Thursday, December 31, 2015


I posted what I could, and hope I can finish it over the weekend, and it will be available to download next week.

I really posted it for me, just have it out before the calendar changes. I refuse to change the date on the headmast one more time, even though I fear the roughness and unfinished and typo-laden pages might drive some away... hopefully I can lure everyone back next full moon, and have everything perfect.

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Dystopian fiction seems to always hold elements of the coming "utopian" future.  (I put "utopian" in quotes because, of course, once we get there it won't be a perfect utopia anymore!)  When I was young the movie Logan's Run would play on television a lot.   When I read the book 2150 A.D. ten years ago, the tunics and some of the landscape reminded me of the movie.

I believe that 2150 A.D. contains a true vision of the real future of the New Age.  Jesus came to show us what all of us could be, and he came when he did because at that point we needed 2150 revolutions around the sun to fully realise human possibilities.

I believe that even before 2150 we will be able to walk on water, heal our own bodies through thought, astral project, and communicate with other dimensions.  (Jesus communicated with the Divinity Dimension, and probably others that weren't recorded by his mortal companions.)

I was thinking the other day that, like aspects of Orwell's 1984, some of Logan's Run was true.  (EDIT: True of the Utopian future. Like Orwell and the surveillance- true as in drones, the NSA, etc, but also true in terms of social media, reality TV, being surveillance we all do willingly, because we want to. Because transparency belongs to the utopian future.  Because when we are all psychic and without fear or shame, we won't need "privacy" and secrets the way we do in this dystopian world.)

There  will be souls so stuck in the Old Age that even after another death and rebirth to this earth, won't be ready for the New Age.  In 2150 A.D. the "micro" Old Age is recreated by such souls.  People actually re-dye their skin white, black, red, yellow, brown and give up birth control.  They return to living in a class society.  

I can see where in an overpopulated world one or two generations from now, enlightened beings would willing give up their lives at age 30 so that they and others could re-incarnate.  A thirty year lifetime in a utopian world, coming on the heels of an Old Age incarnation, would be the equivalent of 150 years on earth with the body of a young person now.

But for someone like Logan- still not fully enlightened- yearning for the "freedom" of the Old Age, that world would be a hell, and death at 30 the end of life forever.  Just as many people think death is now.

Of course, Logan's Run is still an Old Age movie, so in it the enlightened try to kill him or prevent him from leaving the New Age society.  This is highly unlikely in the real future.  Actually not possible at all.  But I do think it is worth watching again, and plan to find it on streaming or at the library.

The earth's axis has started spinning more slowly- this is scientific:
and our rate of decay is increasing because of that.  It is important for those with 5D Consciousness and New Age architects to keep this in mind, if you are planning to stay in your current incarnation until the shift is complete and we are in the 2150 AD/ 5D world fully.

Especially for World Walkers and Astral Travellers, don't underestimate how the physical changes are affecting the astral.  

Hopefully things will begin shifting faster, but if they don't we are looking at the earth becoming a garbage pit by 2025.  That is what I see, anyhow.  This will happen alongside the New Age, but we are still the least populous and probably will be until 2025.  

For most of the souls incarnated right now, this is the last of the Old Age lives and everyone is loathe to leave, even as the planet turns to shit.  How do you learn to take care of things unless you first ruin something, right?  

2016 might need some extra protection for 5D's that came early for the New Age, and not to live out last Old Age bucket list items.

1)  Talk to the trees.  Ask them to keep you oxygenated.  Offer to trim kudzo, creeper, and other invasive vines or otherwise keep the trees healthy.  Ask each one and if they agree do what you can.

2) Bless the waters.  The oceans, the rivers, the wells, the water tap. Collect rain  water and use tap water as sparingly as you can.  (Do as I say, not as I do-- just start trying. In this country water conservation isn't innate or taught.)  This is still one of biggest problems we face through the 2025 transition, when the last remnants of the Old Age will die.

3) Put a Karmic shield on your armour that translates to "You Live If I Live".  Or "We Survive Together".  More and more non-magickal people are seeing auras and the astral dimension, in part due to fictional television shows and movies.  Those Logan's Run glimpses buried in the dystopia miasma.  Don't be shy about flashing your credentials to keep the Old Age hysteria from smacking you in the face.

If you took part in the Telepath Networking Event, I have added some comments to the post.  Will open the actual Pink Ball deliveries later today.

Peace out, peeps. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Will be posting about the 5D telepath event later this week.

For now wanted to share my Holiday wishes.  Teamed up with Pink Flyer Project and it is two sided, the other side is a reprint of the PFP new Holiday Edition. (I happen to know that Pink Flyer Project cannot upload the flyer to the blog at the moment, so I have included a pic of that as well.)

Merry, Merry Everything, and "Merry Meet"!  Hope everyone had a great Solstice Eve!!!!

Blessings of the Season, peeps!


You are part of this planet. This human life we all share. Inside of you- your thoughts, your emotions, your heart- you have answers and solutions to make this world better for all of us.

We breathe the same air, drink the same water, eat the fruits of this earth, dance the cosmic dance of humanity, together.

We stand together under the same sun. We wish on the same stars. We dream by the same moonlight.

There is Light and Laughter and Blessings and Gratitude,

Above you and Below you,
Behind you and Before you,
To your Right and to your Left,
From Within you, and All Around you;

From your place as the Centre,
To the East,
To the West,
To the North,
And to the South,

There is Light and Laughter and Gratitude and Blessings.

May the Amazing, Wonderful, Beautiful, Powerful human that you are have all you need to be safe, sheltered, warm, fed, cared for, healthy, joyous, happy, giving, and prosperous this year!


Peace For The Planet.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Original post on this Yule event:

The shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere is tomorrow.  Even though in developed countries we have electricity and lifestyle and culture that has little correspondence with nature, we as humans are susceptible to a natural depression that comes with the low sunlight.

I believe that is why most cultures have celebrations around this time of year.  We need the light the warmth of other people, we need a celebration and festivities, to remind us that the sun will become stronger, that winter is just a passage to spring.  

And the rebirth of the sun is a good time to open our hearts and let our love shine, especially in the New Age, especially now, in this world gone mad.

The winter solstice, or Yule, is also the end of the "fallow period" that began after Samhain.  The magickal year ends at "sun set", like the Druids and other cultures that count a new day as beginning at sundown.  The day began in darkness, and so does the year.

Just as a human child is conceived and nurtured in the womb, hidden away from the world until it is ready to emerge, the time between Samhain and Yule is a time to allow the spirits and magickal forces to rest and renew.  To allow the New Year to fully form before (re) birth.

This is a good non-magickal story about the winter solstice:

At 10:48 PM (22:48) Central Standard Time, at the moment of the Solstice, I will be hosting a telepath networking event for 5D entities currently incarnated on this planet.

I've never attempted telepathy with people I haven't met in person, but I would like to try.  I do suggest that you try to work with one other person, whether they are confirmed telepaths or not, if you do this.

If you also, have never attempted telepathy with someone you don't know, or even if you haven't done it before but have good reason to believe you have telepathic powers, than I hope you will join in.

If you don't have plan for participating, this is what I will be doing and what I suggest for others with little or no experience.

1) Without using any mind altering substances, get into a meditative state.  (Alter your brainwaves:

The brain sits in a kind of chemical "soup".  The "soup" is different waking and sleeping, which is why dreams recede so quickly.  Drugs, alcohol, and other stuff too, music, probably sugar, etc. also alter the "soup" and I think the brainwaves are related in part to the soup.  I can't get to academic on this point.  I just know that you really need to be sober and focused to do this, unless you are a natural or really experienced.  I am not.

Anyhow, brainwaves are the entrance to the astral. I think the other entrances don't work unless the mind is right.  That is my opinion.

2) Once you are firmly established, enter the astral realm.  If you have never done this before, you might want to summon some guardians or guides first, and if you don't have those than maybe don't do this.  Up to you.  You can just ask for whatever your version of a Guardian Angel is. 

If you don't want to enter the astral or have never been there before, you can go to the threshold and stand at the open door or gates.  If you don't see gates or a door, imagine how you think they would look and hold the image until it is firm in your mind.  It may not look the same every time you go there, but for this, one entrance is enough.

