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Edit 20 December 2015: Please see this post

Part of this post (see below) was originally in Je Suis Paris.  But it needed to be separated and I wanted to add some more stuff.

Cut from Je Suis Paris:

I haven't posted my Samhain report yet for reasons I will make clear another time.  But I did post on social media last Monday and also Wednesday when the storm came and the winds of change started blowing.

Like the other psychics and sensitives I know, I thought what was brewing on the astral and about to hit in this dimension, would be here in this country.  Another mass shooting, perhaps in a theatre here, not the ISIL army but the INCEL (involuntary celibate) army, or another white supremacist attack.

One of my stock quotes about psychic abilities is that the skill is rooted in self-awareness, not awareness of others.  I always think of Paris during the month of November. 15 years ago I was working in Paris on Armistice Day and couldn't find anywhere open to eat dinner.  That was during the election "scandal" (when people in the USA temporarily forgot, including me, that that the popular vote doesn't actually elect the President, the electoral college does).  It was before 11 September 2001.

Third Eye hindsight is also 20/20.  I don't usually recall strongly another memory from November of 2000, of walking back to the hotel one night, each night taking different streets to see as much of the city as possible, and passing an embassy with a number of extra guards.  And a brief conversation with one of the guards, about threats they'd received, and having extra security.  That I did recall that memory this year, a few times, for "no reason", but did not pay attention.

Worse, and I need to see if I can find this in in my Facebook activity list, but within the last two weeks someone in my feed had posted something about Eagles of Death Metal gig in Paris.  At the time I found it amusing that I should see this in my feed.  But I didn't pay attention.

I've told my Guides before, to not trouble me with information I get that I cannot act on to change the outcome, and even if I had pegged the exact location and time, likely there would have been nothing I could have done.

The Winter Solstice this year is December 22, 2015 04:48 GMT.  In St. Louis it is December 21st 10:48 PM (20:48).  If you have "Eyes to See, and Ears to Hear"(2EECH) please use this moment to send me a telepathic message with your location (use a map image and city and country name, not co-ordinates).  Use the Green Owls as messengers.**  We need to build a global network of people with 5-D consciousness.

The Old Age structures are collapsing, and the "muggles" are getting trampled. We may not be able to steer every boat to safe harbour, but we can study the tides and the storms, and salvage what we can.

The consensus is, both psychic and empirical, that this is not the worst of it yet.  2016 is going to see the worst of the Old Age collapsing.  Let's be ready with the New Age systems in place.

Blessings, especially to Paris...

**EDIT: oops, not complete- I'll send back the green owl with another messenger (another animal, another colour).  I wonder does every New Age mystic/psychic etc get those "Eye of Sauron" intruders?  Seems like those most organised living people and non human entities are the ones that have kept the Old Age power structure in tact and assisted with the expansion of "evil".  Neither the Green Owls or the other messenger I use will deliver to or from the Old Age.  (It is written on the tablet.)

And please feel free to initiate this with any other contacts.  If I don't get the message perhaps others will, it doesn't have to be a central network, linked through one person.  In fact, a lot of local networks are better.  Spells of protection and non human Guardians are greatly aided by mortal intervention.  And don't wait until the Solstice to start shining the Light of Protection and Healing of the 5D consciousness.

End cut from Je Suis Paris.

About telepathy: Colors and animals are an easy way to practice.  Both travel well on the astral.  By choosing a date and a time you can send and receive the messages in real time, instead of astral time.  (Ironically after I posted yesterday the real owls in the ravine started hooting it up with each other.)

I will post in the comments of this post what locations I received.  If you are participating and you want to, you can mail me what animal you got back, to verify.  (Like a buffalo from Buffalo New York, or something along those lines, if you don't normally travel the astral and don't have any messengers you use regularly. I'd make the buffalo pink or something, though, to doublecheck.) The next step would be to send an animal to me, or whomever you are working with.  And as things develop more complicated and complex messages can be attempted.  But establish the connection first with "easy" messages.


So I was trying to focus on what has been running through my mind that I haven't been giving enough attention to. I got Kingston 12 in the Third Eye. Googled Kingston 12, and then London Kingston 12 to narrow the search. Kingston's postal codes end in 1 and part of it in 2. It's 12 miles from the city centre. Some medical researchers from Gaza were recently denied entry to a convention at the University. A UFO was found in the street on the 5th but was later determined to be a pizza oven. The next storm clouds on the astral horizon are hovering over Friday and Saturday next.

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