Tuesday, August 11, 2015


This post is for my magickal readers.  Especially those that have political beliefs similar to mine. 

I really need to stop reading the comments on articles and posts that are anti-Ferguson.  I already know that for a big portion of the troll population certain publications only exist to spew ridiculous, racist vile.  And yet, there I am, reading the comments. My bad.

The nationalist trolls I find especially hilarious, and pathetic.  When I say "nationalist" I don't just mean "patriots".  I also mean the other hyphenated Americans, other than African-Americans.  I am, of course, most familiar with the Scots and Irish-American communities.  But there are Polish-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Italian-Americans, etc.  People that were born here but have strong ties to their ancestry.  Not all are racist, or believe that "___" (fill in the blank) blood is actual superior, but there are plenty of nationalists who are essentially racist.

 (I am using "racist" here in it's original meaning.  These days "racism" means "oppression through racism".  I think the newer form of the word is actually a misuse of the word.  However, if you are under 30 and reading this, you may want to mentally replace "racism" with "prejudice to the point of hatred based on visual skin color or ethnicity".)

For myriad reasons, I have always identified strongly with the part of my ancestry that is Scots.  But like most people in this country my ancestors are a mix.  In my case a very Western European mix, but a mix nonetheless. When I am red-head especially, but not exclusively, newly met Americans will ask if I am Irish or Scots. (Western Europeans, especially Scots and Swedes, will often peg me as Swedish, however. Moreover, a lot of what is identified as "Celtic", especially in Ireland, actually came from the Dane and other northern raiders- red hair for one.)

Whether I look Swedish or Scottish, my actual DNA may not reflect my chosen heritage.  I don't know.  It doesn't matter to me.  The real hardline Scots nationalists will want to know my lineage.  High or Lowland, paternal and maternal, first ancestor to emigrate, etc. And these people are generally unscientific.  Despite the fact that the Y chromosome holds less information, they are mostly interested in whether I have Scots grandfathers, and how far back those grandfathers go.

I would hazard a guess that even if I did DNA testing and found NO genetic heritage to the Scots, I would still be welcomed far more warmly than any person with black skin that had verifiable DNA over 50% from the region.  Many, many African-Americans have more Irish DNA than the reddest red head with the curliest corkscrew curls and a Mc or an O at the start of their last name at a Riverdance show.**

Even more telling is the incidence and acceptance of Asian wives and mothers- usually from Hong Kong- and their children performing ceilli dances and bagpipes. If you see "mixed-race" at a Highland Games or Burns Night supper, likely it will be an Asian mother. African slaves were routinely raped by the white "bloodline" to produce more slaves. That men have always decided who is a "bastard" and who isn't. All slaves had their master's last names. But they were not relations.  Only if the man married the woman. Only if he allows the child into his family.

(Another reason to spurn marriage, in my opinion.)

At a Highland Gathering here in the States, you don't have to walk to far to bump into an out and out white racist.  They can tell you their ancestry and recite every wrong that was done to the Scots by the English.  You can listen, if you want, to them blather on about Glencoe and Wallace and Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Campbells and the Clearances, etc., et al.  A good chunk will outright avoid the Scots participation in the oppression of the Catholic Irish in North Ireland, or they will shrug it off to "the English made us do it." ("Us" meaning all people of Scottish heritage.)

It's always been funny to me that nationalists can know so much about the oppression and suffering of one group of people, and not be able to see that this same history is true of all peoples.  To have so much knowledge and lack empathy.  To see where one people has suffered in such detail and not be able to understand the suffering of others?  In the case of the oppressors that keep the Ruling Class ruling- regardless of whether they are members of that Class or not- it is outright deceit.  But the average troll is almost worse- they are the idiots that really believe they are superior due to some vague link in their bloodline.

And to be someone that values the history and legacy of this mortal life, and not understand that another person, another peoples, might need that as well? To ridicule and make fun of another's heritage, or deny their need for it?  The descendants of slaves have it harder than any other of the melting pot because of the separation of slavery, and the mix not only of denied and unwanted white ancestry, but also the loss of identifiable African heritage.

I've gone into all this much more in depth in other blog posts, mostly on my previous blogs (this blog was supposed to be non-political, lol).  But there is one very virulent troll with a Shamrock profile picture, and I am always pondering what witchy things I can do to help trip up these racists that will actually wake them up to their own stupidity and limitations.  Self-realisation is the strongest transformative power in the Universe.  To be able to glimpse another's life through their eyes and your own is a great gift.  It is also a great disinfectant for rotting, slimy, completely useless caveman garbage beliefs that might not even make good compost for the New Age world.

The Spell


Hence the "Watermelon Man" spell.  The Watermelon Man is an old movie about a white racist nationalist that is overnight turned into a black man.  Ironically the movie ends with him becoming a black nationalist. (Nationalism does serve an interim purpose for oppressed peoples to get out from under their oppressors.  Sadly our world has not moved on to the next step yet, which is getting rid of class oppression and each individual person participating fully in running our society collectively.)

