Saturday, January 25, 2014


Happy Burns Nicht!

I just wanted to add, that the title to the last post is from Hamish and Dougal, as I say in that post.   But for those not familiar with the show, the title is a joke about the famous Scots frugality.  "You'll have had your tea?" Meaning, "we don't want to offer you supper."

I would also like to offer my favourite Scots joke, it does not involve kilts or sheep.  It was told to me by an Englishman:

A tourist goes to an "auld" pub in Scotland and orders a pint.

The bartender brings it to him and says "That'll be a penny."

The tourist is surprised.  "A penny?  Why so cheap?"

"Ah, it's our anniversary, so we are charging what the price was then, a few hundred years ago."

"Great!" The tourist drinks happily of his penny pint.  

Then he orders another.  He notices that while there are many others in the pub, he is the only one drinking.

"Why isn't anyone else drinking?" He asks the barkeep.

"Oh, those are the locals, they're waiting for the half-price Happy Hour."


Here is a YouTube link to Eddi Readers' Robert Burns Songs

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