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EDIT 24 Feb 2013: Haha, see that list of things over there, my self-proclaimed titles-- witch, mystic, blah blah blah? Uh, there is a reason "astrologer" is not listed.  In a perfect Mercury retro mishap, I wrote down the same date for Merc retro and full moon.  Yes, that's right, it went retro last night, the 23rd.  Still did my ritual tonight, in fact, sitting here waiting for the last of the 8 yellow candles to burn out, but had quite a Homer Simpson "DOI" moment earlier.  Ah, well, Still lots of good stuff in this post! Happy Full Moon, peeps!  xoxo

Just took the advice I been giving everyone else and went to to check out my natal versus the planetary line up. NO WONDER things are all crazy. 

Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Neptune are all in Pisces, the sacri-FISH-all martyr on the cross.  That's not a coincidence, that's a war crimes tribunal. And the moon is about to be full in Pisces' opposite, that Fertile Holy Virgin, Virgo. (This is the mating of the Cold Fish and the Prude.) 

This full moon is a reminder that a lot of times, the moon is a double agent/spy for the sun.  Full moons are sun-moon oppositions.  While opposing  signs are not always the best romantic matches, they do complement each other perfectly.  

And yes, that was complement, not compliment. The next few days are all about complements.  And most especially about weaknesses.  You studied the blueprints right? You memorised the locations of the lifeboats? Good. The ship has already hit the iceberg and is sinking fast, the next question for magickal peeps is, did you pack your own personal flotation device?  Because that way you can avoid all of the pushing and shoving.

The Cold Fish Martyr's crucifying, sacrificing All Powerful Father, Saturn, is digging up all the dirt in secretive Scorpio.  If you are hiding something, forget it. The more you hide it the more it is about to come to light. Try getting on your knees right now and asking for mercy.  It might help, it might not. 

Captives and abductees, slaves, and "little people" are all about to see the light of day. Hackers and wikileaks, people promoting transparency of all kinds, this could be a blessing for you, if you aren't up to something malicious yourselves.

"There is water/ at the bottom of the ocean..." sang a wise man once upon a time

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is in Capricorn, Saturn's kingdom. Can you say "hell on earth"?  Or, at least, the underworld rising up.  There are so many revolutions fomenting right now it is hard to keep track of all of them, even with a Third Eye in the back of my head.   

This Mercury intersolar (it doesn't actually go "retrograde", the earth passes it up every year about three times, for about three weeks each time) is just the pre-game show for the total collapse of whatever infrastructures are not serving the New Age.  This list includes the Catholic Church, all forms of extremism, and all forms of capitalism and feudalism.  

The patriarchy isn't going to crumble this time, we probably have another 6 years or so, until Saturn makes it to Aquarius.  But it is going to become visibly lame.

The magnificent solar flares going on right now are just a little extra, methinks.  The Universe weighing in on the need for the humans of this planet to readjust.  How about a better distribution of wealth? Everyone works, but only ten hours a week.  And let's make sure no one goes hungry, or without proper shelter or care.

We have more than enough for everyone.  There is no shortage of anything but intelligence and discernment, and even those are really just being hoarded out of fear.

This full moon will land on the 100th anniversary of my grandmother's birth.  When people nay-say my belief in the coming Macro future- a utopia best described in the fiction book 2150 A.D.- I simply ask them to ponder the world in the last 100 years.

My grandmother was born to a world without radio, much less computers.  Airplanes were barely up in the air, and few people had cars or telephones.  Everyone had a few chickens and vegetable garden.  

Granted, there are still many parts of the world that remain unchanged from two or three hundred years ago.   But we "developed" nations are dragging the rest of the globe into the New Age of Electronic Fire, whether they want to follow us into this intermediary phase of obesity and over-consumption and blatant disregard for the environment.  

We need to slow down a little bit, and let everyone else catch up.  I have a feeling this Mercury intersolar is going to assist with that.  Remember to fortify your house with a good spell ("Fire flood earthquake thieves/ we will have none of these" is mine. Use some lavender for your computer and car charms, and lavender oil for your Merc retro potions.  Or check out  

Also, get out a rainbow candle and court the other Messenger god/dess Iris to assist you while Mercury is away.  

(Not a bad idea to give Mercury/Hermes a nice send off, too, with your full moon celebration.  The planets' story can be told best through Greek mythology: when Mercury is retro he is back on Mount Olympus, reporting on the deeds of mortals.  It's not a bad idea to court him and make a good impression as he goes on his own journey.)

The usual Mercury intersolar pre-cautions apply: double check all the details, try not to sign any contracts, and if you are travelling expect a few delays and pack some undies in your carry-on.  Mercury retrogrades are famous in real estate and escrow, where paperwork and deadlines rule the sale.  Even stone cold atheists in these fields keep an eye on Mercury's movements.

Oh, and if you want to gloat a little while your enemies get a little comeuppance go ahead. But just try to remember, your true soulmate isn't the person that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, it is the person that frustrates you the most, and shows you where you need to change. Satan's job, originally, was to offer temptation as to strengthen the righteous mans' resolve. Like he tempted Jesus in the desert, and on the cross. You are being shown your own weaknesses so that you can repair them. 

Go slow, go over things. Revise and rewrite, reconnect. 

Be thankful for what you have.

EDIT: Was musing during last night's ritual that Neptune is in Pisces, and that is what is really giving us the Sacrificial fishiness.  Pisces is the only water sign that doesn't have an exoskeleton and that actually lives in the water all the time.  The fishes also have no defense, no Scorpion stinger, no Crab claws.  We are pretty much looking at the end of the Catholic Church, and probably all organized religions, although this is just the beginning of it.  The tower hasn't started to collapse yet.

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