3) Imagine your astral hand holding a small ball of pink light.  Like a Christmas tree ornament, made of Love Light.  

You might find yourself looking different once you approach the astral.  This is normal, as far as I know.  I look like myself at my perfect best, young, beautiful, and dressed like faery princess with an angelic thing going on.  But sometimes, depending on where I am and what I am doing, I look like a child, or a feral cave woman version of myself, or an animal, or part animal, etc.

So if you find your hand looking different, don't worry about that.  Hold the ball of light and insert your global, "real world" location- the name of your city and state/region and country.  The light will swallow it.  I don't know if you will still be able to see the writing or the image or thought, etc, once it is in the Love Light.

4) Summon/Call a Green Owl.  One should be nearby.  They are better than Fed Ex, and since they are on the astral- where there is no time and all that is and was and might be and will be exist simultaneously- the pick up is already scheduled.

The green owls are entirely green.  Emerald Green.  Like the tablet.

5) They will only pick up the pink balls of Love Light that contain locations.  They will not accept other messages, spells, or any other attachments or content.

6) They will accept it with their beak, not their claws.  Hold your hand flat. If a perch of some sort isn't already nearby it will appear.  It could be a tree.  Don't worry if random stuff is flying past.  The astral has a lot of static, just keep focusing on the pink ball and the green owl.

7) After the pick up you can join me in beaming out Cosmic Love Light on the Higher Consciousness Channel.  I do this by floating above the planet, over the spot where I am (in this case, St. Louis) and letting the power of Earth and Heaven/Universe flow through my heart chakra.  I see it encase the planet in a green light, with billions of pink heart shaped butterflies circling the globe, landing wherever love is needed and accepted.  

Make sure your chakras are hooked up to the Universe and the Planet.  That you are grounded.  Each human heart has infinite Love.  But to beam it out so strongly can lead to burn out, so hook up to Universe and Nature, and let that power move the Infinite Eternal Love in your heart out into the world.

You can do this for as much as 20 minutes if you would like.  

8) I will send you back another animal (part of testing the telepathy communication lines is not telling what animal I will sending) in a pink ball.  I will write in the comments of this post what places I received.  (Oops- caveat: you cannot send a message of a location your incarnate body is not located when you do this meditation.  If you live in Guam and you are in Mexico for the holidays, you will have to send me Mexico. The owls won't accept any sort of dishonesty, even if it does not have bad intent.)

It may take me until Christmas, possibly Epiphany, to log these properly.  Like I said, I've never tried this with people I don't know personally.  I've had few opportunities to practice with other telepaths, period, so I want to make sure I have time to log them all.

If you are participating you can post in the comments, or send me an email if you wish to keep it private.  (Well, private aside from NSA data collection.  As I have said many times, there is no privacy any more.  Even telepathic messages will soon be scientifically measurable.  And moreover, there is no possible interest anyone NOT magickal/esoteric would have in this event.)

9) If you cannot do this at the time- for many it will be the middle of the night, or a weekday morning- you can do it another time and the Green Owl will deliver appropriately.  Tonight I will build a "mailbox" for collection, and send out my intentions, just in case some unforeseen event delays me at the exact moment.  

The good thing about doing it in real time, simultaneously, is that the lines of communication will be much more firmly established.

Merry Yule and Blessings!

Monday, December 14, 2015


In one of my last posts** I was talking about watching the Paris Climate protests, and wondering when we, protesters, would stop making it so easy for the police to surround us?

I frequently muse on adapting the "hands across" theme to protests.  Human chains a mile long instead of centrally located for easy arrest.

Guerilla Theatre needs to be more widely adopted.  The Ferguson protests were a stunning display and inspiration.  Business as usual ceased to exist in St. Louis, and perhaps in many other areas.  There was an element of surprise, of a new generation and invention, in every protest.

I love flash mobs and performance art.  I think a new approach could be to have one person out protesting openly, and make a scene when the police showed up.  Not a violent scene, but just very loud and insistent.

And tens or hundreds or thousands watching.  Recording.  Witnessing.  And then participating.  Like a thunderstorm that comes out of nowhere on St. Louis summer day.

A flash mob would be a good Five for Eleven.  My post about doing 5 extra political acts a month for 11 months every year, beginning on 5 November.

Remember, remember, the time we took control of the world?

Blessings, peeps.

** It's under "T is for Thug".

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Masks, in the Old Age, "micro" world, hid someone or some thing's true identity.  Perhaps in the New Age, (transition to) the "Macro" world masks are something that we must don willingly.  With recognition of another identity beneath.

With 7 billion on the planet, maybe we have to give each other space.  And enough space to work.  I think all jobs should have a union and wear uniform.  When we are in uniform we are that function.  We will interact with each other in a professional manner.

Unions need to transform.  They need to be true worker collectives, so that our way of living in the world can be improved at a faster speed to accommodate all of the souls that are incarnating, and so that we can live in a more balanced, prosperous, and peaceful way.

(I also think that everyone should have a job that supports them.  Maybe some work more to have more materialistic things, but everyone has the basics- clean air, water, food, shelter, medical care, education, excellent public transit, and also travel, public service in some form, and publicly owned Internet, utilities, public transit, and television.)

When I use the words "micro" and "Macro" I am referring to the book 2150 A.D. by Thea Alexander, that I believe is a true vision of a possible future.  One I believe that we can reach, that we will reach, but not without conscious effort.

In order to live in a truly diverse world, we need to wear a masks when interacting outside of our world, our own network.  And to truly be free enough to live in an "utopia" we have to be willing to don a mask, all the while recognising that we and others are wearing them.

In the micro, Old Age, great power was gathered globally, professionally.  But in the Macro, New Age it is our local communities, our personal networks- physically local, and also social media and psychic.

For example, I see memes and hear people saying "how can we take refugees when he have homeless?"  Why can't we take care of both?  But let's stop having this conversation nationally or impersonally.  Let's start having it with ourselves, in our neighbourhoods.

Why can't St. Louis city and county end homelessness AND take 10,000 Syrian refugees?  During the three year screening process for the refugees can we find homes for all of the homeless?  How about reinventing the Homestead Act and occupying all of these vacant properties?  In particular bank-owned properties?

But to do this, we need to start having a lot of conversations about this.  And we have to find a way to separate our daily lives, compartmentalise to give each other some space and dignity, and some time to work it out.  Especially these crazy GOPers and other Old Agers that cannot let go of their micro selves.

These "Right to Lifers" that either can't or won't admit that they cannot imagine a world where each woman can be queen of the family if the men can be king of the world, and where the king of the world owns the queens sexual organs and reproductive capabilities in exchange for protection, title, and inheritance rights of the children.  (You know, like Republican Jesus said it's supposed to be!)

"Right to Life" is a misnomer in so many ways.  Not just the obvious "I will kill to protect you until you pop out of your mother and start breathing air and consuming resources that I want for myself/family/people/nation" etc.

I mean this whole Christianity thing, many religions, where the AFTER life is Heaven and this is just a gladiatorial contest to get a hell/eternal suffering/separation damning Deity to put your name on the list, like some barbaric maitre'd at a restarant where if you aren't on the list you are in the slaughterhouse and on the menu.

These people worship death.  We definitely need to wear masks of sanity and service to a higher purpose when dealing with them.  Like kindly matrons in a madhouse.  Or their own avatars, like Jesus.

The real Jesus.  Not that gun toting, sexuality obsessed, patriarchal assembly line producer of souls to be judged.

I guess that would still be a pretty tall order in this world, while the Old Age dies.  But we can certainly design the mask to fit the compassionate but firm matron in the madhouse.  "Yes, psychopaths, you will take the medicine, and the prescription is social change."

Start in your ward.  With your crazies.

Maybe start with the sane people first.  But be prepared for the crazies.  Put on your mask.  Let them wear theirs.  But be sure to take yours off.  Sign those petitions, make the calls, keep doing your work in the world and contributing to the current system as best you can (Edit for clarity: not contribute to keep this as it is, but to keep the transition smooth), while making the changes and preparing the way for the New Age that is already here.

Just a little Saturday rambling to Django Reinhardt.

Blessings, Peeps!

Monday, November 30, 2015

T IS FOR....

T is for Terrorism...

