Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The Watcher Angels from the Book of Enoch are allowed to roam here once a year (some are bound in their Elemental Kingdoms, or hiding, gliding through hyperspace or have returned to Heaven/the home office/mothership/home planet).

Dark Epiphany is not July 6, even though it is half a year. The worlds of El and his children--men, angels, and ceremonial magickians--are ruled by numbers. 6/6 is the free pass for the Elohim.

Elizabeth Pepper in the Witches Almanac listed the night as June 5, but no one could ever be sure why. Dark Epiphany is like a dream, or psychic visions. Once the moment has passed the knowledge gained from it may or may not make sense anymore. She probably knew it was the 6th but mistakenly thought it would begin at sundown, as in a Sabbath or a Sabbat.

But these are solar entities, and the teachers of magick and sorcery to humans. Their free day runs from sunrise to sunrise, to keep with planetary hours, and again, for the date itself: 6/6.

(Given the nature of the Watcher Angels, children conceived on the night of June 6th could be titans or giants, good or bad.)

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