Saturday, April 19, 2014


There are only two forms of wealth- natural resources and labour.

Celebrating Easter by smashing (intellectually) the moneylender/bankers in Jesus' memory: Money used to be backed by gold. Now I can't figure out how money's worth is determined. But I do know that the only income the US government has is from taxes (and interest on invested taxes- not counting that because they wouldn't have the interest without the income). States and cities have property and sales tax. If you don't pay your taxes you can be put in prison. If you steal money from a bank you go to prison.

The government is controlled by people with the most money, that pay the least in taxes. The Federal Reserve is bankers. They decide how much money can be made based on how much interest can be generated in loaning that money. (The housing bubble and bank bailout was the greatest success ever- banks got the bail out and own all the foreclosed homes.)

They (government-men greedy for power-- and the rich--men greedy for wealth and power) keep telling us that that all we have to do is "work hard", that there is plenty for everyone- but only if we "work hard" for it. (Which is why the hardworking children of the garment factories are so rich.) Rich people say they "did it on their own" with their inherited wealth. (I'd like to see a Koch brother put his wealth in a trust and demonstrate this from the bottom up for a year or two. Please, do it on your own without anything to start with if that is true.)

If there is enough for everyone, there is enough. Period.

If there isn't enough, then what it is really happening is the bulk of humanity has been terrorized and robbed by various gangs of thugs throughout history.

The water shortage we are facing globally is going to demonstrate this. It is illegal to collect rainwater in an increasing number of places (the government has determined it has the rights to rain) and many municipalities are now restricting private water bottlers the right to use municipal water sources, because of the low levels and increasing difficulties in purifying water for drinking use. Natural resources do not respond to money. We can't buy more water. We can pay more for what is available, but we can't buy more water if we ruin it for human consumption.

If natural resources were distributed evenly, and wealth was really based on hard work, we wouldn't need governments as we have them now. We would need administrators. Right now we have thugs telling us we have to pay them a percentage of whatever money they deign to pay us.

If we kill off this planet, the rich and powerful will have the last swallow of clean water, because they can pay for it. And they will ration off enough to pay the guns that keep the rest of us from stealing their water.

But there still won't be any clean water.

And even if there is enough clean water, and there really is enough for everyone, if only we "work hard", than why do we allow the most selfish, greediest, and murderous among us to control water and money's-- and everything else-- distribution?

Happy Easter Jesus!

EDIT:  Once again, Jesus has not resurrected his zombie army! Happy Easter anyhow! and Happy 4/20!!!  Also, someone told me my thesis is unclear --it seems so clear in my head, but I cannot seem to fit it into the right words.!!!

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