Monday, May 13, 2013


Mother's Day has become the new Bealtaine.  At least in the U.S.

(I thought I had posted this last year, but did it in video format. Then took it down. I have mixed feelings about being on camera.  I am much happier being on the other side.)

I think this switch is an appropriate update to the annual line up with the spirit world.  (Samhain being the visiting spirits of the departed, and Bealtaine being the spirits due to be blossom and be born in the coming year.)

Bealtaine is about fertility, and the Goddess, and the cycle of life continuing.  Granted, Bealtaine is also about a mating frenzy and fertility bonfire on Bealtaine Eve.

But the more sacred aspects of it would have been celebrated at dawn, for the blessing of the season upon the pregnant mares, and the future foals and lambs and calves.

Mother's Day is celebrated with brunch, or luncheons.  But, of course, we aren't pastoral tribes people anymore, either.   Brunch is a much better fit for our modern culture.

And it retains the custom of giving bouquets of flowers.  Every Mother is the Goddess, receiving offerings from her people.


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