Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!  This is the day for non-magickal peeps to celebrate the dead.

The "real" Halloween, Samhain (sau-wen), occurs when the sun reaches 15 degrees of Scorpio.  A literal "doorway" opens in the Cosmos.  The door between this world and the next world; the world we come from and that we return to when these earthly incarnations are done.

The Druids knew of it, and it was their New Year.  The Druids are the reason it is an "eve" as well.  (Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows Evening.)  The Celts believed that a new day began when the sun set.  As the day was born in darkness, so too was the year.  The time between Samhain and the winter solstice was the "night" of the year.

The weeks before Samhain were also the slaughtering time for the pastoral* Celts. It is true that Samhain is the time when all the spirits and entities from the other worlds can come to visit this realm, but it is mostly the spirits of the dead.  But many of the more ghoulish aspects of Samhain are as likely attributable to the mass butchering of the herds.**

I usually begin the Samhain celebration on All Hallows, followed by the Roman Catholic All Saints, then the Meso-American Day of the Dead.  From the 3rd on is a good time to prepare for the night of Samhain itself.  Samhain is the first night I will use pomegranate seeds in a ritual.  I burn Hell Money for my ancestors, as the Chinese do for their spirits on their lunar New Year in Aquarius.  I usually write letters to all my peeps on the other side, or at least write the names of all the dead, so they might know they are remembered.

Happy Halloween!!!!

In 2011 Samhain begins at sunset on the 6th of November and ends at sunset on the 7th.

*Pastoral as in "pasture", meaning they kept cattle and sheep, as opposed to agricultural. In fact, Samhain's twin, and the other half of the year for the Celts, Bealtaine, the ancestor of May Day, was when the newly mated cattle and sheep were blessed, also during a Fire Festival.  Samhain and Bealtaine are still the month names for November and May in modern Irish.

**My favourite Circle chant for Samhain evokes the colours of this time of year and their meanings:
Red blood
White bone
Black earth
Harvest home!

Say this as you move around the Circle, and pick up speed in both movement and chanting to truly "raise spirits".

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The first 10 Days That Shook The World was back in the Russian Revolution at the beginning of the last century.  Sometime in August I began thinking about the John Reed book, the movie Reds, and those dates.  I wouldn't call it a full on premonition or vision, I don't have a lot of details, but I did foresee that these days will alter the future of this world.

If you have been doing the 30 day meditation to Samhain, you perhaps experienced an epiphany this weekend, so great as to draw the Aurora Borealis to the Missouri sky.

The following is from my Lady Rae facebook status for today:

Maybe the light shone on you this weekend and the path before you is clear and well-lit... and maybe it is a little more complicated than that, but you are still trying. We are coming to the final third of the countdown to Samhain. The next ten days should prove to be very interesting in the non-magickal world, as we globally shift to a higher consciousness. Tomorrow is the Scorpio New Moon. Tonight is powerful going into your own darkness and emerging with treasure. Align your self with your Self today, and live with conscious intent.

Between now and Samhain the whole world is open, and everything can change.  Let your light shine, and dream your dreams of a new and better world.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Isn't it funny how the things that are the most difficult to do, the hardest things to get through, are often not even visible to the outside eyes, or the eyes of other people? 
The most honest thing on the planet, something I have never known to be dishonest, is my emotions. The Heart is capable of alchemy, if heavy sorcery is used. She can transmute anger to depression, unhappiness to submission, love to hate, and lust to love, but She cannot lie. 
And like the moon, sometimes, when I need her light in the darkness the most, she is with the daytime sun. 
If the way to my heart were always the same, I wouldn't have to wander; but it is always my heart that I am following.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Full moon in Aries
Sun in Libra:
Two couples, always dancing,
Moon and sun,
Venus and Mars.
Inner and Outer,
Heart and Body.

Love is found at the end of

This is my Lover's Story.

I returned to my own self
after a long journey
in exile
and slept the night
in my own skin.

Awoke with the twilight.

I took my broom from the witch corner
and shook out the old stardust
and wisps of moonbeams past;
made an offering of it to the pixie legions, to sparkle up
the night,
and followed their Tinkerbell flocks
and away.

On the astral plane
I unleashed the butterflys of Love,
sent the Peace doves soaring,
and herded the bluebirds of Happiness
closer to your door.

I pealed the bells of Laughter
Shook the Smile trees
so the fruit would fall
like rain;
And rode the milk white
Moon dragons across the galaxy-sky.

And everywhere I went
there were colours
and lights
and people dancing
and singing,
making merry as they met,
and even as they would part,
merry, merry, and merry again.

Love is never ending, unceasing, always present.

And every person I saw
was so powerful, abundant, healthy, happy!
All were transformed,
and none had quarrel with each other;
and sometimes even, enemies were embracing
and foes confiding.

