Saturday, November 24, 2012


2EECH is my abbreviation for something my spirit and lightworker Guides call "Eyes to see and ears to hear."

It means that there is a shift in consciousness going on in many different spheres of society, of this world, and even of the astral.  If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, than take a moment to acknowledge the tremendous tides of change going on all around you, when you see or feel them.

Share them however you like, in any way, even if just sharing them with witness to the events or occurrences themselves.

When magickal and psychic people do this, I think it creates a current of energy in the world. It opens a space for that energy to enter and affect things. And on that current many miracles and manifestations can ride.

I've been trying to create some outward actions for these 2EECH events.

The first are the World-Wide Laugh Ins.  The inaugural Laugh In was on Samhain, November 6th at 21:30 local time.

The next is scheduled for December 21, 2012 at 12:21 PM.  All you have to do is laugh!  (And I have been thinking that I am going to make laughter a part of my routine, like brushing my teeth.  I wonder if any day wouldn't be greatly improved by a dose of laughter first thing in the morning.)

The other is my goal to get out some Pink Flyers before the December 21st.  I allow these things to happen organically,   Sometimes a few here and there, sometimes a hundred left at different places.  (I used to hand them out.)

I would like to ask people to share the Pink Flyer, even if just with themselves, by copying and printing one out, or by printing some and leaving them somewhere for anyone to take.

I wish Pink Flyers could become the new money and just buy everyone what they need. Because there is enough for everyone, and every person on this planet has a right to a space of land and share of food and a bit of shelter.  It should be entitled from birth.  If you are born, you have the right to exist.  Work should be found for everyone.  Shelter and food and proper care should be found for everyone.

We have birth control now.  We can choose to limit our population to a healthy balance.  We can choose to share.  We can choose to change the way we live so that we aren't always in such vicious competition. 

We are smart enough now to create a new and better world. One that retains and respects diversity, but without undue conflict and suffering.  I know this because I glimpse it every now and again, and lately it has begun to take shape a bit more.

I see it manifesting in the world.

So I am going to initiate some sort of simultaneous meditation between now and December 21st.  There is so much energy being put into that date by so many different types of people and for different reasons.  It is a shame for the magickal folk that know how you direct energy to not attempt to lift up the species consciousness with some meditations on New Age solutions to Old Age problems.

I know that  other people are doing similar things, and I would like to take part in as many as possible,

I am thinking December 6th, Saint Nicholaus Day, but I need to meditate on it myself a bit, and see a bit clearer. 

I hope that everyone that feels of a similar way will share or use or build on 2EECH as they wish.


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  1. happy is better than I always try to either be happy or make people happy.

  2. You do make people happy JackieSue!!!!