Monday, June 3, 2013


So the search hits for "Night of the Watchers" began about a week ago.

The only record of this night that I know of was in the old Witches Almanac.  Elizabeth Pepper recorded the night in the Almanac.  "Night of the Watchers" as the entry on the night of June 5th. After she died they ran an article explaining that no one knew her source.

The Watchers are called by many names-- the Girgori, the Elioud, the Elohim that are the 7th rank of Angelic Hierarchy.

All agree they were a type of Angel, some or all of whom came to  earth and mated with mortal women, creating part or all of the Nephilim, who either are giants, half giants, or from the sky. 

I mused (incorrectly) that the night was based on Enochian Ceremonial Magick and must therefore actually be the night of June 6th, having to do with numerology.

Feel free to read what I have written in the links below, and I would also start with everything on Wikipedia regarding Elohim. Watcher Angels, Nephilim, Sons of God, etc.

Last year I got a glimpse of the Greatness of this Mystery.

This is not a Mystery that can be revealed via human language to human consciousness.  You have to open to the Watchers themselves.

And like most Great Mystery's, the path to it is somewhat labyrinthine.  Re-reading my own entries makes that clear.  Only the dedicated can really pursue the "answer."


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