At the Thanksgiving dinner I attended there was conversation about the Mystic Massacre, the true "Thanksgiving Celebration" the Pilgrims celebrated.  An act of terrorism against the native people that had helped the terrorist invaders plant crops and survive the winter!

Later, when I got home and checked my social media I found the following in my feed:

(The Daily Kos article contains a speech by Wampanoag Frank James, if you don't read any of the articles at least read this speech: )

This is the truth about why these Trumps and Teddy's (Cruz) are so terrified of immigrants or anyone different from them.  This is the lineage they claim.  This is the tradition they seek to continue.  This is the inheritance, the Karma, they must fear.

And as a magickal person, I will say this is another of the first blood debts this land must cleanse and ask forgiveness for to truly be free.  Until there is justice, there will be no peace...

T is for Thug...

There has been a movement to get the mainstream media (MSM) to stop using the word "thug".  I heartily disagree!  I do agree the word should not be used to describe African American men, or peaceful protesters.  But I do think the word should be used properly, to describe the real thugs:

This lady below is the Wal-mart heiress who thinks her workers don't deserve a raise.  The photo is from a DUI arrest.  I got it from a Daily Mail article.

I figured the rest were pretty well known.

We the People need to learn from the real thugs of the world.  We need to be as tenacious in seeking living wages as they fight to not pay taxes or living wages.  We need to be unapologetic about our rights to live in this world and to have enough.  As tenacious about our eco system as the thugs are about destroying it.  As opposed to racism as they are at fostering it.  We need to oppose their acts of war with every bit as much fervor as they perpetrate these wars for profit.Thugs seek to control our political system and we need to become thuggish about taking it back.

No I don't mean get violent.  Violence against them doesn't work.  They own all the violence in the world.  They create it, thrive on it, desire it.  PROFIT from it.  I was watching the clash in Paris at the Climate talks on Democracy Now and thinking "when are we going to stop making it easy for the foot soldier thug police to attack us?"  Instead of congregating in one place, disperse all over the city.  Stretch out miles long, hand in hand down sidewalk after sidewalk.  Stroll for miles through crowded streets in groups of two or three or four, wearing placards and chanting.  Stop facing off with the police and start talking to all the people that aren't protesting.

Maybe not all the time.  A large group congregated does make a nice MSM camera shot.  It is obvious opposition to and disruption to the event (in this case the Climate talks).  It is a chance for like minded people to get together and raise a lot of energy.  (Again, as a magickal person, there is a lot of benefit in protest chants in terms of raising and releasing psychic energy.)

But individuals pay a high price in arrests and jail, and it gives the thug foot soldiers (police) too many chances to harm individuals.  We need to start getting creative.  Pesky,  Annoying.  And act with thug like determination and will.

And we need to get more serious about challenging things in court.  When the Koch Brothers decided to hijack national elections they didn't hire protesters, they went to court with Citizen's United.  We need to start changing the laws.  Yelling at the police isn't a long term strategy.

T is for Thanksgiving...

Even before reading about the Mystic Massacre, I never liked Thanksgiving.  It's at the wrong time, far too late, for a Harvest festival.  And as a magickal person, I've just feasted with my ancestors and family and friends on the others side on Samhain.  I am looking forward to Christmas and celebrations with the living.  Thanksgiving drains off both of those "real" holidays (instead of a holiday about blood drenched lies celebrating Manifest Destiny).  It makes Christmas in this country all about the commercial, materialistic"Black Friday" retail shopping orgy.

In this economy and with the wealth inequality, a world bleeding from war and poverty, the whole materialistic Christmas frenzy that kicks off the day after Thanksgiving is really crass, to say the least.   So many are suffering in this world, and our country's culture is engaging in riotous acts of consumer gluttony.  Maybe if we got rid of Thanksgiving altogether Christmas could begin in a more civilised manner, and a week or so later.

I do participate in Thanksgiving, most years, because this is when far off family comes to town, and I like the turkey dinner.  But this year I informed a few family members that in coming years I am going to switch it up.

Thanksgiving day should be a day of protest against the continuing atrocities against Native Americans (they have the highest fatality rates at the hands of police, just for starters). This year there was a gathering at the White House on Thanksgiving Day to demand Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier.  He's been in prison now for 40 years.  (Mostly because he knows too much, and if he gets a chance to speak freely certain factions and cartels in our government and that control our government would be exposed.)  The fictional movie Thunderheart tells a more truthful tale about what happened than Peltier's trial documents and sentencing transcripts.  The true story is just more thugs, FBI thugs this time,

Even though you missed the demonstration, you can make a call to the White House to demand Executive Clemency.  "Don't let Leonard die in prison."  202.456.1111

In the future, after my Thanksgiving Day protest- which hopefully will not end with me being in jail- I shall invite everyone to my house for a costume party and celebration of that "Night in November", and do the Time Warp.

And what, you might ask, will we dine on?

Blessings, peeps!

PS- A fascinating collection of Native American short films on PBS' World Channel last night called Injunuity featured a short called Great Law, about how one tribe influenced the formation of our democracy.  The whole show was great.  But Great Law was enlightening. Another thing the white His Story never tells.

Friday, November 20, 2015


...Somebody's watching me/ And I got no privacy/ whoa ah oh...

Remember that song?  By Rockwell, with MJ singing back-up. Here's a link to the video:

The video is about spirits and being haunted.  Spied on by the dead.**

Yesterday I saw two drones heading North through Baden.  I'm concerned my computer might have caught the most recent spyware virus.  Anonymous is shutting down Daesh/ Isis. **  The CIA is blaming Snowden for the Daesh attack in Paris.  (YES, REALLY. Ridiculous.)

Spying, surveillance, privacy, we are being confronted by the reality of this New Age of Electronic Fire. That Rockwell song is from a world before the internet, when the planet had half the population it has today.

There are twice as many somebodies now.  Our population is the number of humans that have gone before us.  Half of all the people who have ever lived are dead.  And the internet?  My personal belief is that way back at the dawn of Homo Sapiens we had telepathic powers with our "tribes" and nature spirits and the dead.

Without psychic abilities, without spiritual medium skills, without telepathy, this mortal ("muggle") world has the ability for faster communication with more living people than ever before.  Ever before.  And with more living people together on this planet than ever before. (No wonder everyone is going crazy.)

George Orwell got it right, he just didn't realise that it would be reality tv and webcams and facebook and livestreams.  That we would partly be inviting the world to watch us.  And the world would be inviting us to watch it.  His dystopian future is an accurate vision of what a lot of people are doing all day at their jobs (ie, watching other people on social media).

One battle the Old Age is engaging in as it crumbles is whether people have the right to privacy from their government.   Privacy is over, ironically.  But part of the transition to the New Age is having this conversation about how the Old Age does things. (In other words, I sign all those petitions against the NSA spying on citizens and that sort of thing.  I support whistleblowers and leaks and full transparency of our government.)

Real intelligence is the ability to see more than one side, to empathise with the enemy to understand him. Psychics and mediums can tap into the collective human spirit, but we are still just individuals, with limited time.

For all this communication and broadcasting and spying and reality tv, as humans collectively, we still don't understand how to use this knowledge for our own good.  Government intelligence is a joke.  It's an oxymoron with a punchline.

For those government agencies to really watch even one person around the clock requires at least five humans working 8 hours a day each.  The knowledge those humans collect has to be consolidated and shared, and by the time the facts and conjectures have run through five different filters and then presented, it has been diluted.

All of these private emails and phone calls that NSA collected, would require five times the labour to disseminate that it took to produce it.  They would have to hire every person in China to do intel.

I'm not suggesting that people stop shredding their mail or using passwords, but I am suggesting that people really learn to release any fear about surveillance. Magickal folk especially,  For one thing, there are a lot of effective spells and shields that can be used to keep private your financial information, or your porn collection, or whatever.  Magickal means can used with empirical systems or alone.

We New Age, Macro, 5D people need to accept that we are moving toward a future where everything is going to be transparent, empirically-- financially, politically, socially-- and also psychically.  By 2035 the people that don't have rudimentary psychic skills are going to be anachronistic.

This breakdown of what the Old Age, micro, 3D, world called "privacy" has to happen.  We will have a new version of it in one more generation's time, but it won't be the same.  We will learn to shield our thoughts out of politeness, The outer transparency will transform society and be part of the transformation to a world without wars, hunger, poverty, etc.

