Saturday, February 20, 2010


Currently I have four blogs and I would like to consolidate them into one place. Each one serves a function. Conjurings for the "business" of being a psychic, medium, and witch; Toodler is my personal blog, and therefore hard to pigeonhole. I have a blog about a neighbourhood I like, and a fourth about a kind of art project I do. (Well, that last one has been inactive and doesn't really count.)

Still, three blogs plus all the social networking sites! I need to simplify and consolidate in all of my affairs right now. I need clarity.

I have known for some months now that a huge breakthrough and change in my life was coming. This new blog is a new "face" to wear out in the cyber-world. Ironically, after setting the blog up, I found myself unable to access it because I not only forgot my password, I had answered my own security question incorrectly! The correct answer did not work! Doi!

Granted, we are in the middle of a major Mars aspect astrologically that is creating some Mercury inter-solar type of problems that I have dubbed "Mars mix-ups". Like accidents, but the consequences aren't as severe. It's more like stumbles and stubbed toes. As with my inability to access this blog for a number of days.

However, as dawn broke with this new understanding I'd been anticipating, I was able to remember the "incorrect-correct" answer to my security question and log in. Finally!

It seems my new face would not appear until I had grown into it. One does not become a Jedi Knight through ceremony, but rather through mastery.

The Force is with me right now, regardless of how turbulent the ride.

With love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae

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