Tuesday, August 20, 2013



I like this dude. I hope he is enjoying the irony of his life, irregardless of how difficult it seems to many others. That just his choice in his name creates such strong reactions and judgements.  

He is a poster child for the Rush Limbaugh, big Pharma, marijuana horror stories.  How terrifying he must be to those scared small-minded mortals!   I.e., omg if you smoke pot you might change your name to something silly!  Wouldn't that just be the worse thing EVER? Much worse than a government shut down or chemical warfare!

I think marijuana is part of the shift.  Like LSD in the Hippie days.  We're channeling the other dimension and the new "Senses" and/or "Powers" partly through "Higher" consciousness.  The Gamma brainwaves.

(Big Pharma is also part of this, the need for altered states of consciousness via outside chemistry and botany, but not in a direction that seems it will survive the New Age.  Although as we learn to shift to other consciousnesses, and especially the God consciousness-- the Macro love energy, as in the book 2150 A.D.--I do think all physical enhancement will stop, except for festivals and stuff.)

I can imagine a possibility that his life is easier now just being the famous really crazy stoner, than continuing to function in the one dimensional, gossip and media dominated, shared reality.  The muggle world where there is so much guilt and shame and lies is exhausting!

We came here to experience this physical dimension, but the muggle belief that this is the only level of reality, and that there is even such a thing as "crazy", is really limiting and kind of boring.  Having a conversation with this guy is more appealing in many ways than having a convo with one of my idols or heroes, like Bowie.  

And because he is not rich and does not have any apparent power, all of the interactions he has with other people would mean that because of his name, you really accepted the part of him that is utterly rejected by society.

I wonder if Beezow is Loki's current Avatar?