Those of us that came early will likely be uncomfortable during this transition.  My personal choice has been to "hide out in the open".  To be, essentially, "crazy" to the muggles until science catches up with the 5D world.

I know many others that are choosing to move to rural areas, and shut out the Old Age collapse while creating havens for respite and escape if things get too hairy for their peeps.

Others are retreating to begin construction on the tempplate for the New Age world- collective farms both urban and rural, worker owned co-ops, housing co-operatives, etc.

No matter what you are doing, just remember that as the deceased shed all shame and secrets, the Old Age too will shed her dignity without disgrace.  The New Age thrives in honesty, not shame.  The New Age creates prosperity for all and not profits for a few.  The New Age embraces every reality, and ensures that all human life is cared for and nurtured.

Everything is changed now, and many things have become their reverse (as noted earlier: we are overpopulated, a threat to nature, instead of vice versa).  When we are all mind readers there will be no more lies, and non-magickal technology is catching up.

In fact, it maybe that if that technology catches up too soon before the New Age is firmly established, that Old Age greed will destroy a lot more than it is now.  The humans that have no "New Age" vision are seriously freaking out.  This is a hell of some kind for them.  Their secret affairs and most shameful secrets and bad camera angles are potentially being examined by their own government and their neighbours and that girl they didn't like in high school.

They have no sight other than physical and they cannot tell a good person from a bad.  So they lump everyone that dresses or speaks a certain way into one category.  They do not believe that a better world is coming.  For many the highest spiritual reality is to die on this planet and go to an after-life.

Dystopia is all they know.  Don't let them drag you into their reality.

You can keep yourself protected during this time by remembering to move with intent through this world.  By employing your guardian spirits/angels/lightworkers/etc to keep you protected and safe through your activities.

Your spirits are always watching you, and they are here to assist in this transition.  Shine the light of conscious love and healing whenever you can.  Release goodness and affirmations of health, wealth, happiness, and safety everywhere you go.

Speak your truth about the New Age to yourself even if not to others.   We have lived in this muggle world and the magickal world, now we must straddle the emerging New Age as well. (For me this is actually four lenses: Muggle/Old Age and Magickal, and Magickal and New Age/Macro.)

We're still at least ten years from levitation, at least collectively that is- not individually.  But once these powers start to emerge in scientifically measurable ways, we will need to be prepared for the level of honesty and transparency required in all of us.

That will likely be harder for us that were born before the Indigoes.  We will be alright, but I think that collectively we all might be needed to make greater adjustments in our day to day lives.  We don't have the same protection as a sports or cultural celebrity, but out awareness of other people is as large.  Celebrities have to put up with a lot of garbage and other people's thoughts and opinions, like we do.

Celebrities have body guards and publicists that shield them from too much exposure, and assistants to keep them focused on what they are doing, regardless of what is being said about them on the nightly news.  In the same way, employ guardians to protect your mind from things that don't matter.  Ask the Sylphs to help filter out all the muggle transmissions flying around via the airwaves.

And develop tougher skin, so that when one gets hit psychically with someone else's negative opinion, one doesn't have any sort of inner reaction that is harmful to oneself or distracting to one's true purpose. If it is actionable in the muggle world, that is different.  But opinions of muggles thought in their heads, that they do not believe anyone else can "hear"- get a shield to deflect it.

We have powers that other people don't have yet.  In some ways we are omnipotent, in others we are crippled.  Using these powers to protect yourself is not wrong or bad.  You would not ask a secretary that could type very fast to type slow because it wasn't fair to the other secretaries.  It's time to speed up.

In another 20 years the supernatural won't be super anymore.  It will be natural.  Utopia only seems like perfect world from the view of a dystopian world.  There will be new problems then, even when there are no lies or wars or hungry people.  There will always be problems to solve, and there will always be challenges.

Fight for privacy as a right in the non-magickal world, but consider that soon it won't exist.  Consider that some day we will have no need of it, and adjust to straddling these two realities during the transition.

Peace out peeps.

** The Anon that is behind OpIsis and Wikileaks had an epic twitter fight the other day.  One of the things Wikileaks said to OpIsis was "You say you are for internet freedom but you dox KKK'ers."  Actually a different Anon did that but I am not sure.  Wikileaks also did not agree with OpIsis sharing their intel with government agencies.  The conversation that is happening about privacy and freedom and "spying for safety" etc is very complicated and multi-faceted.

**From the movie Dogma.  I couldn't find a clip of this on Youtube:

Rufus: You know what the dead do with most of their time? They watch the living. Especially in the shower.

Monday, November 16, 2015


I have set up a blog for the new zine.  The first issue should be out and around town on the 25th of this month.  (Planning 13 issues a year with the full moons.)

EDIT: Lay out and printing/pdf problems have not resolved properly and I need to see if I can re-do it using photoshop, MS Word (I am using open office which is free but doesn't have a lot of features, and in particular, images don't always print as they appear on screen, or export in the pdf).  Keep checking back!

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Edit 20 December 2015: Please see this post

Part of this post (see below) was originally in Je Suis Paris.  But it needed to be separated and I wanted to add some more stuff.

Cut from Je Suis Paris:

I haven't posted my Samhain report yet for reasons I will make clear another time.  But I did post on social media last Monday and also Wednesday when the storm came and the winds of change started blowing.

Like the other psychics and sensitives I know, I thought what was brewing on the astral and about to hit in this dimension, would be here in this country.  Another mass shooting, perhaps in a theatre here, not the ISIL army but the INCEL (involuntary celibate) army, or another white supremacist attack.

One of my stock quotes about psychic abilities is that the skill is rooted in self-awareness, not awareness of others.  I always think of Paris during the month of November. 15 years ago I was working in Paris on Armistice Day and couldn't find anywhere open to eat dinner.  That was during the election "scandal" (when people in the USA temporarily forgot, including me, that that the popular vote doesn't actually elect the President, the electoral college does).  It was before 11 September 2001.

Third Eye hindsight is also 20/20.  I don't usually recall strongly another memory from November of 2000, of walking back to the hotel one night, each night taking different streets to see as much of the city as possible, and passing an embassy with a number of extra guards.  And a brief conversation with one of the guards, about threats they'd received, and having extra security.  That I did recall that memory this year, a few times, for "no reason", but did not pay attention.

Worse, and I need to see if I can find this in in my Facebook activity list, but within the last two weeks someone in my feed had posted something about Eagles of Death Metal gig in Paris.  At the time I found it amusing that I should see this in my feed.  But I didn't pay attention.

I've told my Guides before, to not trouble me with information I get that I cannot act on to change the outcome, and even if I had pegged the exact location and time, likely there would have been nothing I could have done.

The Winter Solstice this year is December 22, 2015 04:48 GMT.  In St. Louis it is December 21st 10:48 PM (20:48).  If you have "Eyes to See, and Ears to Hear"(2EECH) please use this moment to send me a telepathic message with your location (use a map image and city and country name, not co-ordinates).  Use the Green Owls as messengers.**  We need to build a global network of people with 5-D consciousness.

The Old Age structures are collapsing, and the "muggles" are getting trampled. We may not be able to steer every boat to safe harbour, but we can study the tides and the storms, and salvage what we can.

The consensus is, both psychic and empirical, that this is not the worst of it yet.  2016 is going to see the worst of the Old Age collapsing.  Let's be ready with the New Age systems in place.

Blessings, especially to Paris...

**EDIT: oops, not complete- I'll send back the green owl with another messenger (another animal, another colour).  I wonder does every New Age mystic/psychic etc get those "Eye of Sauron" intruders?  Seems like those most organised living people and non human entities are the ones that have kept the Old Age power structure in tact and assisted with the expansion of "evil".  Neither the Green Owls or the other messenger I use will deliver to or from the Old Age.  (It is written on the tablet.)

And please feel free to initiate this with any other contacts.  If I don't get the message perhaps others will, it doesn't have to be a central network, linked through one person.  In fact, a lot of local networks are better.  Spells of protection and non human Guardians are greatly aided by mortal intervention.  And don't wait until the Solstice to start shining the Light of Protection and Healing of the 5D consciousness.

End cut from Je Suis Paris.

