Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today is the New Moon in Gemini, on the very last day of Gemini. There are so many good astrology sites out there to consult about the planetary alignments, and what is coming up, that I will just take this opportunity to say "accept where are you from this moment, right here, with whatever flaws or imperfections, and make peace with it, and set hereafter keep your compass firmly set towards happiness, fulfillment, growth, and prosperity." Happy New Moon! Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I often advise people during readings that “awareness of a problem or pattern is not always enough to overcome it.”

Sometimes this is really obvious. I actually knew a woman that could not quit smoking tobacco even as she was dying of cancer and had had a large portion of her mouth and throat removed. She had to smoke through the hole in her throat.

Her desire to live a healthy life was not as strong as her desire for the effects of tobacco and smoking. Even after she was made all too aware that tobacco was causing her to die slowly and painfully.

( I do believe the human mind is capable of curing through thought any ailment or disease no matter how advanced. I do not know that many people alive today could demonstrate that consciously and in a way that would satisfy a courtroom jury. However, the truth of a person's belief in their own minds' power is this: in that situation she also would have needed to believe that life without tobacco and smoking would also be happy and joyful, and that her mind was strong enough to produce sufficient thoughts and behaviours to support that belief.   If the mind was not strong enough to overcome the need to live with tobacco, it also could not produce thoughts strong enough to heal the negative effects of the tobacco.)

Because of my perspective on the other side of life, I do understand that on a higher level we come to this life to experience problems. They might actually be as much a draw as satisfaction. The truth is that all joy and suffering is really the same thing.

On the other side of life, there is no suffering or separation or death or unhappiness.

And because of that, there is also no ecstasy, union, life or happiness. Only in the face of death do we really live. We do not come to this life to live so much as to experience an incomplete life with an ending. On the other side we are eternal and complete.

Death is the mother of beauty, as the poet or philosopher said.

(Eternal life is not a string of endless days with no ending, there simply is no time. It does not exist. The difference is significant, and took me several years to really begin to grasp this concept after a spirit first explained it to me.)

In some ways, we do create joy through suffering. Only by identifying what we don't want do we come to learn what we do want.

All of the spirits and angels and entities that speak with me have told me that humans are some of the fastest and most powerful creators in the universe. And they don't just mean Albert Einstein or David Bowie or Steve Jobs, they mean all of us.

And I try to remind myself of that, when I feel mired in the muck of being surrounded by mortals, and feel like my life has become stagnant. Or I have reached the limit of some pattern, and feel helpless to change. Or especially when I am angry at myself or other people, and I am feeling very unforgiving and harsh.

In some ways these feelings of stagnation, helplessness and separation are a gift. Because on the other side there is no separation of the joyful from the horrible. Here in this life, we are able to discern what is wonderful and uplifting and good.

It is perhaps the way we crack open the shells of nuts, or the way we harvest grain.

I see us sometimes, we humans, as here in the thick of things, the dense part of creation, and we are harvesting in fields of life experiences. The grain is joy and happiness, and we take it with us to the other side.

In fact, it may be that places like Heaven are created on the astral plane by our experiences here in this life.

Moreover, when seen with this perspective, all of life is simply joy or “not joy”, and all that is necessary is that we winnow the chaff from the grain.

Monday, June 4, 2012



Okay so the 5th will be Night of Watchers for sure, but the mortal watchers, looking to the sky; not visiting carnal Angels, looking to home... perhaps all things are reversed now, in this New Age, The Age of Avatars, and the Angels are all here, trying to get back to the sky and away from the mortal women lol?... now maybe we will find out what all those noises were back in January.

They say that this is the chance of a lifetime, but from these generations forward humans will live for much longer, if they choose to.  Still, it would be worth it to mark the occasion in some way...

Greetings to the Lady of Desire and Union, the Supreme Consort of the Divine Union... Her beauty summoned the Elohim like a siren calls sailors...

Seek Pleasure and allow It to seek You....

Lady Rae