Saturday, August 18, 2012


Before I started talking to the dead people, I didn't believe in reincarnation. I could not remember any past lives. I also thought "Old Souls" were the wisest of the incarnated.

Now I believe almost the opposite.  I think that we have all been here thousands and thousands of lifetimes. (Almost all of us.  Maybe Jesus and Buddha came only one time.  Although I do think there is a possibility that both were astral projections from the future Macro Family.)

In part, we keep coming back because we get embedded in the lower astral, or "micro" perspective.  We create karma that needs to be worked out.**

Once you get far enough over ("crossed over" in a sense), far enough away from your human lifetime and the afterlife (which is really part of this lifetime, but is mostly on the astral plane) and death, all humans just become one human.  It is from this large whole that we break off and become separate.

But we are holographic, and each soul must encompass the totality.  But because so many things become hurtful in this dimension, we try to avoid the pain of this karma by forgetting.

If there was a life where your soul experienced being a victim, then karmically you created a future or balanced a past where you were the predator, the attacker. (If you were witch burned at the stake, you were or will be Inquisitor, etc.)

We are the only species that kills for reasons other than food, or as part of inherited rituals of mating or birth. We appear to be the only species that lives beyond the present or this physical dimension.

We inhabit mental and emotional, even if we deny spirit. 

But we have not sufficiently mastered our own fears and inadequacies,  and having forgotten our past lives, believing that "this is all there is" in order to avoid the pain of past lives, we have also forgotten that we are immortal outside of this dimension.

And we are just now beginning to understand that we create our reality through our thoughts, beliefs and observations.  To create a higher plane of existence for ourselves (and a New Age for all humans)  we have to assume full responsibility for all experiences of this life, and also all previous lifetimes.

But so few of us can really even accept one lifetime of bad decisions, or anger, or disappointment.  To be able to fully accept retro-cognition, one must be able to release all guilt, judgement, blame, and anger against others in this lifetime.

Only then will the mind be willing to see and understand the movements of the soul, and the pattern of the karma of the soul, will be revealed.

Or, if one is of advanced enough level of transcendence, if all past karma is released through Higher Love or kundalini awakening.  But even then, all must be released with total faith.

I think of it as an astral Circle, with the next level being entrance to the Circle, and my Guardians press the athame to my throat and say the popular "it is better you should fall upon this blade than enter this Circle in less than perfect Love and Trust."

Can you enter your future with such certainity? Even if it holds things you would consider terrors from this perspective?  Allowing yourself to be led wherever, knowing that there are few things you have not been in all your past lifetimes.  And also all the lifetimes of no consequence you have had?

For full retrocognition, a person really has to be willing to remember lifetimes when s/he was everything s/he hates in this lifetime.  It is a big step in consciousness, and such responsibility will change even the most mundane aspects of a person's life.

It is also the most liberating and powerful step a magickal and/or immortal person can take.

Praises, Thanks, & Blessings,

** (Of course, it does seem that we want to experience this pain and suffering, and this separate micro existence. There is so much to experience in this dimension, this life.  To have the choice of joy or suffering! To eat a peach, to walk on the beach... etc...
On the other side, everything in this life is wonderful. Everything is complete.  Nothing is separate.  We come here to experience the seperation.
 Many spirits have told me they would return to this life, even if they knew it held only suffering. This life is keenly beautiful from the other side of death.
And we do have within us the power to make it what we call Paradise, or Nirvana, or Heaven. So truly the level of suffering we experience is within our control. Once here, there is the possibility of creating joy, even from sorrow.  A truly powerful "old soul" can create coins from thin air, wealth from winds, etc.)


  1. I've always believed in reincarnation. One of my cousins could speak German almost as soon as she could speak, even though she was American and had no explainable way to speak German. She said she use to be an old lady. I think it all kind of faded away as she got a little older.

    I had a couple of odd things concerning Germany too, way before my cousin was born, one of my aunts said something to me in German, I heard the question and replied a perfect answer in English. My aunt looked so surprised she said "You speak German?" I said "No, you asked me in English didn't you?" She said "No, I asked you in German!"
    I also had a kind of flashback walking across gravel, suddenly it was like a familiar sound but it needed to be multiplied by hundreds, like soldiers marching. That same day I was up on a higher level, outside at a lumberyard, I thought to myself "All I need now is a machine gun and it would be like old times." I was like wow where did that come from?

    Anyway, I didn't mean to leave such a long comment, hope you are doing well.

  2. I love comments, long or otherwise! You will enjoy my most recent post on the American Taliban I think.

    Those do sound like very strong past life experiences. Very interesting.