About telepathy: Colors and animals are an easy way to practice.  Both travel well on the astral.  By choosing a date and a time you can send and receive the messages in real time, instead of astral time.  (Ironically after I posted yesterday the real owls in the ravine started hooting it up with each other.)

I will post in the comments of this post what locations I received.  If you are participating and you want to, you can mail me what animal you got back, to verify.  (Like a buffalo from Buffalo New York, or something along those lines, if you don't normally travel the astral and don't have any messengers you use regularly. I'd make the buffalo pink or something, though, to doublecheck.) The next step would be to send an animal to me, or whomever you are working with.  And as things develop more complicated and complex messages can be attempted.  But establish the connection first with "easy" messages.


So I was trying to focus on what has been running through my mind that I haven't been giving enough attention to. I got Kingston 12 in the Third Eye. Googled Kingston 12, and then London Kingston 12 to narrow the search. Kingston's postal codes end in 1 and part of it in 2. It's 12 miles from the city centre. Some medical researchers from Gaza were recently denied entry to a convention at the University. A UFO was found in the street on the 5th but was later determined to be a pizza oven. The next storm clouds on the astral horizon are hovering over Friday and Saturday next.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Je pleure pour Paris...

15 November 2015 EDIT: I removed the rest of this post and put it in the post "5D Telepath Network on the Winter Solstice."

Weeping for Paris is all this post needs to be.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


I like having "V Day" and the Million Mask March in the middle of Samhain.

The turn of the year, and the return of the spirits, should include current social and political issues. Samhain is the time for change, for the death of the old ways that no longer work.   There should be a revolution every year.  Every Samhain.

Below is a reprint from the Occupy Public Transportation in St. Louis blog (OPTINSTL).  I suggest witches and magickal peeps, especially, take the "Five for Eleven" pledge, until Samhain next year.


Thanks to the movie V For Vendetta, The Fifth of November is no longer just a bonfire day in England.  It is a day for social protest and action, and the "Million Mask March".

To quote the character V:  
People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

They don't fear masses of us in the street, we've seen that they just send in the teargas and rubber bullets.  I'm not saying we should stop protesting in public. But we need more action, and we need effective actions on wide scale, that we can maintain for years, in fact, that we need to make part of our day to day lives.

You know: brush teeth, wash face, call the Mayor's office...

We have to disrupt the ordinary, day to day lives of people in power, in annoying legal ways. Calling them constantly while they are at work, showing up at their meetings and in their courtrooms and watching what they are doing.  Asking them well-informed questions and demanding answers.

Make a pledge today to make 5 significant actions for social change for 11 months in the next year.  (Give yourself a one month break.)  If enough people did this, we could have a literal "armchair revolution". 

Here are some suggestions:

If you aren't registered to vote, register.  Voting is less important than being than being a registered voter.

Voting is less important than calling or writing your elected officials on a regular basis about the things that are important to you. 

There are approximately 220 million people eligible to vote, and only 150 million are registered.  Of registered voters, only about half of those 150 million actually vote in Presidential elections!  As was demonstrated in 2000, the popular vote does not elect the President.  The electoral college does.

And the people that make the most difference in your day to day life are your local leaders.  Voter turn out in local elections is often less than 20%.

It is a lot easier to change things from the bottom up, than vice versa.  

More important than voting for political leaders is the who is in the judicial system.  Learn about the judges on the ballot in your next local election. 

Join the nationwide Fight for $15 an hour minimum wage.  Do the research.  It will not be the end of small businesses.  It will not be the end of corporate jobs.  The minimum wage hasn't raised with inflation since 1970.  What has risen is corporate profits, executive salaries and bonuses, and credit card debt.

And we need to raise the "exempt" wage.  Right now employers in Missouri can require an exempt employee to be available 168 hours a week (that's the entire week) for $455 per week, if the exempt employee supervises 2 or more employees for 80 or more hours per week.

For example, if you are the live in administrator at a small residential care facility or half way house that is "24 hour awake" care.  The state requires that of those 80 hours, 42 are required 6 hours a night for the administrator to sleep.  The other 38 hours will generally be support during the day with cleaning, cooking and medication paperwork.  If the exempt employee takes a full day off, half the weekly pay can be legally deducted.  $455 a week is not even minimum wage for 168 hours worth of work.

Learn how your local government is spending tax money.  Are the same contractors used again and again?  Is there nepotism and "legacy" hiring in your local government offices and agencies?

Signing on line petitions and then sharing on social media is a good way to get dialogue started, and to show visible support for the issues that matter to you.

You have the power to change the world.  Make the pledge: 5 for 11.

Happy V Day!  #5NOV

OPTINSTL will be back on blogging and taking it to the streets about public transportation in St. Louis toward the end of the year.  Absence on social media does not mean absence from the issues!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Yesterday at sunset I went for my walk at the river and the mists were already rising. There was a presence so strong I thought maybe I'd gotten the date for Samhain wrong (7th and 8th this year). As darkness came and the mists started coming up the street I realized it was the earth spirits that live here in the area, that inhabit caves and grottos, and that the Osage called the Wakon.

Sometime between the end of twilight and about 10 pm there was an "earthquake" on the astral.  I experienced it as the actual ground shaking, I hate it when stuff manifests that strongly on this plane.   Did anyone else in the region feel it?  There are a lot of otherworld and not human entities here, in addition to the yearly "visitation."

This Samhain is pretty massive. All of us "sensitive" types have been feeling it. If you are getting inundated, light a candle for the dead, or put out some flowers, or a treat, or all of those things. These are good ways to honour the dead and also gives them a physical presence away from your memories and mediumship.  A place to inhabit which is not your body/mind/emotions.

Of all the people that have lived, half are dead. That's this shared, mortal reality.  The population of the planet has doubled since 1965.  Our current population is equal to all those before us, all those that we would recognise as human.

On another level, that means that we are visited by the spirits of our previous incarnations. We are haunted by our former selves. Everyone that has ever lived is here.  Many are trying to get in their Piscean Age "bucket list" lives, or those experiences that have never been available before. Or pay off their Karma before the shift.

But many of us are here as the "construction crew" for the New Age.  Feeling out of place and isolated, out of step with the times. But the big "switcheroonee" is looming.   We've had it so "easy", so carefree from the mundane world.  The Wheel is about to turn.

As this dimension shifts, our responsibilities and ways of being in the world will shift, too.  

In the meantime, I expect a lot of supernatural occurrences today and on through tonight in the St Louis area.  More than just the mist crept in last night.  Leave your jack-o-lanterns lit, the fresh flowers on the graves, and candy in the dish by the door.

Blessings, peeps.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


What better time than the Samhain Season to start anew and celebrate your mortal body?  Much better than the January 1st calendar new year.

I joined Planet Fitness.  In September I was driving on the freeway and I was behind a car with a Planet Fitness sticker (the "thumbs up").  I had been thinking about joining the gym but was feeling broke from auto repairs and gas for my long work commute.

I was behind this car for ten minutes or so, and I found myself feeling surprisingly resentful toward the unseen driver of the Planet Fitness adorned vehicle.  A few weeks later, riding a long with a friend on some errands. I found myself in front of a Planet Fitness.

When I walked in there was that sort of immediate click I usually feel only during magickal/spiritual/romantic events.  I also had the urge to run around the whole gym and hop on every machine for a few seconds!

I took a mini-tour, but I had already decided to sign up.  During the tour I kept trying to convince myself to act sensibly.  It was Mercury "Retrograde", number one.  Don't sign any contracts!  I hadn't looked at any other gyms lately, in comparison, and Planet Fitness has no sauna or steamroom.  (They have tanning but I can't do that to my skin.) And I wasn't sure I had the $10 or $20 a month.

When the nice young lady that worked there- and the whole staff is friendly and helpful- showed me the black card spa chairs and told me it came with unlimited guest privileges I signed up on the spot. 

I am pretty out of shape, so my current goal has been a minimum of three days a week, I alternate upper and lower body on the weight machines, doing low weight and high reps. Next month I will increase my workouts, and probably add some free weights.

Planet Fitness has a great range of cardio machines- treadmills, recumbent and upright stationary bikes, two kinds of eliptical machines (I can't use these because of my knock knees), and a stair climber.  They have a 30 minute circuit fitness room, and a contraption called Planet Fitness 360, I think.  I'll give those a try when I am bored of the weights.  That could be a while.

