Wednesday, January 22, 2014


If this were my world, what would I do?

I'd like all the religions that believe in absolutes to get them.  Right now.  Rapture, done.  See ya.

But actually I was thinking more in terms of shared reality.  I wouldn't outlaw any religions.  Or any beliefs.

In fact, my first decree would be "You can believe anything you want.  But for yourself.  You cannot kill or harm another person with your beliefs."  Murder, no. Suicide, okay.  Although, you would be required to do it in a facility, and receive some counseling first.  But if you chose to kill yourself, my world would allow it.  We would give you a room and the weapon or drug or your choice.

My second decree would be, "Whatever experience you want you can have, but those that involve other people must be simulated."  Basically, the best video games you can play.  Go ahead, kill a bunch of people, virtually.  Rape, pillage, whatever, to your hearts content, but virtually.

I have to stop numbering these because it makes me feel like I am ranking which are most important, and it has to do with what I am thinking of next.

Obviously the true first and second decrees would be "food and shelter for everyone."

Then, everyone gets a job.  With everyone working, we probably only need to work 5 or 10 hours a week to take care of everyone's basic needs.

My world is a kind of socialism.  So there would be no inherited wealth, but while you were alive if you wanted to work your 5 hours and then spend the rest of the time doing other things-- making music, performing plastic surgery, creating new products, raising chickens, playing sports, or making crafts-- and selling your talents/products to make more money, that is fine.

Prostitution would be legal for adults.  All adults.  I'd probably have to hold myself back from promoting it.  I am not saying people shouldn't fall in love, I am saying love and sex should not be viewed as the same thing.  In our class society sex is how women's "issue", children, are controlled.  Children, or perhaps women's sexual organs and bodies, are actually the first possession.  They are the cornerstone for all other possession.  (Even war would not work if there were no new soldiers being created.)

Women could rule the world through sex.  And if men could sit around looking at naked women and having sex, I feel certain most wars would end tomorrow.  Vast numbers of men I have queried about this over the years have agreed with me on this.

Birth control would be mandatory.  Only people that really choose to be parents should be parents.  I don't want to make it impossible to have children, but since my next decree would be:

Childcare is a community responsibility.  Too many people abuse their children.  Too many children just happen by chance.  I want childcare and child rearing to be transparent.  (In my world all financial transactions are transparent, too.)

Children should not be taught anything but basic life skills and math and reading.  No beliefs, no religion, no doctrines, including "infallible scientific proof".  There is branch of science/empirical minded people that have become as locked into current scientific observation as zealously and rigidly as these conservative Christians and Muslims are about their Bible/Koran, etc. Children need to learn this physical reality and how to live in it without anything else.  Not witchcraft, not Christianity, etc.  They can choose all that on their own when they are of age.

I don't want limits of any kinds put on children.  They should be fed, clothed, cared for, listened to, encouraged, and taught the life skills they need.  Not dates of past wars and what group of people did this, and so forth.  Let them seek that out on their own, as the need arises.  That stuff doesn't need to be taught anymore, anyhow.  Google that stuff.

Teach them to care for their bodies, to nurture their minds, understand their emotions, form healthy relationships, and find their purpose and joy in the world.  Encourage them and healthy self-esteem.  Don't tie self-esteem to beliefs or looks or anything else.  The rest is up to them.  Let them make their own minds up about what is right.

There would be no advertising.  And products/ services would only be able to tell the truth.  Nothing deemed necessary (food, medicine, housing, etc) would be for profit. 

Politicians would be required to actually work to make their neighbourhoods better.  No campaigning. No private campaign funds.  And no politics based on individual beliefs.  Only what benefits the whole.  No life long salaries.  No hero worship.  No lobbyists.

A leader should lead all the people.  What will benefit all of us?  What creates a better world for everyone?  What leads all of us to better lives?

I would also require every person to serve two years in what was formerly the military.  Instead it would be two years of service, travelling the world.  What can we do to make sure there is peace?  What can we do to make this community better?  Upon returning, I think we would already know who the real leaders were.

Eliminating hereditary wealth would change the world so drastically, that everything after it would fall into place.

I don't know if my world would eliminate all the "bad" people, whatever that means.  But it would make it very difficult for the truly evil to operate, and all the people driven to crime by poverty would disappear.

If everyone knew that they would have a place to live, plenty to eat, medical care, and a job, plus freedom to explore their beliefs and pursue their hobbies, I think most people would walk away from all the other stuff.  And if all babies were wanted babies, and were born knowing that there would always be a place for them on this planet, I think a decline in "bad" people would happen spontaneously.

This is the world I want to live in.  What about you?  The first step is to envision it.  The second is to share it.  The third is to believe it will come to pass.

Blessings peeps!


  1. Lady Rae:
    Thanks for this posting and all the great ideas you have! Love all you have to offer and your time here in St. Louis.
    I am one of the Weird Ones you offer visioning to. Feel free to look into our blacklight heavy theatrical trappings at this You Tube Channel - "thecelestialtheatre"
    Happy Blood Moon and incoming rains...

    Bill Kranz, Director,
    The Celestial Theatre

    1. Thanks! Will check out Celestial Theatre!