Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Here is pretty much I say to the person striving to become the "famous" or "recognised" and, of course, financially successful, artist when they reach a crisis of faith.

I am not claiming all this is original, although it maybe.  It is simply what I will say to you if you call me about your "struggles" to "become" a _______ (actor, singer, rapper, dancer, star, etc). 

(If it is such a struggle it is not very becoming.)

I say it a lot to myself about writing, too.

And being human, come to think of it, which is also a bit of an art form.

You need to love yourself and believe in yourself more than you believe in anything else in this Universe.  You must believe that you are going somewhere that only a small percentage of humans can go.  Most people are not interested in creating on this level.

And even among your peers you will be surrounded by many that must "aim for the moon" just so they will "land on the roof."  Desire and talent (and sacrifice and discipline) don't always meet in equal measure in one person.

What you are going for is something that requires a lot of effort and focus and belief.  You have to remain self-contained within your own reality bubble at all times.   You are not like other people, and you should not expect other people to behave as you do.

You have to at all times remain centered in your own power.  You must remain in a position of attracting, and attracting quiet strongly and consistently.  There is a tremendous amount of energy going through you.

And that energy deserves a lot of your respect if you are planning to make your fame on fortune upon it.

Let the energy that you are channelling creatively be allowed to attract what it needs to grow. Trust it.  It is what wells up inside of you during the mundane moments of the day and demands to be released.  It is the voice that will not be silenced, the hunger that can't be sated. You were born to carry it.

It is what is driving you, so trust it to drive.  Allow it to attract what you need to be part of shaping it and experiencing the creation of new and beautiful songs and stories and circuit boards.

And trusting that beautiful force --that makes you willing and able to give up whatever you have to give up to be true to its potential-- means that you cannot keep imposing your impatient and dissatisfied daydreams of how you are going to become a star onto it.

You cannot demand that something that comes from the purest and most beautiful place in the Universe, that is Creativity and Artistic Expression, you cannot command that Force to do the bidding of your immediate needs.

Your negative bank balance, or inability to keep a paying job, or rent (or coke and hooker habit) you cannot afford is not the responsibility of your great talent.

You have a responsibility to keep all of that stuff from interfering with your REAL life.  The life of Priest/Priestess to your art.

And as long as you believe that someone else has the power to "discover" your great talent and "make" you a star, you have given away your own power. 

And thank the heavens for that, because you don't deserve it.

If you deserved it you would see this, how AMAZING it is that you are creating this beautiful thing that someone might not be able to live without.  You are sharing the art you are creating with the arts' people.

The art is all you need to focus on.  So you need to really believe and love yourself as worthy of channelling it, and also really believe and love what you are channelling.

If you do not understand how deeply important this _____ (story, song, circuit board, poem, painting, dance) is, than you should leave it for someone that does.

Because I know that in my life there are songs that came to me at just the right moment to steady my hand when I was about to strike myself or someone else, or poems that I heard that gave me the strength to carry on when I had none of my own strength, or pictures that kept a spot of beauty on ugly prison walls that I might endure.

Focus on that shimmering light, and don't try to guide it. Trust it to guide you. And take good care of yourself so that you can continue on in that manner for many years to come.

Lady Rae

Law of Attraction: If you focus on what you are not getting, you are going to get more of that.  And things that you think about with strong emotion become powerful.  So you need to always be in state of mind that is happy, that is pointed toward your own well-being, happiness, growth, creativity, health, prosperity, and any other good stuff you can think of.

Keep magnetizing what you want through your feelings of happiness about having it-- even if you don't have it yet.  Stop observing. Start daydreaming.  You are attracting MORE of what you are focused on.  Focus on what you want.  Not how far away and separate from your dreams you are.  How close you are getting, and how you keep getting closer...

... and once you get to that dream, you will sail toward the next, and so on and so on... the process never stops, get used to it...

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