I love the feeling of pushing myself past my comfort levels.  And I love that the gym, weights in particular, are about nothing more than me and my body.  I do get exercise from gardening and housecleaning and my daily constitutional.  And I love dance and yoga.  

Lifting weights in gym has a kind of secular purity.  There is nothing else in it but you and your body. Strengthening your body. No other reason for it, no other result.  You are creating the strength to do the dance or the gardening better, with less effort and greater endurance.  

And there is a high from lifting weights that comes the next day and lasts all day.  (There is also the feeling of your limbs having become as heavy as lead, lol, when you are out of shape!  But that passes and becomes less intense with each workout.)  And there is no better way to reduce mental and emotional stress.  In fact, for me, I work out harder when I am stressed or angry.  And I always feel better afterwards.

I learn about my body every time I work out.  It's the library for the muscles in my body.  Right now, due to my current fitness level, my support muscles have to assist when I do many of the exercises (especially in my upper body).  When I work my back I feel my arms and chest, when I work my chest I feel my arms and back.

But I know that eventually I will be able to feel each muscle individually when I work out.  I will be able to communicate and interact with the strip of cells that make up my tricep, or my glutes, or my calf muscles.

I think a gym membership should be required with health insurance.  Everyone should have access to a gym.

About Planet Fitness, there is only one caveat for me, and it is not big enough to override 24 hour access nationwide, the massage chairs and unlimited guest privileges (these come only with the $20 a month plan, but it is well worth the extra $10).  That is their stretching area.  The mats are against the wall, the room has ab and leg machines in it, and there are no mirrors.  One of their promotional ads has a negative slant towards yoga, too, although it is meant to be humorous.

They are so clean, so big, have so many machines, plenty of staff, and as a I said before, always friendly and helpful.  I can do yoga at home or take the occasional class.  And I have enjoyed using their stretching contraptions- one is a little chair and the other is a metal frame with bars of vary heights.  

I always try to make a fresh start every Samhain, and this year it is the Body Temple.

Blessings peeps! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


So I did not do the Watermelon Man spell yesterday (see my last two posts).  It was the wrong time for a number reasons.  The first being that I realised that I need the full moon for illumination and opposition, and to keep the nightmares out.  The second that the entities I have requested assistance from are unclear on who I am trying to reach. (People with prejudice that have no empathy for the people they dislike? apparently that is almost everyone, etc.  Apparently, doing spells in the Old Age was much easier. That and, as anyone has read my comic book script knows, the afterlife resembles a giant bureaucracy.)

Moreover, my own dreams have been getting visited by every assholian on this plane that doesn't like me or wants something they can't have from me.  None are strong enough to give me a full on nightmare, but I want to make sure I send good guardians for this spell.  So if you did your dream spell yesterday, and it felt right, it probably was.  No worries.  But for me I realised I wasn't prepared enough.

In other, related, news, I've been talking to people about the 11 September 2001 so-called terrorist attacks.  In particular, the magickal side of what happened.  Every psychic and witch that I've talked to has a story about that night, and about the "Eye" -- seriously resembling the Eye of Sauron-- that dominated that area of the astral plane for a couple of years afterward.

Yesterday a guy told me that after 9/11 there was a big Satanic ritual at the base of the towers and that was what opened the Eye.  (Remember, most Satanists are really "bad" or inverted Christians. Not Pagans or witches, necessarily.) I had never talked to this person about my visions of the Eye.  A lot of stuff clicked into place that I thought I'd share.

First, regarding the Bush Regime's version of the Reichstag Fire.  It was not anythiny supernatural that made me start reviewing my initial suspicions about the whole debacle- the way the towers collapsed, the collapse of tower 7, the ridiculous story fed to us about the Pentagon- it was learning about Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE).

The AE do not say that Bush and his oil cronies orchestrated the attacks.  They definitely don't get into anything supernatural or astral or Satanic. They simply point out all the evidence: airline fuel does not cause steel to burn, the presence of thermite, the way the towers collapsed, the lack of any real structural studies in the massive 9/11 Commission's Report.

 The Bush regime, the Illuminati, the El, the Vril, whatever you want to call the real "Evildoers", if you are a psychic or a magickal person, you have no doubt encountered them on the astral plane.  (And if you live in St. Louis, or any of their other earthly strongholds, you have probably encountered them in person.) Maybe, like me, you have figured out their limitations, and you know that no magickal person has anything to fear from them.

If you haven't, let's run through the process of their power.  If you want earthly power- control over humans, wealth, and resources- and you want to control it through magick, you have to CONSTANTLY remain connected to both the astral realm, and to the earthly realm.  That takes a tremendous amount of magickal power.

It is even more tremendous than the power and resources it takes for a whole host of government agencies and contractors to spy on one ordinary civilian.

The problem, of course, is that no one has more power on the astral than any other person.  The least adept person, the poorest, the most physically or mentally handicapped-- the least advantaged in this realm-- has as much power on the astral as the Evildoers, or you, or me.

So an Evildoer has to find ways to block off the average "muggle" (non-magickal person) access to the astral.  The Catholic Church and most organized religions served that purpose very well for thousands of years.  They've kept Jesus spirit in bondage by ritually devouring his flesh and drinking his blood, shut off access to the astral plane except through their priests, their God, His grace, and His afterlife.  Beatifying men like Juniper Serra. Dictating how people live their lives and by what rules.

If Pope Francis is what he says he is, and not a puppet or mask of the Evildoers, I hope he leaves the Catholic Church. What good has come from the Church- and there has been good-- it is overshadowed by the evil that created it and it has harboured for the last two thousand years.

And science has been helping a lot in the last 100 years, to block off access to the astral.  Science is a problem for Evildoers, though, because if a person's belief in magick and the astral plane is completely blocked, then Evildoers have no ability to reach said muggle's thoughts or energy from the astral.  (Witches, psychics and magickal folk don't have belief, they have knowledge.  Big difference.  That is why it is so important we stay in the light.)

Of course, there are plenty of mortal Evildoers that walk the earth without any magickal powers.  Plenty of Hitler's, plenty of Bush patriarchs, plenty of Pablo Escobars, plenty of Dick Cheneys, plenty of greedy bankers and CEO's that care only for their own wealth and power, plenty of murderous men.  And they want power especially.

There are plenty of ordinary mortal men that simply want power over other humans, whatever the cost.  Nothing else matters to them.  Not the comfort of their own lives, not their karma, not the suffering of other people.  Nothing.

The true architects of the September 11th attack reveled in their power over the world while the rest of us wept.

But the Evildoers, on this plane, are basically Darth Vader.  Without the machines of this existence, without sustenance on the earthly plane, they cannot survive on either plane.  Magickal folk can battle them on the astral, but that is one on one.  To eliminate their power we have to block or destroy them on this plane.

Sounds scary, doesn't it?  Take on these people and entities that orchestrated something as big as the September 11th attacks?

But you are thinking in terms of being like Buffy or Blade fighting vampires.  That you have to go crawling around in graveyards, driving stakes into their hearts and risking getting bit.  There is more than one way to fight vampires, and the best way is to be the sun.  Be poison to them by harbouring truth within yourself.

Let the Light of Truth shine on vampires and they disintegrate.  Sunlight is poison to vampires. Just as the sun rises everyday with little thought to whether it is going to ignite vampires on fire, the truth also rises.  Like the sun, the truth can be covered with clouds, or obscured for a time. but it cannot be stopped.

As a magickal person all you have to do is THINK about the Truth, even if you don't know exactly what that truth is. Just meditate on Truth rising over the horizon of human consciousness like the sun rises over the eastern horizon at dawn. Think of yourself AS the sunlight.

Truth is immortal, unceasing, indifferent, and all powerful.  Stand in the light of truth and anything that wants to attack you will be forced to come into the light... and commit suicide in the process.

