Saturday, June 8, 2013


Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent.”-- R. D. Laing   

(That's William S. Burroughs in the photograph, not R.D. Laing.)

I swear I thought I had blogged this before.

The number one question that people that have never had a tarot card reading ask me, and that is not to say all newbies, but a majority, is: Am I gonna die?

As a tarot reader, psychic, medium, and plain old human being, I just want to answer the most asked question and say, yes, you are going to die.

You are going to die and so is everyone that you know, someday, somehow, either with foreknowledge or without warning. You are definitely going to die and you can even choose your own death, at any time, with very little effort. Having an oracle tell you when or how you are going to die will not change the fact. 

Dying is certain. Living life to its fullest, reaching in every minute for the best and most hopeful and most wonderful, in that moment, that is the uncertainty. The living of life. The loving of it. The appreciation of who you are. The love affair with yourself that all of the spirits of the dead tell me they wish they had spent more time on while they were in bodies.

Don't wait until you are dying or dead to really love your life.


On the other side there is life without death, we do not come to these bodies for LIFE, but instead for life that ends in DEATH. To experience this physical dimension as a limited and ephemeral existence (ephemeral even as a multiple reincarnated "immortal soul"), it is still not the same as what "life" "eternal" is on the other side.

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