipate that once I have fully integrated with this new reality change will happen very swiftly.

Sometimes the really big changes in a person's life aren't the ones that are visible to the outside.

With much love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae

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