Friday, May 4, 2012


The tip of a storm that we just got here in St. Louis was beautiful! Powerful and great dramatic thunder and lightning, and now it has passed and it is sunny and gorgeous, if a bit warm.  The Bealtaine spirits brought some power with them, at least here in the Bi-State area.

The air is filled with birdsong and motes and floating thistledown and butterflies. The May tree is making a beautiful carpet of while petals on the fresh new green grass!  All of nature is preparing for a night of indolence and sensual pleasure and celebration of creativity and growth and fertility.  (If not planning for pregnancy, use a condom. ;o)

The planetary alignment for Bealtaine (the sun at 15 degrees of Taurus astrologically) and also this "end of the world" alignment, as our solar system lines up with the heart of the Universe/Divine, the Milky Way galaxy, is the reason we will have such strange weather this Magickal year (Samhain to Samhain).  And Bealtaine is the mid-point of the Magickal year. 

Bealtaine is associated with a night of frolicking in the fields, flower adorned maidens dancing around ribboned poles, and feasting and fires that burn all night.

The real magick of Bealtaine is actually at Dawn.  We have come half way from the nightfall at Samhain, and on this morn the tide of affairs turns from dark to light, waning to waxing.

Today is Friday, ruled by Venus, who also rules Taurus.  An extra blessing for this Bealtaine. She and Mars are the planetary and astrological rulers of Bealtaine; the Lord and the Lady.  The Lord and Lady doing the sacred dance. 

Sexual union is really the most powerful magick in this world.  Tonight is the horniest night of the year.  I will be honest with you and tell you this is a "crone year" for me.  (When you are immortal you have to get used to these momentary dry periods.  )  Sometimes a person's life and growth leads them to a solitary place at an inconvenient time.

(Although wouldn't it be nice if it were the days or auld, when a Priestess of the Lady would have been offered her choice of any of the town's finest young MayPoles to dance around? The Irish didn't use to send their youngest to the Church, they sent them to the Lady.  At least til the Snake Killer came along. ;o)

Many people do not practice witchcraft because they feel like they have to get out a lot of hoops and ladders and a lot of bells, books, and candles.  Just looking at the moon with complete focus and reverence for a few seconds, or taking a walk at night with no intention other than to be open to the presence of the spirits of trees and winds and rock.

Just the ringing of a bell, or lighting your lighter, or saying "hello" out loud to a tree.  These can all be rituals.

Tonight is a very excellent night do a little magick of  intention for this second half of the year.

At sunset, about 8 PM CDT, I will be doing a ritual with pink and green candles for all things Bealtaine and Venutian, and Heart Chakra related-- love between humans, and love for and from nature.

I will spend the rest of the night working, and let the Bealtaine fires burn without me this one year.  Taurus is also about work--wearing a yoke and plowing the fields.  There is much to be done this year in anticipaton of new life. Next year will the New Age, the Age of Avatars. A new beginning.

How ever you mark this night, mark it with joy and celebration, even if only for a moment.  And if you can, rise at dawn and greet the new day, even if you aren't lying in a fertile fields, wrapped in the arms of your lover.

Happy Bealtaine!
Lady Rae

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