And I felt so buoyant
Like that floating laughing tea party
in Merry Poppins!
All of life should be such merry pop-ins!
Tea in chalk drawings, and flying kites
and talking to birds and sunbeams.

And as I held on to Merry's parrot umbrella
and floated briefly over the astral Thames,
I saw through her eyes
and her magick
that made those ordinary things
take on new meaning.

That it was not the chalk drawing
or the sunbeam
or the feed the birds lady
that created the magick.

It was the woman
that could take ordinary things
and make them extraordinary.

And my eyes became wide and wonderous
and as if the lens of them had
become inside out, backwards,
convex instead of concave, or
vice versa.

These God-like creatures that I was encountering
on the Astral Plane,
during a first class full moon flight,
these bright and happy and beautiful people,
were the same people for whom
I often found myself
unable to tolerate even momentarily
without temper loss
on the Mundane Plane.

My eyeballs were so backward
and twisted around every witch-way,
I could see inside of my own head,
really far, deep into all the caverns and

I could see all the spooky dungeons
and the old torture racks,
the court room chambers and judges chairs.
I saw all the captives I had taken and held hostage
over the years,
all the grudges and disappointments.

I passed rooms filled with discarded chips
from my shoulders,
rows of powder stained duelling pistols,
lengthy and detailed documents of wrongs
and anger and resentments.

My new eyes showed me how
those shadows played before
me, obscuring the magick and miracles that are present
in every moment;
disguising the Avatar-- Buddha, Jesus, Aradia--within
a fleshsuit and manners.

The Dalai Lama claims
that the highest spiritual reality can be found
Right now.

Bert is often out, of a sunny day
in London town,
making chalk drawings on the sidewalk,
for all to see,
but it is the eyes of Merry Poppins
that makes it come to life.

And I felt like I'd awakened from a dream
within a dream
although I was not sleeping.

And the pixies shrieked with profane
and disrespectful laughter at my epiphany,
circling me like flying dervish dancers,
covering me in my own cobwebbed moondust.

And the Dragons assured me
they knew the way home,
if I wanted a ride
so I could ogle the old world with my witch-way eyes.

And I said yes,
and I looked at everything,
and it was all new,
it was all beautiful.
Just like before.

And you were there.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Right now a great tide of people are in motion. In this country and around the world.

If you are a leader, you should be there.  The people have gathered.  They want to hear what you have to say.  Everyone that isn't occupying should be writing a manifesto! A declaration! Write (or speak or sing or draw or photograph or dance or ...) how you think the world should be?  Can you envision a better world? People are listening right. Seeking.

This is the Gathering.

The occupations are as much about sparking creative solutions to this situation of so many have nots and very few haves.

Part of that battle in countries like ours, in "developed" countries like ours means that we will have to scale back.  Much more than recycling.  A whole way of life has to change.  It might mean becoming "poorer".  It is ironic that the poorest person in this country is wealthier (even simply in available services and civic responsibilities for health and safety; the ready availability of straws and ice cubes; or in the fact that it is possible to live solely on foraging in urban and suburban garbage).

One of the most beautiful things about this Non-Violent Revolution is that the call is for wealth to be distributed evenly.  This is not really about class or race or religion or even nationality.  The whole idea of money is changing.

Money wants to be free.

Now everyone needs trace the wealth back themselves, which means chasing My Own Natural Energy Yield out into the world and through the labyrinth of economics and politics.

There is a growing awareness that there IS enough for everyone.  That no one needs to go without the basic necessities of life.  Where fifty years ago it was considered a sign of success to make a lot of money, now it is considered a sign of greed, and sometimes even a sign of spiritual failure.

Right now this is focused on "corporate greed".  But when you work for a large corporation, like an oil company, you really begin to see how a corporation is nothing more than a large group of people. Especially when you have to sit through one of those infernal corporate meetings with slideshows and coffee carafes on the table.

And in any large group of people where there is competition (which is based on a feeling that there is not enough for everyone), greed is going to lead.

And there are many people that feel competition has to be cutthroat and painful. I think there is even an idea that the more it hurts and the more people suffer, the more harder won the victory.

One thing "developed" countries like ours have to offer is that since we "developed" away from all real labour associated with the comforts of our lives.  There are people in this country that really have no idea how to live without a car and a fast food drive through.

Skills considered basic for survival in all times past are video and computer games.  We have so much time we can live the lives of other people (television shows).  Compared to all people just 200 years ago, we have armies of mechanical servants: washing machines, refridgerators, leaf blowers.

The simple availability of music available to any person on this planet is incomparable to any other time in recorded human history.

We are no longer in danger from nature on a day to day basis (hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes-- these we still have not yet conquered, but we will soon), nature is in danger from us.

Things have to change.  There is enough food, so everyone must be fed.  There is enough shelter, so all must have homes.  There is enough medicine, enough caring, enough knowledge, enough time- there is enough of everything that is human.

So now those that feel they know the way to a better world, go-- seek your followers and lead.