Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Mercury is in it's "shadow" and goes "retrograde" on the 7th.  It goes direct July 1st, but we will probably feel the effects of this retro until mid-July.

There is so much other activity going on, and almost none of it pleasant.  I'd expect a true "blood moon" this month.  More random shootings, accidents, disturbances, and probably another revolution or two... or six... Check out Nolle's Astropro for details: http://www.astropro.com/forecast/predict/2014-06.html

Get some lavender next to your computer.  Ring a bell as you leave out some milk and honey overnight as an offering for the mischievous pixies (they swarm a Mercury retro like moths swarm a light).   Get a rainbow candle or a prism and a dish of clear water and appeal to Iris, the other messenger goddess to help you with your communications and travels during this period.

Mercury/Hermes/Thoth rules travel and communications, as most already know.  The God also rules shepherds, thieves, and arcane knowledge.

I have been almost completely absorbed lately by what the muggles, non-magickal people, call the "real" world.  It is difficult to stay tuned into the Higher Love Vibration on the Cosmic Consciousness Channel while trying to alter the shared reality politically and socially.

Part of the growth for me has been realising that Enlightenment is a process like breathing.  You don't do it once and that is it.  You inhale, you exhale.  You increase Enlightenment and Understanding, you release resistance to Enlightenment.

I've been trying to stop holding my breath.

The world is changing in so many profound ways, and there is so much possibility.  The attitudes needed to demolish the old structures don't work when tending and nurturing the new.  Finding that balance is what this is all really about.

The WorldWideWave of Action is going on until July 4th.  It began with a meditation on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4th, the day he was assassinated.  It was called for by Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous, but it is a "movement of movements".  I consider this to be a time of communication with each other about what changes we think are the most important in the world right now.

If all of us can just do a little bit more than we are already doing (one more petition a week, one phone call to a political or other authority, etc) then I think we can make revolution without violence, and in a truly democratic manner.  And if we all participate, no single person will have to alter their individual lives too much.

We need to share the burden... And the wealth.  We cannot let the Robber Barons run the world any longer.  The New Age needs a healthy planet and healthy people.   It is not only possible, it is emerging.  Assist with the birth in any way you can.  (And for some people it may mean slowing down.  For instance, it would be good if the Koch Brothers and the Bush Family regime slowed way down, etc.  It would be good if all the oil pipelines slowed down.)

I've been trying to think of some good Mercury Retrograde spells for magickal people to perform to assist with the WorldWideWave of Action on the astral.

Certainly, asking the weather witches to focus destructive natural forces on military and corporate polluters is not a bad idea.  The downside is that often those places are staffed or have workers.  That is very precise magick.

If you make an offering to the Pixies, ask them to disrupt and reveal NSA spying and corrupt financial transactions.  They love having a mission.

And beaming out the pink and green light of Human and Natural Love.  I feel a lot of people around the world doing this, and it has helped me to re-centre a number of times recently.  As much turmoil as there is in the world, there is a million times as much Love.

June 5th is the Night of the Watchers.  Look for UFO and other unusual sightings.

If anyone has any good suggestions please comment on this post or email me.

Blessings, peeps!

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