Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So I posted this on facebook in response to this article about Pat Robertson's comments regarding this SNL Skit:

Why does Robertson think it is okay for Muslims to kill people when their religion is satirized?  Does he mean his perception of our culture is that it is okay for people to kill over religion but not Christianity? Is that really the thrust of it? It is always about power or money really.

It's so obvious to me that these people worship a very weak God that they actually have no faith in.  If you really believe that your God is mighty and your way is the best way why not live the fullest of that belief?  Moreover, why is it so important to him that people he doesn't even like or agree with are making fun of his God?

See that is the real thing.  You don't get insulted unless you would be complimented.  No one takes offense if they don't give a shit about the person expressing the opinion.  ...Unless they want power over that person for some reason.

Is it possible these people REALLY feel persecuted living among us? If all the haters got their own worlds would they be happy? We are all so aware of the seeming unceaseless diversity of viewpoints, cultures, etc  But I wonder sometimes if we are mature enough as a species to handle it? With 7 billion people on the planet, we all need to learn to cooperate a little more.

And if your Diety is so awesome than I would leave the fights up to It.

Then someone posted "Can we get Kim Jong Il back in exchange?"

I responded with a "lol" and then:

He is just such a stupid narrow minded hater that I really don't care about him, but I did think that skit was funny. I read the article just to see the "underside" of the humur, the "tragedy" that makes the "comedy" and I was like wtf with that statement about bodies in the street being okay? Okay with who? (I mean, outside of those people that did that.)

I think all reasonable humans are going to have to stop caring about ,what someone else thinks about their own personal opinions. So I suppose I should not actually even care about what he thinks about our acceptance of bodies in the street. SO I guess I just ignore him????

Maybe once you realise how ridiculous another person is to you, you just have to stop paying attention to them altogether.

EDIT: Like why I even have the reaction of him being a "stupid narrow minded hater" Because I think myself an intelligent broadminded lover in response to him? I need his idiocy to assert my superiority?

....Just a little afterthought too, is why their are no comedy shows on the Christian networks, and no Christian comedians.  Comedy and tragedy are very linked, and the ancient greek playwrights used to say that comedy was the more difficult of the two.

I think this is because it really depends on seeing the tragedy from another viewpoint, and religious zealots see nothing humorous in the world because they cannot see from any other viewpoints but their own.  There is no room for humour.  Or it is mean-spirited, vengeful comedy.


  1. I doubt if religion has anything to do with these people..it's just an excuse to do horrible things..and they use their God as an excuse..

  2. Yeah that is what I think too. He reminds me of the Mayor on the third season of Buffy. Did you ever watch that. The Mayor was hundreds of years old and was going to turn into a giant hydra type demon at the end of the third season (his "ascension") but in his human life he was all "drink milk, don't do drugs, sit up straight"
    But he pretty much planning to eat all the student body when he ascended.