Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Part of being a member of Magickal Peeps,...etc..., Witches Union (Local #739) is that I get the astral telegrams about shifts happening that don't necessarily effect me, or occur in my sector of reality. 

Maybe like me, you have been wondering just WHAT the ----- (expletive of your choice) is going on?  Did Mercury never go direct?  Is the moon void of course every day?  Has a portion of the population become completely unhinged?

What happened to all the Peace, Love, and Understanding that we thought would come shining in after the Mayan Apocalypse/ Dawning of the Age of Aquarius on December 21, 2012?

This post will most apply if you are one of the people that heard the angels (or the drones lol) back in  January of 2012.  Of if you have unveiled the mystery of the visiting Elohim (and know not to reveal it :).

This is deeply esoteric, mystical, astral, extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional, and not my strongest suit.  But even the trees are talking about it.  There has been a strange "holding of the breath" of nature and the elements just recently-- last week, perhaps?  Or a bit longer.

I went to see another member of Local 739 who always has the deep astral information.

She told me about some cyber-psychics (or something like that) that use a computer programme to make predictions.  There were no predictions to be made after December 21, 2012, because a "Blank Space" was created for five months, to end today.

Which explains A LOT about the weather and storms, and also activity in space. (Human and stellar/meteoric.)

During this time there was a withdrawal of the "extra" otherworldly support that many humans had been receiving (since the Grand Cross in August of 1999, that was really the start of the Mayan Apocalypse/Beginning of The New Age).

And, then poof, they are all gone, but still watching from on high.

So that is where all the Angels/Aliens/Light Beings went.  And that is why the chaos has been either completely objective and removed, almost curious or strange, OR way too personal, subjective and intimate.

Basically, whatever you are doing in this life, as this earthly incarnation, that resonates with the shift on a Universal and Trans-Dimensional Level, was being tested.

Or perhaps more accurately, given the chance to perform on its own, through your own power.  Like in the movie Finding Nemo when the Sea Turtle Dude allows the wee one to swim without supervision.

But you know, even if you are an extraordinary swimmer, or a superheroine, or a Jedi Knight, with your feet firmly on the ground and a firm grasp of yourself,  it is still slippery when everyone else around you is losing their marbles.

I can't say what the next ten days will hold, because tonight we will go around a new corner, and a new horizon will come into view.


To navigate your personal destiny, if you want to see what the star maps hold, I'd check out www.astro.com and www.astropro.com.

And Mercury doesn't go "retro" again until the end of June.  I hope we can find a new "normal" to deviate from by that time!

Here is another piece of the cosmic puzzle:

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