If you are a witch or a world-walker, you hang out on the astral plane a lot, probably, and that means you spend time in or near the dream world.  Lucid dreaming for myself interests me less than using the dream world to communicate "telepathically" and to send other messages and manipulate reality.  Entering or manipulating sleep dreams will often reach people that are otherwise unreachable.  It is one of the main lines of communication used by spirits of the dead, and so has a strong link to ancestors.

(Another quick tangential note here:  I'd beware of assuming that reincarnation stays in one bloodline.  In my experience, we have all been here thousands and thousands of times before- we are all "old souls"- and we don't seem to stay in one place for too long.  Karma, the desire for new and unique experiences, etc.  I'd hazard a guess that the trolls will find themselves born among skin colour oppressed people in their next lives.  Maybe not African-American, but in some similar situation in another country. Although it may be that the trolls don't reincarnate.  Maybe they do just sit in hell forever, or hang out with Republican Jesus. I don't know. The after-life is much more complicated and diverse than this life.  What does seem unlikely though, is that they will be able to hold onto one set of beliefs for eternity, no matter where they end up.  And any higher spiritual plane will require a reckoning of one's life here on earth,)

Anyhoo, so about that spell.  Dream spells are best at the dark moon, and that is next few days, so it will have to wait a bit.  For one thing, I want to do a proper spell, with a boiling cauldron and all that.  (String of banjo, tap of a tap dance shoe, Irish potatoes and African yams... that's as far as I've gotten.)  And I want to see if I can get Baron Samedi and Mannannan MacLyr, or auld Angus, for this, and will these two Gods from these two Pantheons work together? (Baron Samedi is like summoning Set, or Loki.  All the Orishas and Barons have had a strong and helpful presence here in St. Louis since last August- not that they were absent before- but I want to be very cautious about working directly with unfamiliar and often dangerous gods.)

I need to find a courier, too, that is sympathetic to the spell and also able to access the dreams of deeply racist.  Really racist people are so tied to this world that any higher spiritual plane is accessible only through physical death, and are often suspicious or scared of night dreams.  The courier needs to be unnoticeable.

Because most people really believe that they are authorities on their opinions, they will allow the dream experience in if they think it is familiar.  But if the courier or delivery is to odd or alarming or surprising, it might get shutdown before it begins. For example, I think those massive doses of Universal Love Light transmissions actually never get received or get accepted only as more judgement by the most narrow-minded and reactive among us.  There are people that find loving kindness the scariest thing in the world.  They can only keep themselves and their behaviour in check through massive doses of anger, judgement, rigidity, terror, and punishment.  So Love is not necessarily a good courier.

The spell would be a dream where the racist dreamer experiences enough life as a black person to- at least briefly, even the few seconds upon waking- understand the life experience of another person that they hate upon site in the waking world.  That's a heavy spell.  As with all spells, only those whose Higher Selves and Over Souls are open to this experience will be able to receive it.  The truly evil will, as usual, be unavailable, lost, and or missing.*

As anxious as I am to do the spell, dream spells often take up to a year to manifest, and I think the last dark moon before this year's Samhain will probably be the best time.  I'd like to research some accellerants- cinnamon is my go-to, and magnetic hematite.

It would be nice if other witches wanted to join in.  Especially in St Louis.  We are, after all, the real "Hellmouth" a la the Buffy The Vampire Slayer television show. And we have that huge inter-dimensional doorway where the cauldron contents can be released.  And especially anyone that has worked with Baron Samedi, or knows of another appropriate God/dess for this spell.  As solitary a witch and woman that I am, I'd love to assemble a group to do this-both in person here in STL, and telepathic participants via the worldwide web of witchcraft.

In the meantime, there is a lovely Mercury Retrograde coming on September 17th.  The pixies adore Merc retros, and they are often looking for suggestions.  I've been sending them to help the Anon's of Anonymous wreak havoc with computer secrets, both political and financial.  All you need is a dish of milk and honey left out over night, and a bell to call them to the table.  You can't command pixies, but you can suggest and persuade.  An added benefit is once they are off to Wall Street, or Bob McCulloch's office, they aren't hiding your keys or freezing your internet, etc.


*I've learned not to curse or force a spell or bind another's will.  However, another benefit to the dream world is that the OverSoul will allow almost any experience in.  The recipient will have the chance before s/he wakes to decide whether to remember the dream experience at all.  And even if they don't choose to remember it, the dream experience will become part of their larger experience of this incarnation.  They can also shut down the dream by waking suddenly, which is why a good courier is needed to deliver it. The courier has to be something so unnoticeable it is invisible to the recipient. This is why I am waiting for Samhain and the spirits of the dead.

**I met a guy once that collected last names of black people and matched them to white people's last names.  Lots of Mc's and O's and Mac's among black folks. If I recall he was trying to track slaveowning families for reparation.  He was the one that told me "you don't find a lot of black folks with the last name Bush, but you do find a lot of Walkers."  The Walkers being Senior Bush's mother and W's grandmother.  They were slave traders in Maryland and after the Civil War came to Illinois and used the money to start a dry goods business.  Senior Bush's grandfather left dry goods and started an investment bank here in St. Louis and that is really how the whole Bush regime got its start.

EDIT 22 August 2015:  For balance and for more Divine involvement, am also going to appeal to these two: