Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is a much better holiday to celebrate than that murderous Welshman's (Patrick wasn't Irish or Scots**) victory over the Pagan Druids (the "snakes")!!! I love me some Patsy! And Edi!

"Stoli, darling!"

Mercury is about to go direct as I write this.  I have my lavender incense and rainbow candle burning as thanks to Iris, the messenger Goddess.  It's actually snowing and raining here right now, so there is a possibility of a rainbow appearing.

(Either for Iris, the "other" messenger goddess, to depart after filling in for Mercury, or for the pot of gold to appear at the end of - and mostly likely be puked into by all the green beer drinkers- remains to be seen.)

I admit that, while I am not exactly "cowering", I am staying inside.  Drunk people, slick roads, and a Mercury station don't mix for me, and this "holiday" is just not my vibe anymore.

Mercury won't be out of his "shadow"- that is, moving past the degree where the "retrograde" began- until April 6th, but if you couldn't get your plans revised and your fortifications repaired during the last three weeks, the next three weeks probably won't help.


There is a massive global shift taking place right now.  A direct result of the December 21, 2012 solar system "eclipse" of the centre of the Milky Way.  A kind of "Super-Samhain" line-up.  The old world has ended, and the new one has begun.  Even those of us that have been preparing (in this incarnation) for the last 13 years have not even begun to grasp how great the changes are going to be.

Things are probably not going to calm down.  The revolutions will continue to be televised.  The old structures will continue to collapse.  Chaos will become the new order.  And that is not meant to refer to the Nazi's new order, although I suppose some people will end up in a fascist reality.

Multiple realities are about to become the standard.  Which is a good thing for witches and other magickal peoples.  If you realise that everyone chooses from a buffet the experiences they wish to have, that each person has the ability to control and direct his or her own reality, for you this is a bright new beginning. Not a dark, doomsday ending.

Because it does seem that a large portion of the world is not going to learn to make things better before it gets a whole lot worse.  Regardless of whether a monotheistic "know it all" God or empirical, "know it all" Science is ruler, neither is going to lead people to the kind of transcendence that is needed in this New Age.

If a person believes that there is only this one lifetime, and nothing further, or nothing but a "reward" for time served here in a fleshy prison, and that one's life  here is just a tiny ship on a vast ocean of mostly uncontrollable currents and tides and storms, doomed to fight with other sailors for resources, all is lost.

Fascism and violence won't work at all anymore.  (Not that they ever did.) Kill everyone and they will just have to re-incarnate and recreate the same problems for themselves all over again.  But people that think they have to change everyone else to make a better world don't realise that.

But you do, right?  Change YOUR world.

Those of us with Eyes To See And Ears To Hear (2EECH) must begin to build the New Age as the Old Age crumbles.  Right alongside of it.  We will certainly use the debris of the past to build anew, but the past holds no answers for the future.  Lessons to be learned and remembered, as to not repeat them.

On days like these, for me, it can be hard to find energy to tap into.  The Wanderer is not comrade among, nor Leader for, the Lost. Despite the old adage, the One-Eyed Man is not a King among the Blind.

If you can recall your past lives, you remember that all of these things that "muggles" are experiencing right now you probably experienced at some point as well.  Unhappiness and misery are as much a part of this earthly life as happiness and joy. Disease as much as health, poverty as much as prosperity.

Don't be stingy about other people's right to their suffering.

Also, remember that all the "lost" and "hidden" worlds are still here.  Atlantis, Tir na nOg, the Sky People, et cetera, they are all still here.  But as their vibrations shifted, they shifted from the view of mortals.  The spirits of the dead, too.  As they leave their bodies, mortal eyes cannot see them.

If you find yourself becoming invisible to portions of the population, don't be afraid.  It is not that you have vanished, you have simply become invisible to those still living in lower vibration reality.  We will find our way to each other, in the right time and the right place.

Reach out to the Lady, as she appears in the sky as the Full Moon each month.  Join the vast, trans-global, trans-galactic, and trans-dimensional network that she willingly hosts each "moonth" on the night of the full moon. (You might want to read this post, as well.)

De-FRAG .  Rid yourself of Fear, Resentment, Anger and Guilt.  Make it a daily habit, if you can.  That doesn't mean you have to become a self-less servant to the miserable, but even if you decide to engage in battle for any reason, do it with a pure heart.

(Remember, for one thing, that sometimes you are "karma".  I determined a while back that someone with the kind of fearlessness and skill I have at arguing should not avoid confrontation.  Learning to do it with higher intentions is the challenge.  There are things to be changed, and walls to tear down, that have my name on them.  I will be going into this more in later posts.  In particular those that are part of the creation cycle often must engage in destruction, etc.)

Celebrate when you can, with green beer or Stoli or just a clean glass of water, and toast the New Age, the Age of Avatars.  Let other people experience the misery they need to in order to complete their karmic cycles.  Just keep on your own path of joy and prosperity and growth!

And as Saint Patsy would say, "Cheers, sweetie-darling!"

**Where is my darling Ms Alt-F with her post on this? 

Oh and a PS to psychics and telepaths-- please send an email to my gmail address if you want to start exchanging telepathic messages.  I love having peeps to practice with, but I do want to know who you are in *this* dimension, life, etc.  Ca va? Merci.

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