Thursday, December 6, 2012


I went through a period in the first part of the 21st Century where I wrote almost entirely in rhyme.

I don't know why.  

Oh, and I recall now that the first draft of it, which I might have written as early as 2003 and posted on my geocities page, was called "Companion Planting For The Organic Gardener" as originally it was more about weeds and roses, growing together, etc.


Weeds grow much faster in poor soil
Than roses that need labour and toil;
Add mulch, compost, and old coffee grounds,
Then to each thorn sing heavenly sounds.

To harvest miracles from seed possibilities,
Sow them among life's uncertainties;
Fertilized, faith flowers in trouble’s field
Like divine pearls culled from irritation’s yield.

This is the cycle of our life here on earth:
To sow thanks, husband blessings, and reap Love’s mirth.

© 2005

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