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Original post on this Yule event:

The shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere is tomorrow.  Even though in developed countries we have electricity and lifestyle and culture that has little correspondence with nature, we as humans are susceptible to a natural depression that comes with the low sunlight.

I believe that is why most cultures have celebrations around this time of year.  We need the light the warmth of other people, we need a celebration and festivities, to remind us that the sun will become stronger, that winter is just a passage to spring.  

And the rebirth of the sun is a good time to open our hearts and let our love shine, especially in the New Age, especially now, in this world gone mad.

The winter solstice, or Yule, is also the end of the "fallow period" that began after Samhain.  The magickal year ends at "sun set", like the Druids and other cultures that count a new day as beginning at sundown.  The day began in darkness, and so does the year.

Just as a human child is conceived and nurtured in the womb, hidden away from the world until it is ready to emerge, the time between Samhain and Yule is a time to allow the spirits and magickal forces to rest and renew.  To allow the New Year to fully form before (re) birth.

This is a good non-magickal story about the winter solstice:

At 10:48 PM (22:48) Central Standard Time, at the moment of the Solstice, I will be hosting a telepath networking event for 5D entities currently incarnated on this planet.

I've never attempted telepathy with people I haven't met in person, but I would like to try.  I do suggest that you try to work with one other person, whether they are confirmed telepaths or not, if you do this.

If you also, have never attempted telepathy with someone you don't know, or even if you haven't done it before but have good reason to believe you have telepathic powers, than I hope you will join in.

If you don't have plan for participating, this is what I will be doing and what I suggest for others with little or no experience.

1) Without using any mind altering substances, get into a meditative state.  (Alter your brainwaves:

The brain sits in a kind of chemical "soup".  The "soup" is different waking and sleeping, which is why dreams recede so quickly.  Drugs, alcohol, and other stuff too, music, probably sugar, etc. also alter the "soup" and I think the brainwaves are related in part to the soup.  I can't get to academic on this point.  I just know that you really need to be sober and focused to do this, unless you are a natural or really experienced.  I am not.

Anyhow, brainwaves are the entrance to the astral. I think the other entrances don't work unless the mind is right.  That is my opinion.

2) Once you are firmly established, enter the astral realm.  If you have never done this before, you might want to summon some guardians or guides first, and if you don't have those than maybe don't do this.  Up to you.  You can just ask for whatever your version of a Guardian Angel is. 

If you don't want to enter the astral or have never been there before, you can go to the threshold and stand at the open door or gates.  If you don't see gates or a door, imagine how you think they would look and hold the image until it is firm in your mind.  It may not look the same every time you go there, but for this, one entrance is enough.

3) Imagine your astral hand holding a small ball of pink light.  Like a Christmas tree ornament, made of Love Light.  

You might find yourself looking different once you approach the astral.  This is normal, as far as I know.  I look like myself at my perfect best, young, beautiful, and dressed like faery princess with an angelic thing going on.  But sometimes, depending on where I am and what I am doing, I look like a child, or a feral cave woman version of myself, or an animal, or part animal, etc.

So if you find your hand looking different, don't worry about that.  Hold the ball of light and insert your global, "real world" location- the name of your city and state/region and country.  The light will swallow it.  I don't know if you will still be able to see the writing or the image or thought, etc, once it is in the Love Light.

4) Summon/Call a Green Owl.  One should be nearby.  They are better than Fed Ex, and since they are on the astral- where there is no time and all that is and was and might be and will be exist simultaneously- the pick up is already scheduled.

The green owls are entirely green.  Emerald Green.  Like the tablet.

5) They will only pick up the pink balls of Love Light that contain locations.  They will not accept other messages, spells, or any other attachments or content.

6) They will accept it with their beak, not their claws.  Hold your hand flat. If a perch of some sort isn't already nearby it will appear.  It could be a tree.  Don't worry if random stuff is flying past.  The astral has a lot of static, just keep focusing on the pink ball and the green owl.

7) After the pick up you can join me in beaming out Cosmic Love Light on the Higher Consciousness Channel.  I do this by floating above the planet, over the spot where I am (in this case, St. Louis) and letting the power of Earth and Heaven/Universe flow through my heart chakra.  I see it encase the planet in a green light, with billions of pink heart shaped butterflies circling the globe, landing wherever love is needed and accepted.  