The truth is about to rise on the 11 September 2001 attacks.  It is already happening.  By this time next year I predict it will be revealed on this earthly plane, but it is already emerging on the astral.  The only downside is that we are also looking at a rash of mortal deaths (through "natural causes", i.e., their vile existence eating them from the inside out with cancer and other diseases, old age, accidents) before the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

The Evildoers were sloppy and arrogant.  They left incontrovertible evidence of the truth and someone out there has it.  (I don't think it was Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, actually.  Or anyone in banking, or auditing the banks in the wake of 9/11. It is someone that has no astral footprint at all, or someone so out there in the open, that either way, they are not on anyone's radar.  It could be the earthly slip up of an evildoer with Alzheimer's, or it could be one of these rare mortals that works in silence and obscurity.)

In the Gnostic tradition of Christianity the demiurges were the God of the Old Testament.  The "fashioners" of the mortal Universe were left in charge to run things until Jesus, the real Avatar of the Divine, showed up.  (This is my interpretation of the Gnostic story, btw.  If you want academia, check out Elaine Pagels' books.)  The demiurges spent a few thousand years, running around hiding in burning bushes and flooding things, and doing a lot of other things they weren't authorised to do.

Jesus was "The Light and The Truth and The Way" of the Divine.  Basically, once he showed up the naughty demiurges had to disappear.  Like vampires scurrying in the sunlight.  Like the Gnostics, I believe that Jesus came here to show us the best of what we as humans could be- and that is, just like him.  By 2150 A.D. we will all be able to walk on water, heal ourselves physically, and communicate with our own Divinity. Powers the demiurges and organised religion have lorded over us.

The Old Age is over.  The New Age is here and those that cannot evolve are freaking out. And the Evildoers that have controlled things for the last two aeons are dying.  The new generation of Evildoers have cut themselves off from the real power source on the astral.

(Or rather, the removal of the physical base of power here on earth to areas that have no astral gateways.  Like the shift taking place from St. Louis to Wichita, KS.  The new generation is masked and puppeteered by the Koch regime, hence Wichita.  But the Bush regime -knowingly or unknowingly- had the Mounds, and the earth spirits in the caves, and the interdimensional doorway that the Arch frames, the Basillica, and the primordial river -the Mississippi, and the confluence.  But the shift already happened, and even if they were to move back here, the spirits would this time refuse them. Or possibly put the Evildoers in astral bondage, to balance karma.  All I know is, they can't return to St. Louis.)

On the astral level, we all have exactly the same amount of power.  All of our thoughts inhabit the astral, and the light of truth in your thoughts will help with the removal of Old Age power structures here in the earth realm.  So will registering to vote (not necessarily even voting, just becoming a registered voter), signing petitions, calling politicians, attending civic meetings,creating community cooperatives, demanding New Age legislation and laws, and sharing information.

Work in both dimensions is the best solution.  Shine the Light of Truth on the astral plane, and work to create New Age structures on the earthly plane.

And the absolute most important thing you can do, that all of us can do, is to have the best life you can have in the moment that you are in RIGHT NOW.  Do not let the difficulties or the Evildoers of this world rob you of your good life. That is what Evildoers on the astral and earthly are taking from you.  They are robbing you of your good life.  They are stealing your best self and your power.  Meeting them in battle is exactly what they want.  They can only be banished when we don't engage them and shut off their access to this plane (poverty, disease, prejudice, fear, etc.).

Enjoy the life you have, and work to make the future better for everyone.  Use your Divine Gift of Free Will to its fullest extent. Let your light shine and reach for your best life now.  Even if your best life has not yet manifested in the earthly realm, create it with your imagination and vision on the astral.  Believe in it.  Believe in yourself and your power, and no other. Look for it in your mundane dealings and encourage and magnify it whenever and wherever you find it growing.

And remember, remember, this Fifth of November, and at all other times, that those that work in darkness and seek to steal the light of others, they can never shine the light of truth.  Even on that which is harmful to them.  They can work to get others to reveal it, but always in darkness, never by the light of truth.  (This is why the media, and anything controlled by large corporations, can never get anything right.)

And they can try to kill the messenger, but on both planes Ideas Are Bulletproof.  

Cast out the shadows with the light of truth, and you are protected, on Earth and in Heaven.  That was the message Jesus brought. Seek your own Divinity. Divinity made humans in Its own image, and gave humanity free will.  We are all Gods, and we are all humans beings of planet earth and Nature.

No dimension is "higher" or more holy or above another.  The spiritual fulfillment that so many religions say can only be found in the afterlife can also be found here, just as the suffering many seek to escape in death is found on the other side.

Stay in the moment.  Stay in your own Light. Stay in the path of making your own life better and better.

I know this was another long winded, deeply esoteric blog post.  Thanks for staying with me!  (;

Blessings, Peeps!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


EDIT 13 September 2015: See my latest post on the War on the Astral, at the beginning I explain why I didn't do this spell yet, and why this was the wrong time for me.  I will let you know!

The Watermelon Man Spell:

The best day to do this spell before Samhain (the real one, not Halloween) would be Columbus Day.  So far the ingredients include Watermelon (natch) and Valerian, but I am seriously considering using printed facebook memes on racism, African - American history, manifest destiny, internment, refugees, immigrants.

I'll print the whole recipe after I have done the spell.

It occurred to me that the watermelon itself is representative of the colours of the heart chakra (in the Western New Age chakra system): green and pink.

It also occurred to me that I will probably end up receiving the flip side in my dreams-- the view through the eyes of the people that receive the dream spell.  I've been embracing this lately, anyhow.

To me, most people seem scared of all the wrong things.  Worse, a lot of people seem to think that living in fear is the only proper way to live.

The more rigid someone's belief system is, the more fear they have to live with.  It doesn't matter what the belief system is- rigidity breeds fear.  And all of these people so attached to the past, to the Old Age, it must be terrifying to find themselves obsolete.

When a person's view of themselves as the best, or the holiest, or the most righteous, or most deserving, is based on other people not being the best, holiest, deserving, etc., a New Age of Enlightenment, Fairness, and Abundance for All, is nothing short of Armageddon.

I want to make sure that I root the spell in the compassion and empathy of the Heart Chakra.  These are people that lead and dominate through brutal force and control of this earthly life.  There will never be enough money or power or superiority for them.  They have only one incarnation as humans and Gods that will damn them for eternity.  They judge human life based on who has the most money, or the least melanin in their skin, or has bombed the most countries, or whose God is the most powerful.

They need Love more than the rest of us.

Oh, one other thing, this one humourous: Since I mentioned Anansi I have been seeing spiders everywhere.  Not always a good thing! Ouch!

Blessings, peeps, hope you're having a great Samhain Season!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


This post is for my magickal readers.  Especially those that have political beliefs similar to mine. 

I really need to stop reading the comments on articles and posts that are anti-Ferguson.  I already know that for a big portion of the troll population certain publications only exist to spew ridiculous, racist vile.  And yet, there I am, reading the comments. My bad.

The nationalist trolls I find especially hilarious, and pathetic.  When I say "nationalist" I don't just mean "patriots".  I also mean the other hyphenated Americans, other than African-Americans.  I am, of course, most familiar with the Scots and Irish-American communities.  But there are Polish-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Italian-Americans, etc.  People that were born here but have strong ties to their ancestry.  Not all are racist, or believe that "___" (fill in the blank) blood is actual superior, but there are plenty of nationalists who are essentially racist.

 (I am using "racist" here in it's original meaning.  These days "racism" means "oppression through racism".  I think the newer form of the word is actually a misuse of the word.  However, if you are under 30 and reading this, you may want to mentally replace "racism" with "prejudice to the point of hatred based on visual skin color or ethnicity".)

For myriad reasons, I have always identified strongly with the part of my ancestry that is Scots.  But like most people in this country my ancestors are a mix.  In my case a very Western European mix, but a mix nonetheless. When I am red-head especially, but not exclusively, newly met Americans will ask if I am Irish or Scots. (Western Europeans, especially Scots and Swedes, will often peg me as Swedish, however. Moreover, a lot of what is identified as "Celtic", especially in Ireland, actually came from the Dane and other northern raiders- red hair for one.)

Whether I look Swedish or Scottish, my actual DNA may not reflect my chosen heritage.  I don't know.  It doesn't matter to me.  The real hardline Scots nationalists will want to know my lineage.  High or Lowland, paternal and maternal, first ancestor to emigrate, etc. And these people are generally unscientific.  Despite the fact that the Y chromosome holds less information, they are mostly interested in whether I have Scots grandfathers, and how far back those grandfathers go.

