Friday, January 21, 2011


Last night I went to wipe what I thought was a bit of banana stem, or dried tomato vine, from the kitchen counter.

Actually it was a dried out little frog.

"It's an African freshwater frog.  I used to have one in my aquarium; how one got on your counter I don't know," was a comment left under the photo I posted on my facebook page.

Another friend recalled finding a dehydrated frog, and then a bloodsucking "Missouri tarantula."  More tarantula stories and speculation continued.

In the empirical world, the frog most likely came in with some organic lettuce. Most likely escaped or released by a small child into an obliging field. Further, it probably had been drained by some sort of spider, although I don't know that it was the MO tarantula.

So that was what happened in the world of shared, linear, facts within this human dimension on planet earth.

But that is just one way of experiencing it.

In "Omens Versus The Ordinary" I point out that often spirits ride on small animals and insects. There was no spirit with the frog.  However, as a witch, a frog in ANY form is meaningful.  Frogs and witches go together like peas and carrots.

Witches are the first alchemists, and tadpoles are expressions of natural alchemy.  Tadpoles also represent sperm, and witches are often sexual Sorceresses, involved in all matters of fertility, sexuality, and birth. 

And the frog that goes in the cackling, crone-sisters brew, to "boil and bubble" and make some trouble. And it is this type of "evil, old" witch that usually has cursed the frog prince. 

(Although in some stories it is because the Prince behaved badly in some way, and it was a just punishment.  And he could be delivered from the spell by the kiss of a Princess, while he was still a frog.  Not a totally hopeless situation.)

An unusual event can also have an astral signifigance.  Sometimes it is the language of the dream world breaking through into mundane consciousness.  (I did look at all the on-line dream interpretations I could.  They were very personally enlightening.)

Most witches live in more than one realm (or dimension, or world) at a time.

Yet even we magickal folk often forget that it is this world that is the swiftly passing illusion, and the world of dreams and spirit that is eternal.

The occasion of the dead frog was a good reminder.

I decided to save the corpse, after some speculation on what an omen it might be from a mythological perspective.  I had originally thrown it in the garbage.  So I had to fish it out from among q-tips that had cleaned the dog's ear infection, pear peels, and used tea bags.

When people ask me what a witch is from now on, I'm going to tell them this story.  Only a witch would dig in the garbage for a dead frog in case she needed to brew a potion to crown a new king, or resuscitate a enchanted prince or princess, or cure a poisoned hero.

Life is but a dream...
L.A. Lady Rae

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Alot of people seem to want to have an apocalypse-- let's just stay out of their way and try keep sending out the Love vibration on the Universal frequency.

Non-reactive, non-judgmental, and non-violent are the keys right now. 

"De-FRAG" (rid yourself of all Fear Resentment Anger and Guilt) as much as possible.

"Every thought is a prayer."


With Love from my heart to yours,
LA Lady Rae