Thursday, September 13, 2012


So there was a post going around on facebook with a photograph of a man wearing a red t-shirt that said "You deserve to go to hell." He was seated in a chair, holding a walking stick with a cross a top it.

It was outdoors in a grassy area on a warm day.

Next to him was a young man holding a hand lettered sign that said "You can choose not to like dick, and you can choose to be a dick."  (Or something of that nature.)

The photo did not show any other people, but one assumes that it was some sort of demonstration, either for or against gay marriage (or both).  Undoubtedly, the Hell man in red felt he'd saved himself the trouble of holding up a sign, by having his statement on his shirt.

However, this type of person could have just as easily been sitting outside on his front lawn. And his shirt would have been suited to any event or place that he was going. Because these people believe that everyone is going to hell, and that everyone deserves to go to hell.

These "fundamentalists" (like their Islamic and other counterparts) aren't really even about the judgement of God, as they are about Almighty's sentencing.  I used to think they needed to be "right" and superior to everyone. But it is more basic than that.

They really worship the punishment of Hell. In fact, I daresay it provides this type of person with a thrill they are not allowed to feel in having any kind of sex (gay or straight).  How wonderful it must make them feel to know that all the people out there, enjoying their lives and being happy, are going to spend eternity suffering for every "bad" thought.

I mean, really, what a bunch of sadistic sickos.  These people talk a lot about, and have a lot of thoughts about what hell is like. Very detailed descriptions. Whole sermons in Southern Baptist and "Non-Denominational"- a misnomer if ever there was one- churches are given over to the suffering of hell.

Ask them what good things their God has done and they will only bring up his sacrifice and suffering, torture and punishment, and all for the sake of "saving" a bunch of worthless sinners.  (I have heard these same things said over and over, in different configurations.

Anton LaVey, writer of the Satanic Bible and the inspiration for the movie Rosemary's Baby, is a Catholic schoolgirl compared to this "American Taliban". No one worships the Devil or reveres Hell as much as the folks at the Westboro Baptist Church, or at TBN (the television network that brings the world the 700 Club and other "Christian" programming).

These people-whether sophisticated, political, neo-cons, or low IQ yahoos- would not give a rat's ass about Jesus if he didn't have the Devil under his thumb, and all of Hell with which to condemn sinners.

They do not see religion as spiritual comfort, or love, or wisdom, or becoming more like Jesus-- you know, the guy that they have accepted as their "Lord and Saviour" and makes them "Born-again."  (Cause when you are that stupid and mean and self-righteous you have to do everything twice?)

Their "Saviour" Jesus is only a means to save them from a Hell that all humans are destined to go to, unless they willingly participate in the blood sacrifice and death of their only God's only child.

Their "Lord" Jesus is really nothing more than the Leader of the Army, the main weapon in their war against other people.  Jesus is on their side. They are right. Everyone else is wrong. And they will be singing happy songs while the rest of humanity is being tossed down to the demons in the pit. 

It is all about violence, hate, torture, judgement, and having a "Dirty Harry" God.  ("Go ahead, punk, make my day, have that gay wedding-- did I just send five people to hell or six? Do you feel lucky?")

Without Hell and the Devil and a lake of fire, these people would not be "Christians." In fact, it is very insulting to real Christians, and really insulting to Jesus Christ himself,  to even give these "Jehovah the Vigilante" followers the name "Christian".

They are the American Christian Taliban.  They have their own jihad against -- well, let's not even list what they say they are against, because all reasonable people know that their jihad is against anyone that they disagree with.

So I am not calling them Christians anymore, I am calling them Devil Worshipers.  Yeah, it puts LaVey's people in some bad company, but I think they can handle it.


PS- Lucifer's original task was to strengthen the resolve of the truly righteous man by offering him temptations.  As a self-proclaimed "Devil" of this sort, I do enjoy pointing out to the pious that I might, in fact, not be a real person, but just a hologram sent to tempt the weak and secretly wicked.

In fact, isn't it possible that a God so great as Old Testament Jehovah and  their Jesus, and so obviously fond of trickery that He would allow the Devil to plant dinousaur bones and these other things these people believe, wouldn't it seem likely that someone like me and gay people and scientists could possibly be nothing more than trickery to see how a righteous man will respond?

(Remember the old saying "There are only 2000 real people in the world, the rest are just special effects?")

And is their God so weak that He needs their help in judging or sentencing? In fact, shouldn't they be at home, preparing for the Rapture and praying for their own salvation? After all, there are only 144,000 places in Heaven.  Better stop standing up to this world, when what you need to be doing is preparing for the next one. You know, playing a harp, hanging out with Jesus, and mostly, spying on all the torture of sinners in Hell.

Not effective in a noisy demonstration, but if you ever have the opportunity a la the film Dogma to do what Loki does to the nuns at the beginning of the movie, feel free to use my ideas. Especially if you can back it up with scripture and come off as a fellow Christian. 

These are minds so simple and stupid it is quite easy to plant the seeds of paranoia.

PPS- I also came up with the term "Hell-billies" (or even Hell-bellys).  Hell People works, too. But they aren't Christians. Period.


  1. I like's his followers I have a problem with.

  2. Jesus is awesome. Who was it that said "There was only one Christian, and he died on the cross."