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More on how to deal with the right wing trolls on social media and in person.

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Don't you just love it when some white person says "oh black people are playing the race card again"?  Some of the trolls I have been encountering even insert "The Race Baitor" in between Eric and Holder.

Hilarious, as usual.

First, agree with them! That's right!  Agree that black people (and white folks like me) are "playing the race card".

Who invented the card deck?  The slaves?  Did African people decide that they were not human? Chain themselves to cargo ships and work for free for hundreds of years?  String themselves up in "Strange Fruit" trees?  Write the Jim Crow laws?

Of course they did!

Slave women also participated in worldwide "black" plot to mix races by asking their owners to rape them so that they could give their children European DNA!

And "race riots", until the 1960's, meant white men killing, pillaging, and looting in black communities!

Here is another cut and paste from a social media comment I made.  It lacks the humour I want, but I was also writing to someone that I care about.

What I find interesting is that so many people that glorify the struggles of their Irish or Italian, or whomever, ancestors fail to see the parallel in the black community today. Vito Corleone and William the Butcher are the same as Tookie Williams. (And the first two both have Scorsese movies based on their lives.)

SOME of the differences between African Americans and Irish and Italian immigrants are that black people were already here for 400 years, and then kept in segregation and Jim Crow laws. So until Civil Rights, they really could not fully participate in society. When a large poor populace of immigrants comes to a new country, there is generally a period where the most "capitalist" among them duke it out for who will control the resources of that particular group. 

Moreover (or perhaps "however") the Mafia had roots in Sicily to back them, and the Irish had their people back in Ireland. Of all Americans, black people are the most "melted" of the melting pot. 90% of DNA tested black people in the African slave diaspora have Ghanaian dna. And over 60% have some European DNA. (There are black people that have more Scottish DNA than I do.) They have no "people" in other countries to back them. (And this too, was calculated by the colonial powers. Had the US given the freed slaves reparation or sent them back to Africa, they risked increasing the armies of the African countries fighting Colonial rule.)

African Americans have actually created a lot LESS havoc than the other groups of immigrants that came to this country, and have had even fewer opportunities than the Famine fleeing Irish did during the time of Kings of New York movie. 

If black people are just supposed to shake off 500 years of oppression and "get over" what they have gone through here, then perhaps the Irish need to stop holding St Patrick's day parades, and the US should stop celebrating Independence Day and liberation from the British. Etc. 

The race card was invented by white people. If black people are playing it, it is because it is the only card they have been dealt.

EDIT: Let's not forget "Ebonics".  I find this criticism especially hilarious when someone that says "Ebonics" talks with that Bavarian influenced harsh "r" after an "a" sound, i.e. "warsh" the dishes, etc.  Black people were not allowed to learn to read or write for 400 years, and when they were finally allowed to go to school were segregated.  Speech and language reflects the history of a people, black folks in this country are no less an example.  

EDIT:  Here is a great slam to Breitbart's racist commentary on Brown's funeral:

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