Thursday, June 20, 2013


... and Mercury is inter-solar, about to go "retrograde", on the 26th.  Saddle up, jackaroo, Matilda is about to waltz like she has never waltzed before.

This is the Tarot's Tower card, number 16 of the Major Arcana.  Illumination and transformation.  Could be great, might be awful.  And if you are already dealing with something major, this might come "Out of the Blue."  I expect there will be a lot of UFO sightings, or other strange phenomena this week. Lots of ghosties and Pixies.

Magickal peeps will need to surf the Empathic waves.  To be able to feel what another person is feeling right now will help when you can help.  When you can't help it may feel like you are drowning.  Stay in the moment, stay in your Self.

If you are driving or using machinery, please be extra cautious.  These are times to orient yourself each day in a kind of Zen Monk frame of mind-- a flexible yielding to the storms of life, centred in kindness and compassion for the suffering of others, while constantly re-focusing on your own joy, and releasing your own sorrow as it comes.

Divine or devastating, this too shall pass. 

We are in the New Age now, and things are changing.  The shift that is happening this week is not just in our world, but a Cosmic shift, something Universal.  Everything is changing as we humans move up the evolutionary scale to a Higher Love Consciousness.  

Praises, Thanks, and Blessings!!! 


If you are an Ent Lover please help in mourning this travesty against one of the most benevolent and powerful entities in University City, Washington Universities Scotch Elm.

One of my poems, which describes the Tower energy in the world today.


Who is the Caesar whose empire is crumbling?
The Martin Luther to send church towers tumbling?
From Cape Canaveral will a new Columbus set sail?
And where are King Arthur, Merlin, and The Grail?

Copyright 2005

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