Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Inside of every person there is an unlimited capacity for joy.  It is ever-flowing,  The fewer blocks placed in front of the "joy" outlet, the happier we feel.

The obstacles to free-flowing joy are numerous and plentiful. But they are not limitless, eternal, or ever-flowing. They can be removed.

The outlet for joy can never be completely shut off.  It can always be renewed. Sometimes you just have to find your way back to it.

Appreciation is the gateway drug to joy.

And, sometimes it is difficult to find something to appreciate. When things are going bad. But that is really when it is most important to put the blinders on.  A wonderful sharpening of the other senses occur.  Focusing on only the good in each moment, or reaching for the next thought that makes you better.

In the Law of Attraction books by Esther and Jerry Hicks (where they discuss human existence, both secular and sacred, with a consortium of Angels or Wisdom or Divinity called "Abraham") they discuss following the emotional guidance scale towards the next better feeling thought.

Let anger lead you to revenge, and then revenge to hope.

Keep going.  (The hardest to pass is really contentment.  It is easy to slide back down to boredom, and then to spice things up, since the way down is so clear and well-known, why not just go down a bit, to have something different?  This is my pattern.)

But you can bypass climbing the emotional guidance scale by allowing yourself to be constantly flooded with appreciation for what you like. (This link will take you to a page with the Scale as downloadable bookmarks.)

Even if the least promising environment it is possible to focus only on what is desirable.  Sometimes this can be as basic as "I am breathing.  Each breathe keeps alive the possibility that circumstances will improve."

And then "How happy I will be when the circumstance improves." And the more you think about what you desire, the more you see it all around you.

Let your compass be set on exactly what you want.  That way you see a "match" right away.  If you are focusing on unwanted things, then your eye will find other, similar unwanted things more quickly.

Trust that anything that makes you feel good, or "better than", is the right path.  Trust that way will emerge before you, like stones rising up from the water as you walk across the lake.

I've been really noticing lately that times of great dissatisfaction always lead to an increase in my understanding of what I really want.  And that understanding always precedes and increase in manifestation.  To experience more of what I want, sometimes I have to really look at what I have that I don't want.

So I have been learning not to hold onto any moment to tightly.  Allowing myself to go with the flow, and the flow is always willing to be dominated by joy.  To be overtaken with happiness.

I was saying to someone the other day that I have found the best thing for me to do at all times is to be an island of joy.  This is a somewhat selfish stance.  It decides to make feeling good the number one priority, and this has to be carefully managed at times.  (At sombre or sad occasions, for instance. Where it is perhaps joyful to be present, but in state of calm and stoic reverence.)

This world provides us with unlimited opportunities to experience joy.  Joy is always present.  And like light in darkness, when it is most lacking, has the most power.

Trust that joy is possible. Trust that joy is good.  Trust that the path you are in leading you to ever increasing joy and happiness. 

We were meant to live lives filled with ever-increasing joy and happiness.

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  1. I have a happy heart...I look for joy in all things..I like being happy than sad any time.