Monday, April 14, 2014


The eclipse just started to be visible.

Red moon rising.  Full Blood Moon Eclipse.

The spike in violence and earthquakes and crashes and accidents and fires, that is Mars Max.

That feeling that everything is about to explode.

That is the non-magickal world.  The mundane world.

We walk in that, too.  We are here to experience this earthly dimension and shared reality, all of us.

But some of us also walk in the other realms.  We see many worlds.

The Lady has her vacation among us, during the eclipses.  What will be removed from our sight?

We raised our hearts, and our highest visions.

The Lady summons The Spirits of the Old Age, to Her, and they depart us.

                 (We bid you farewell and safe journey!)

That is what the overwhelming, primal energy surge has been.  It would have been unbearable if it had continued.  But it was the last of them, from the oldest, most hidden places.  She has come to take them to the Old Spirits Home near the Akashic Records.

Undoubtedly a few will still wander among us, but without their old haunts and familiars. Without strength.

All of the energy that has been exploding, and threatening to explode, and simmering dangerously, that had me so off balance.  Even before the Eclipse came, I could feel the "lift".

The harmony of minds and hearts on the Cosmic Consciousness channel, singing the Universal Song of Higher Love.

And a feeling that on this mundane level, this earthly world, that solutions were being found, keys were located at the last minute, and that new understandings would be reached, and new growth promised.

The cold that came tonight, stunting Spring.  Maybe to cool us out, give us a do-over.  Or a surprise freeze. Maybe to fake out the Spirit of The Old Age, that everything was business as usual.  Or perhaps the freeze could be the other spirits, that cold rush of air that comes in when the doorway is opened.

The Bealtaine spirits come early this year, as the Spirit of the Old Age departs.

But I also felt the opening of so many spirits, seeking a new way and signs that it is here.  And the desire for the New Age to finally sprout, even in those that are resisting it.

Things that have never been seen before, or haven't been seen for aeons, are becoming clear.  Miracles will abound.

It was a beautiful moment of Epiphany.

And now I have to go back outside and in the cold to see the beautiful moon, and feel The Lady's presence.

Praises, Thanks, and Blessings, Peeps!

By Bealtaine the world will be in bloom, and our spirits and lives will expand with growth and new prosperity!


  1. wish I had gone out, but I'm learning a good nights sleep makes jackiesue a happier old lady.

    1. It was really gorgeous, but I have seen lots of great pics too, so you can still see it!