Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It might be the end of the Mayan calendar this year, but not for the Chinese.  The Dragon is the fifth sign of their zodiac.  Buddha summoned the animals, and only twelve came.  He awarded each of the faithful a full year, according to their arrival.  The rat was first, then the ox, tiger, rabbit or cat, dragon, and next year will be my own sign, the snake.  (Then horse, goat or sheep, monkey, rooster, dog,  and finally, pig.)

Dragons have power.  The kind of power that changes the world and the course of an individual's destiny.  While I don't think it will be end of the world come the Winter Solstice, I do think the world of the Mayans is ending.  This is the New Age of Fire-- electronic fire.  This summer in particular will be cataclysmic for those not ready to change.

Mars is retrograde now, through April, and I think the best course of action until then is "eat, drink, and be merry-- but be healthy too."  Mars is in health conscious Virgo.  Get a hold of your destructive habits.  Incorporate some new routines into your life.  Organise your papers and take care of old business.  Eliminate the things, people, and ways of doing things that are making you joyful and productive. 

There is a Chinese saying "may you live in interesting times."  Quite appropriate for this New Year and this New Moon.  If you are bored right now, you aren't living a life that is authentic to you.  If you are overloaded and burdened you are living a life that you have outgrown.

Trust the Dragon to help you release what is necessary.  This is no time for sentiment or nostalgia if it holds you back in any way.

These are interesting times.  I hope you are interested.  Miracles are everywhere, if you are looking for them.

Happy New Moon and Happy Year of the Dragon!

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  1. if my times get any more interesting my ass will be in a sling..born in year of the sheep