Sunday, November 6, 2011


Samhain begins tonight, 6 November, at sunset, until tomorrow night, 7 November, if you are in the Western Hemisphere (Canada/North Central and South America).  If you are across the pond then your Samhain is actually from sunset on the 7th til sunset on the 8th. (See my last post for the explanation of what Samhain really is and how to calculate it. )

This is the last "day" of the old magickal year, and for me, this New Magickal Year will also be known as Year One of the New Age.  

Not too long ago I was talking to someone -- a non-magickal person-- and I was explaining my views that the fiction novel 2150 A.D. was actually an accurate vision of our future, that I felt that I would live to see that future in my current incarnation, and that in this future all people would be like Jesus (have supernatural powers, have love for all mankind, and teach compassion and understanding).

The man I was talking to said, "You think humans are going to do all that in just 140 years?"

I replied no, that it would take humans 2150 years.  (It took him a moment.)

The Mayans were not wrong about this being "the end of the world as they knew it."  Until 100 years ago a time traveller from the distant past would have still been able to function in our world.  There were steam engines true, but in the last 100 years humans have altered themselves and the planet to such a degree as to be almost unrecognisable.

There are now more of us than any other species outside of insects.  We are capable of feeding the entire planet.  We can go to outer space in our physical bodies.  (Those Mayans got there much faster and easier via astral projection, in fact, tonight, don't be surprised if you bump into the Mayan calendar crew here via astral projection.  Moreover, a lot of the ghosts people see are actually astral travellers, Mayan or otherwise.)

My ritual tonight will include the familiar things: letters to the dead, flowers and candy and candles lit as offerings to the spirits of my ancestors and those loved ones that have left this physical realm.  It will include a toast to my own immortality with beets and grapefruits, and pomegranate that I might pass easily between the worlds and remain fertile in mind and body.

I will end my pre-Samhain fast from alcohol and have a drink with the living and the dead.  I will  divine the future, bless and release all old fears, resentments, angers, and guilts from the past (de-FRAG).

I will roam the astral plane with the spirits and entities and gather power and strength to make it through the chaos that is coming as we globally create a new world, a new and better world.  I will close the doors on all illness, poverty, and lack that I can find, and open the doors to greater abundance.

I will send out my blessings to all that I love, and especially to places like Findhorn Garden in Scotland, and the Old North Community Gardens here in St. Louis.  This I see will be the most difficult for the non-magickal people, finding clean and nutritious food over the next 7 years, and the stronger the community (and magickal) gardens, the better.  I do have faith that we can clean up the planet, but I don't know that it is going to be easy.

Many people that are stuck in rigid belief systems will have a problem as witches and others begin to demonstrate powers that had been formally seen only among "Gods".  Our governments and leaders are mostly ruled by fear and greed and lack. As New Age leaders emerge and more people become psychic, the divisions between us will temporarily seem much greater.

The Darth Vaders of the world will not be happy to see the Jedi's gaining strength and power.  And even Darth Vader was once a Jedi.  For muggles, Harry Potter is as frightening as Lord Voldemort.  Compassion for the fearful is a necessity.  It is their world that is dying.  Allow them to mourn, even as we celebrate the birth of the New Age.

Centre yourself in Love.  In the Macrocosmic Oneness of all.  "Crossing Over" really means becoming one with all of humanity; returning to the one great Human Spirit from whence we all come and all return.

The truth is, we are often closer to our enemies than our friends.  Often our greatest lessons come from those that oppose us. We all learn more from what we don't like, than what we do.  Discord brings diversity, and diversity brings health and a greater abundance of choices.

If you keep yourself clear of negative emotions, then no one with harmful intent can touch you.  Meditate on this tonight with me, if you'd like.

Blessed Be.  And Happy New Year!

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