I would hazard a guess that even if I did DNA testing and found NO genetic heritage to the Scots, I would still be welcomed far more warmly than any person with black skin that had verifiable DNA over 50% from the region.  Many, many African-Americans have more Irish DNA than the reddest red head with the curliest corkscrew curls and a Mc or an O at the start of their last name at a Riverdance show.**

Even more telling is the incidence and acceptance of Asian wives and mothers- usually from Hong Kong- and their children performing ceilli dances and bagpipes. If you see "mixed-race" at a Highland Games or Burns Night supper, likely it will be an Asian mother. African slaves were routinely raped by the white "bloodline" to produce more slaves. That men have always decided who is a "bastard" and who isn't. All slaves had their master's last names. But they were not relations.  Only if the man married the woman. Only if he allows the child into his family.

(Another reason to spurn marriage, in my opinion.)

At a Highland Gathering here in the States, you don't have to walk to far to bump into an out and out white racist.  They can tell you their ancestry and recite every wrong that was done to the Scots by the English.  You can listen, if you want, to them blather on about Glencoe and Wallace and Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Campbells and the Clearances, etc., et al.  A good chunk will outright avoid the Scots participation in the oppression of the Catholic Irish in North Ireland, or they will shrug it off to "the English made us do it." ("Us" meaning all people of Scottish heritage.)

It's always been funny to me that nationalists can know so much about the oppression and suffering of one group of people, and not be able to see that this same history is true of all peoples.  To have so much knowledge and lack empathy.  To see where one people has suffered in such detail and not be able to understand the suffering of others?  In the case of the oppressors that keep the Ruling Class ruling- regardless of whether they are members of that Class or not- it is outright deceit.  But the average troll is almost worse- they are the idiots that really believe they are superior due to some vague link in their bloodline.

And to be someone that values the history and legacy of this mortal life, and not understand that another person, another peoples, might need that as well? To ridicule and make fun of another's heritage, or deny their need for it?  The descendants of slaves have it harder than any other of the melting pot because of the separation of slavery, and the mix not only of denied and unwanted white ancestry, but also the loss of identifiable African heritage.

I've gone into all this much more in depth in other blog posts, mostly on my previous blogs (this blog was supposed to be non-political, lol).  But there is one very virulent troll with a Shamrock profile picture, and I am always pondering what witchy things I can do to help trip up these racists that will actually wake them up to their own stupidity and limitations.  Self-realisation is the strongest transformative power in the Universe.  To be able to glimpse another's life through their eyes and your own is a great gift.  It is also a great disinfectant for rotting, slimy, completely useless caveman garbage beliefs that might not even make good compost for the New Age world.

The Spell

Hence the "Watermelon Man" spell.  The Watermelon Man is an old movie about a white racist nationalist that is overnight turned into a black man.  Ironically the movie ends with him becoming a black nationalist. (Nationalism does serve an interim purpose for oppressed peoples to get out from under their oppressors.  Sadly our world has not moved on to the next step yet, which is getting rid of class oppression and each individual person participating fully in running our society collectively.)

If you are a witch or a world-walker, you hang out on the astral plane a lot, probably, and that means you spend time in or near the dream world.  Lucid dreaming for myself interests me less than using the dream world to communicate "telepathically" and to send other messages and manipulate reality.  Entering or manipulating sleep dreams will often reach people that are otherwise unreachable.  It is one of the main lines of communication used by spirits of the dead, and so has a strong link to ancestors.

(Another quick tangential note here:  I'd beware of assuming that reincarnation stays in one bloodline.  In my experience, we have all been here thousands and thousands of times before- we are all "old souls"- and we don't seem to stay in one place for too long.  Karma, the desire for new and unique experiences, etc.  I'd hazard a guess that the trolls will find themselves born among skin colour oppressed people in their next lives.  Maybe not African-American, but in some similar situation in another country. Although it may be that the trolls don't reincarnate.  Maybe they do just sit in hell forever, or hang out with Republican Jesus. I don't know. The after-life is much more complicated and diverse than this life.  What does seem unlikely though, is that they will be able to hold onto one set of beliefs for eternity, no matter where they end up.  And any higher spiritual plane will require a reckoning of one's life here on earth,)

Anyhoo, so about that spell.  Dream spells are best at the dark moon, and that is next few days, so it will have to wait a bit.  For one thing, I want to do a proper spell, with a boiling cauldron and all that.  (String of banjo, tap of a tap dance shoe, Irish potatoes and African yams... that's as far as I've gotten.)  And I want to see if I can get Baron Samedi and Mannannan MacLyr, or auld Angus, for this, and will these two Gods from these two Pantheons work together? (Baron Samedi is like summoning Set, or Loki.  All the Orishas and Barons have had a strong and helpful presence here in St. Louis since last August- not that they were absent before- but I want to be very cautious about working directly with unfamiliar and often dangerous gods.)

I need to find a courier, too, that is sympathetic to the spell and also able to access the dreams of deeply racist.  Really racist people are so tied to this world that any higher spiritual plane is accessible only through physical death, and are often suspicious or scared of night dreams.  The courier needs to be unnoticeable.

Because most people really believe that they are authorities on their opinions, they will allow the dream experience in if they think it is familiar.  But if the courier or delivery is to odd or alarming or surprising, it might get shutdown before it begins. For example, I think those massive doses of Universal Love Light transmissions actually never get received or get accepted only as more judgement by the most narrow-minded and reactive among us.  There are people that find loving kindness the scariest thing in the world.  They can only keep themselves and their behaviour in check through massive doses of anger, judgement, rigidity, terror, and punishment.  So Love is not necessarily a good courier.

The spell would be a dream where the racist dreamer experiences enough life as a black person to- at least briefly, even the few seconds upon waking- understand the life experience of another person that they hate upon site in the waking world.  That's a heavy spell.  As with all spells, only those whose Higher Selves and Over Souls are open to this experience will be able to receive it.  The truly evil will, as usual, be unavailable, lost, and or missing.*

As anxious as I am to do the spell, dream spells often take up to a year to manifest, and I think the last dark moon before this year's Samhain will probably be the best time.  I'd like to research some accellerants- cinnamon is my go-to, and magnetic hematite.

It would be nice if other witches wanted to join in.  Especially in St Louis.  We are, after all, the real "Hellmouth" a la the Buffy The Vampire Slayer television show. And we have that huge inter-dimensional doorway where the cauldron contents can be released.  And especially anyone that has worked with Baron Samedi, or knows of another appropriate God/dess for this spell.  As solitary a witch and woman that I am, I'd love to assemble a group to do this-both in person here in STL, and telepathic participants via the worldwide web of witchcraft.

In the meantime, there is a lovely Mercury Retrograde coming on September 17th.  The pixies adore Merc retros, and they are often looking for suggestions.  I've been sending them to help the Anon's of Anonymous wreak havoc with computer secrets, both political and financial.  All you need is a dish of milk and honey left out over night, and a bell to call them to the table.  You can't command pixies, but you can suggest and persuade.  An added benefit is once they are off to Wall Street, or Bob McCulloch's office, they aren't hiding your keys or freezing your internet, etc.


*I've learned not to curse or force a spell or bind another's will.  However, another benefit to the dream world is that the OverSoul will allow almost any experience in.  The recipient will have the chance before s/he wakes to decide whether to remember the dream experience at all.  And even if they don't choose to remember it, the dream experience will become part of their larger experience of this incarnation.  They can also shut down the dream by waking suddenly, which is why a good courier is needed to deliver it. The courier has to be something so unnoticeable it is invisible to the recipient. This is why I am waiting for Samhain and the spirits of the dead.

**I met a guy once that collected last names of black people and matched them to white people's last names.  Lots of Mc's and O's and Mac's among black folks. If I recall he was trying to track slaveowning families for reparation.  He was the one that told me "you don't find a lot of black folks with the last name Bush, but you do find a lot of Walkers."  The Walkers being Senior Bush's mother and W's grandmother.  They were slave traders in Maryland and after the Civil War came to Illinois and used the money to start a dry goods business.  Senior Bush's grandfather left dry goods and started an investment bank here in St. Louis and that is really how the whole Bush regime got its start.

EDIT 22 August 2015:  For balance and for more Divine involvement, am also going to appeal to these two: