Friday, April 11, 2014


Red moon rising.  Mars is bright.

Will there be another earthquake tonight?

Or just more school violence and random shootings?  1% looting of 99% labour and earnings?

The old age is displaced and we haven't found our way in the New Age yet.

This is the time/now is the hour/this is the time....

But of what power?

Inner or outer? Temporal or astral? Empirical or spiritual?

This is your friendly neighbourhood witch and psychic speaking.  Now is the time to summon the other world and to bring that inner vision out into this world.  However that works for you. Make connections, feed the spirits, dance collectively, dream decidedly.

Be the change.

The old order hasn't figured out yet that it has been usurped.  Their ways are no longer effective, and we must circumvent their catastrophes as we begin to build a new world in the debris.

What is visionary in their rotting world is commonplace in our fresh one.  Try to be kind, says the hypocrite, because one day we, too, will be usurped.

This is the time/now is the hour/this is the time....

The power is here.  The time is now.   Be certain of it.

Every seed is different.  Some sprout quickly, and other's take years to sprout a radical.

Stay centered in the heart and in the heart of nature/creation.  Look the problem in the face and see the solution.

Your light might be the force that turns the explosion to fireworks, the crash into a roller-coaster.

St. Louis Magickal people, you especially, all those I name in the headmast of this blog, of this the Cardinal Red City, the Third Eye of Earth, Summon the spirits that dwell in the hollows and the hills, and caves and caverns, the alleys and the rooftops, and the spirit of the river itself, call them all to you and tell them what good things you see.

Tell them your deepest dreams and truest self.

Do it tonight. Before the storm.

Do it before the Blood Moon Full Eclipse.

Give Praises, Thanks, and Blessings.

Be Glad in Your Heart.

All is well. And all has been well.  And all will be well.


  1. for a couple of weeks I've had the sense of unease or discomfort about various friends..makes me spooked.

    1. It is a little spooky right now. Goddess smile upon us. Help us through.