Saturday, September 29, 2012


Isn't that a gorgeous moon tonight?

But so powerful, and a little scarey.  Things have been getting a little too much, even for me.  I've been telling everyone not to worry- about the end of the world, or how the "normal" people all seem to be turning into maniacs.

Take a deep breath.

Look at that beautiful moonlight.

Homo habilis and Cro-magnun man looked at that moon. Lucy and Peking Man looked at that moon.  Gilgamesh and Moses looked at that moon. Sapho and Caravaggio.  Lao tzu and Muhammed.  Anastasia and Marilyn Monroe.

She has travelled into the darkest darkness and reflected the light of the sun to us for the whole of human existence on this planet.

It is the end of the old world. It is the end of the epoch of all human history until now.  The New Age is upon us. The Space Age. The Age of Electronic Fire.  The dawn of the Macro Family.

The evolved human, who has memory of his/her past lives, and understands that all are part of a larger whole, is emerging. The micro man that we have known since s/he separated from the Ape, or left the Garden of Eden, or emerged from the snot of a goddess (a myth of a Native American tribe, that I cannot find a link to at the moment) s/he will be gone.

Everyone will be like Jesus, in this New Age, I believe. Living in higher Love. Able to telepath and astral project and heal the body with the mind and levitate. To create plenty and communicate with the waters and other elements.  It will be as the child becomes the adolescent. We humans will grow up.

In a sudden turn, humans will go around the corner to adulthood. The things of a child will no longer matter. New hormones and changes in our bodies will appear.

This change is not linear. It cannot be anticipated. The way that hormones cannot be anticipated by the child. We know that our bodies will change, that we will become adults, but we cannot foresee how those changes will alter us.

Often, in times of great changes, we make up stories about the future we foresee, the way little children play house.

Steampunkers do not know that what they see is a phase of the future we seem destined to go through. I think the visionaries and artists see it, but mistake it for an imagined past.

There is a possibility that we will have to dip back to the steam era, to Victorian electricity (goodby Plasma screens) before we move to the next level of technology and lifestyle.

As we shift from micro man to Macro Family, we will need to redistributed the excess and technological advances of the Western World.  Also, it does seem that some shortages are coming.

Psychics and witches will have it easier. If you can communicate with water and purify it with prayer, if you can communicate with weather spirits, and talk to plant devas/devis, than shortages in food and water and changing living conditions will not affect you so much.

But it seems likely that the excessive systems, for survelliance and energy purposes, all of this industry to produce unneeded and unhealthy things.  It will most likely collapse.  And I do foresee a time in the 20's and 30's and 40's of 2000's that could be very difficult for many people.

I am hoping that at some point we will be going around a corner, and I will see new vista.

It is possible that we have safely passed that possible future and are bringing it to us as imagination, however. The Steampunk people could be absorbing elements of a narrowly escaped future.

But I think too many people are so entrenched in their old ways of being, that it will take a jolt.I am writing this in hopes that a few people more people might begin to navigate toward a brighter, healthier, and less stressful future transition.

If only as humans we could learn to do what must be done, before we have to. Change the way we live.  Learn to use the power of our minds to create solutions and good for all.

It is going to be very difficult for some folks to be around the New Age.  So many people so ashamed of who they are.  As more and more magickal people become psychic and mediums, and remember past lives and see energy patterns, it will be as if some people have regressed to Victorian technology spiritually.

(EDIT: Not to mention the vast divide already emerging, between the psychic and the muggle, for whom dishonesty and lies are transparent masks of shame and blame and micro-aversion to spiritual responsibility for this life.)

I try to remind myself that when I hear the American Taliban.  Or any zealots. These people are becoming archaic, anachronistic.  The past cannot provide us with help in this new future.  And the future New Age will not make sense to us, really, until we get the spiritual equivalent of those teenage hormones.

One thing I have a hard time with is the thought that as we evolve fashion and clothing will disappear.  Just as a child knows that someday it will grow up, but finds it hard to believe, or understand, I know that I will not have need of clothing and accessories in the future.

But oh, to live without jimmy choo shoes and roberto cavalli!  But I suppose in the future we will be able to be so much more dazzling with our auras. It is hard to believe that we are going to change so much, so swiftly!

And we aren't going backwards, but forward! Into a bright future! Don't be afraid. Trust the moonlight...

Lady Rae


  1. my friend Chuck always said he believed that Jesus taught people the right way to live so when they died they could be like him..a higher species of man he and Mary were. makes sorta sense..I love the moon

  2. I do really believe that Jesus was the first Macro Man, send 2000 or so years early, so that we children would have an idea what a grown up was like.