Thursday, May 9, 2013


(EDIT: I got some blog hits for people looking for the spiritual meaning of a Ring of Fire eclipse.  Eclipses either remove something, or remove something from sight.  Either way, this time, you will still see or feel its power.  OR, you could use this energy to ascend the consciousness scale about your own life and power and choose to move in a new pattern. Take an active, creative, magickal/Macro approach and DANCE with the Universe, instead of move in unison with it... Or just fall in love, as Johnny Cash's song advised.

(2ND EDIT 5 Sept 2014: Also some hits on "spiritual meaning of  a ring of fire" and I assume the seeker saw this while awake, not in a dream.  Also assume that the seeker was not standing inside the Circle, which would, IMO, be more in the realm of Ceremonial Magick.    Was the ring of fire in the ocean or other body of water?  A lot of the meaning has to do with how the ring of fire came about, and also what was happening around it, and most importantly, what the viewer was doing/thinking when s/he saw the ring of fire.  If it were me, and I saw it on land or at sea, I would assume that a primordial earth or water creature was being summoned by some entity, human or otherwise, and the ring of fire was containing or protecting it.  Hope this helps.)

Today is the New Moon in Taurus! Feel that gorgeous Spring energy!!! So green and beautiful.  Today, and tomorrow, are truly days to feel the Blessing of the Lady!!!!

And there is a "Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse".  Something is being removed or removed from our vision.  A new beginning is often a final end, as well.

We will have another such eclipse just at Samhain, in the Fall. What an interesting second half of the magickal year we are going to have!

The moon goes void tonight at 19:28 CDT so I think if you can do a late afternoon magickal crafting session, do so.  I am gonna go run around here in a minute and see if I can't get the materials together to make some Money Bottles, a la Scott Cunningham.  This is the best time of the year for all "waxing" spells.  Especially money and fertility! And love!!!**

Also, things started or begun during a waxing Taurus moon have the best chance of enduring and increasing in value.

I have a draft about Sunrise at Bealtaine, but I am so filled with poetry to write, and so awed admiration for the Spring and this good weather-- it is difficult to make myself blog or do any work!! I am so in love with world right now!


** A note about Love Spells- taken from my old Conjurings blog:
I need to make a statement here about love spells vs. Bewitchment. You don't want to put a spell on a specific person because that is a) wrong, and b) putting a spell on a specific person, or bewitching them, is like getting a tow truck to tow you around in a car that doesn't run just so you can feel like you are driving. A brand new Mercedes hitched up to a tow truck is still just a car that doesn't run. Period. You are better off in a second hand jeep that stalls than that Mercedes. Bewitchment is too much energy and it is destructive and wasteful. And don't forget, karma is heavier for witches and those that live their lives consciously. What you do to another you open the door to be done to you. Trust me on this, I am sorry to say, because I know this first hand.

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