Thursday, November 7, 2013


Technically, last night at sunset could have served as the official Samhain date, with the sun at 15 degrees of Scorpio this afternoon here in the U.S.  If you have read any of the many posts about calculating the Fire Festival and Celtic New Year then you know that the sun position is an approximation of the position of the Pleiades lining up with the centre of the Milky Way galaxy (the "opening of the door" or "lifting of the veil" between the worlds).

I look at the ephemeris and then ask the stars and the spirits, and I came to the conclusion it begins tonight at sunset, although I know there are some that celebrated last night.  I feel the spirits very strongly today.  One in particular.  I had the privilege this year of witnessing a dear friend pass out of this life in June.  The experience was not what I had expected.

I had thought that it would be like in the movies, in particular, like the movie Ghost.  That there would be a bright light and that I would "see" the spirit depart.  But from the perspective of the living, the portal to the otherworld is actually very far away.  I felt the spirits descend, but as if they had come a great distance.  The land of the dead did not open up to me as I had expected. 

Upon reflection I realised this is necessarily so. We, the living, are left behind.  The spirit remains near the body and watches over the mourners, but the doorway does not remain open for long.  Not open the way it is Samhain, when all the spirits of the deceased get their free pass to visit the living again.

I have been lucky, to learn so much from the dead over the years.  What is important while one is alive is not always what is important to the deceased.  The number one thing the dead want to say to the living is "I love you, and my love for you is still here, even though I am gone.  Anything that transpired between us in life cannot diminish that love."

Memory is the doorway for the spirits, and it is important on this night to think only of the good memories, if possible.  To forgive and forget old gripes and wipe away all debts.  The Magickal New Year is tomorrow, and time to begin anew.

Light a fire or a candle tonight, invite your ancestors and departed to feast with you.  Leave them offerings of food.  Write them letters of love and of your adventures here on earth, and burn the letter in the Samhain fires.

This body is just a shell we inhabit while we are here in this incarnation.  But all that we are, and have been, and will ever be, lives on.

Feast well, my living friends, and count your blessings.  Open your heart to the coming prosperity of the New Year.  Align yourself with the Higher Love Vibration.


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