Saturday, March 10, 2012


This full moon in Virgo is the moon that is rich in dreams. Virgo is the only earth sign that is barren, but it is not because she is unable to produce, it is because her bounty is full. Virgo is the harvest.  She is "barren" because she is fertility expressed completely. She is the pregnant woman, in labour, giving birth.

A full moon is a sun-moon opposition, and the emotional essence of the sign. A message from the heart is always coming through.  A message from your emotional guidance system- the GPS for whether you attracting what you want and desire, or what you don't want.  Your heart tells you what is a good choice for your life.

And this full moon illuminates your heart. Revealing the landscape- showing obstacles, new ways and directions, glimpses of Far Off, beaten paths and roads not taken.

The moon is full in Virgo of the Harvest, and the sun is in Pisces, the Fishes that swim in the sea of dreams, the imagination, and other realms and possibilities. We are looking to what we hope to have in the future.  So this full moon is the Harvest of Dreams.

What seeds will we plant, what crops shall we cultivate, and in what fields, for the growing time of this year? The last sacrifices of winter are nearing end, and the promise of Spring is upon us.  We are filled with plans and schemes and musings. 

(During the sun's journey through Virgo-- in late July and 20 or so days of August-- there will be a full moon in Pisces.  It will show us what we were truly able to manifest.)

This is truly one of the mystical moons of the year.

And this year, moreso than ever.  This feels like the last year of the Age of Pisces, regardless of the precise astrology.  The stars reflect the currents and tides of humankind.  So much talk about the Mayan calendar. Even if I did not believe that a new world is being born, just the internet buzz has created a kind of twilight.

The Age of Aquarius is here.  I call it the Age of Avatars.  As humans we are shifting into a new age: the Age of Electronic Fire, when we will all be as Avatars on this earth, like Jesus.  In the book 2150 A.D., which I consider to be a true glimpse of a probable future, Jesus was the first of the Macro man. He showed us 2117 years into the future.  A future when all people will be able to control health and sickness, life and death, telepath, astral project, and levitate.

The body of the moon is radiant and brilliant in the east. And in the west the "Messiah Star and Ruler"(Venus and Jupiter) are both so close in the sunset sky that you can almost touch them.  Just as they were those nights when Magi travelled to Israel with gifts.
Rise up, all ye shepards, and follow! The age of micro man is ending.  The child is becoming an adult.

The outer reflects the inner. As Above, so Below; As the Universe, so Our Souls.

I've been re-reading Rollo May's "Courage To Create."  He quotes Yeats "The Second Coming."

"The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image. . .
Troubles my sight; somewhere in the sands of the desert
A shape with a lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs. . .
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?"

And then he writes :
"What tremendous power in this last symbol! It is a new revelation, with beauty but with terrible meaning in relation to the situation in which we modern human beings find ourselves.  The reason Yeats has such power is that he writes out of an intensity of consciousness that includes archaic elements because they are part of him, as they are of every person, and will emerge in any intensely aware moment."

Emphasis added. These are intensely aware moments indeed!

 "Archaic elements" is just pretty words for "ch-ch-changes."  Time to go to the next stage of life-- the next plateau from which to choose the next peak, or to enjoy the view.

What's the next dream you gonna chase til it almost breaks your heart? Almost. But really just makes it bigger.

Dream good dreams; appreciate all the good the world holds!!!

Full moon blessings to you and yours,
Lady Rae

This is seriously powerful song by a seriously powerful singer. It expands your heart to hold more joy. You breathe real deep listening to it. It's called THUNDER and it is by Ruby Friedman Orchestra
 Check it out:"If I had my way/ I'd make a whole world where we could stay/ we'd do what we wanted..."


  1. I love sitting outside and looking at the stars and the the meteor showers and that scary feeling that while I'm looking up..someone is looking down making fun of my underwear.

  2. That's why I never where underwear. HA!