Saturday, January 28, 2012


EDIT July 13, 2014: This is still happening.  Check out

On Sunday, January 22, 2012, I awoke about 730 or 8 AM to what I initially thought was a jet flying over head.  Except it kept going back and forth. In fact, it really sounded like a ball rolling back and forth in the sky.  It didn't circle.  It just went back and forth.

My Spirit Guides suggested I get up and go outside to look at the sky.

What will I see? I asked.

Nothing, they responded.  I sort of laughed.  I am not a morning person.

Why should I get up then? I queried further. 

To be part of it.  To be part of the people all over the world witnessing it and looking to the sky.  They were quiet excited about it. 

You mean my neighbours are outside? I asked.  I don't really have a lot of neighbours I like. About half are students that stay for a semester then move.  The more stationary ones are not friendly. I've lived here for over a year and even in a snowstorm people drive past me without offering me a ride. I used to say "hi" but the responses are so uneven I just gave up.

The other thing is, I see and hear things all the time that other people don't.  And when it comes to UFO's I always assume any beings that are riding in tin cans must be as lowly evolved as the muggles on this planet.  An advanced species would astral project here.  (Actually a lot of spirit sightings are astral projections from other planets and dimensions.)

So I opened my window to look out at the mostly overcast sky and I astral projected myself outside.  The sound stopped about 30 or so minutes after it began.  I went back to sleep.

It wasn't until yesterday that a girl at the head shop where I buy my incense and daily offering candles (I burn a different colour candle every day in honour of the planetary energies) mentioned the "Strange Sounds" heard round on the world on January 16th.  (I did hear the angels singing on this day, but I thought it was for a different reason, and I only heard it with my astral ears.)

She told me to go to youtube and search for "strange sounds january 16th".  Some of the videos are hoaxes.  Some it is hard to hear.  The following two reflect what I heard on the 22nd.

Before I wrote this I asked what these sounds were.  The answer I got was cryptic. "You will find out soon enough."

Just me? I asked.

All with ears to hear and eyes to see, they said.

And what this means, as this is something I often say to people, is that we magickal folks often experience things that others do not.  It isn't just that this world contains more than your average Horatio can dream of, it's that we don't live in a shared reality.  None of us, muggle or magickal or extra terrestrial.

We live in a multiverse of realities.  Some people will experience this as a hoax.  Many won't experience it at all.  For some it will be peripheral to events in their mudane lives (a baby being born, a loved one dying, a fire alarm going off, etc).

So, for those with ears to hear, take a moment to listen to these:


  1. I like how casually you say "I astral projected myself outside." I read a book on that and have tried many times with no luck.
    We seem to be living in very important times, times of change.

  2. Astral projecting within a short distance, with no need to be visible to other humans, is pretty simple. Try astral projecting from you bed room to your bathroom. Have your wife move something or leave an object in there.