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I didn't realize that other people had started the same campaign when I came to the conclusion that the only person to vote for as Prosecutor (McCulloch is running unopposed) was Michael Brown, Jr.

(One link is the leaflet, the other is the original post.)

But now that the movement has become visible, I found this article about it, and all the (sarcasm alert) "lovely" trolls in the comments.

After responding to all of them individually, and making the same points over and over, I thought I'd just consolidate it all here. 

First, let me explain something about voting in this country that a lot of people don't seem to understand.  Your vote is NOT just a choice about who is on the ballot, IT IS YOUR VOICE TO THE GOVERNMENT.  As far as I know, we are unique in all the world for this.  VOTING and the election process replaced the monarchy.  It was the voice of the individual citizen which is sovereign.  And we have the right to say whatever we want, without fear of government reprisal.  (Well, in theory, anyhow.)

We The People even have the right to vote for someone not on the ballot. We can write-in ANYONE.  You can vote for ANYONE.  (I think Mickey Mouse and Jesus, and during the 1960's, Snoopy's friend Woodstock, are the most famous.)

And did you know there is a cat that has been mayor of an Alaskan town for 16 years?

We can write-in the name of a dead man that was killed by the police.  He won't be elected, obviously, or serve in office, but we can tell the government that is who we want to vote for.  That is what voting is in this country.  Who we want, not NECESSARILY who is on the ballot.

This is an unparallelled freedom in this world.  That we have such freedom and power we can legally mock a candidate and the entire electoral process if we choose.

As I said before, I hope the voter turnout this November is 100%.  Not just the African American vote, not just North county and city, but that everyone that is eligible votes.  Let us exercise and protect this freedom.

Your voice is the strongest weapon you possess.  By all means, keep protesting, attending meetings, petitioning, and seeking out leaders that can run for office, but please vote.  Vote to protect your voice.  Vote to make your voice heard. Vote to send McCulloch a message that we want Justice for Mike in that office.

Because there have been so many attacks on voter rights, and because there is a chance the Board of Election Commissioners may not officially tally the votes for Michael Brown, Jr.  I suggest you send the BOEC a message BEFORE the election, in addition to calling on them on November 5th (the day after the election) requesting that they uphold the voice of the people and report the number of votes write-in candidates receive, whether those write-ins are living or dead.  It wouldn't hurt to send a letter to the media outlets, requesting that they too ask the BOEC for a tally of all the votes cast, including all write-ins, and not just for those names on the ballot.

Feel free to use part or all of this letter.

Dear Board of Election Commissioners:

You may be aware there is movement growing among voters to write in Michael Brown, Jr. for St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney, against Robert McCulloch, who is running unopposed.

Because the vote is the voice of the people in this country, and not just the means to make a choice from what is on the ballot, we are requesting that you tally and report the write-ins as well as the votes for official ballot choices.

If you are planning to sanction voters for writing in a deceased person, or discredit their ballots, please make public IMMEDIATELY under what terms you are legally able to do this.

This is a re-post from Occupy Public Transportation in St. Louis

Check out this post, too, on Shaun King's investigation into the actual distance between Wilson and Brown:

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