Make sure your chakras are hooked up to the Universe and the Planet.  That you are grounded.  Each human heart has infinite Love.  But to beam it out so strongly can lead to burn out, so hook up to Universe and Nature, and let that power move the Infinite Eternal Love in your heart out into the world.

You can do this for as much as 20 minutes if you would like.  

8) I will send you back another animal (part of testing the telepathy communication lines is not telling what animal I will sending) in a pink ball.  I will write in the comments of this post what places I received.  (Oops- caveat: you cannot send a message of a location your incarnate body is not located when you do this meditation.  If you live in Guam and you are in Mexico for the holidays, you will have to send me Mexico. The owls won't accept any sort of dishonesty, even if it does not have bad intent.)

It may take me until Christmas, possibly Epiphany, to log these properly.  Like I said, I've never tried this with people I don't know personally.  I've had few opportunities to practice with other telepaths, period, so I want to make sure I have time to log them all.

If you are participating you can post in the comments, or send me an email if you wish to keep it private.  (Well, private aside from NSA data collection.  As I have said many times, there is no privacy any more.  Even telepathic messages will soon be scientifically measurable.  And moreover, there is no possible interest anyone NOT magickal/esoteric would have in this event.)

9) If you cannot do this at the time- for many it will be the middle of the night, or a weekday morning- you can do it another time and the Green Owl will deliver appropriately.  Tonight I will build a "mailbox" for collection, and send out my intentions, just in case some unforeseen event delays me at the exact moment.  

The good thing about doing it in real time, simultaneously, is that the lines of communication will be much more firmly established.

Merry Yule and Blessings!


  1. PART ONE:

    So I collected the pink balls on the 21st and did the networking in real time. What I did not expect was the amount of static. Astral static. In other words, my own abilities were a problem. There were a lot of people THINKING about the event but not necessarily sending the messages properly. So I got a lot of "shouting" as in "Hey I am right here in -----" or people that were sending me animals, but not astro locations. The Green Owls have the actual pink balls on hold and I should have opened them last night but I am still suffering from total holiday overload and burnout.

    The Green Owls work with the Emerald Tablet, in fact, might be made of the same stuff the tablet is made of. So that is why they can't take anything that isn't 100% true, like a location that was not where you were at the moment.

    Even though I was not prepared for the amount of static, I knew there would be some, and I wanted to be sure that the event was establishing communication lines that were secure. (The Eye of Sauron from 11 Sept 2001 is still intact although greatly weakened, among other things).

    This is a list of things that came through with the static that were not contained by pink balls or delivered by the owls. (The owls apparently eat the messages and then "poop" them back out, although that is all "translation" from what happens on the astral- in other words, that is how my mind understands what happened. The owls would swallow the messages to deliver them, making them unavailable during transit.)

    I did send back coloured animals to those that seemed legit, and will keep the same animals and colours if I find that the pink balls match some of the static. I did not hear or read actual locations during the gathering and delivery, just got images of map locations- another reason I wanted the info sealed, to fight against the imprecise information that comes through my regular psychic "feed".)

    Little man, coloured blue and white. This might have been an Israeli? But later I got two tiny blue and white dragons, curled together like a yin/yang symbol.

    Lango or Lagus-- a city I thought, perhaps Lagos Nigeria, but this doesn't "feel" right.

    An image of a tropical island in the Caribbean.


    A kiwi-- New Zealand?

    South St. Louis-- the shouter. Male.

    White, hot, "Kumm" Kumb Mela? India again?

    South City, male, again.

    "Green Day" words, vaguely located in New York City, or was that my own association with the band? (Again, that is why I used the pink balls and the green owls, keep the messages clear of my own interpretations.)

    Israel- on the map. Blue.

    Paris in New York. A Blondie song.

    Belize and Balfour- these two words came together, they are two different places. Again, static sucks. That is why the pink balls were important.

    Map image of Scotland-- the whole country.

    A boy delivering Iran- the sound "Tras"



    Draft horses, Clydsdales, and the words "The Kingdom is strong."
    PS- if this was from St Louis and referring to Busch brewery you are wrong, sender, but I couldn't tell where this was coming from and may have, once again, been my own interpretation of the static.

    A genie lamp, Ali Baba, and Arab man.

    "A beautiful girl in a forest" Just the words.

    A couple- man and woman- I originally thought was British, while the man was doing the pink ball the woman was making comments. "This is powerful" etc. I think they might have been in New York and been related to the Blondie song, not sure.


    A man in his living room in Egypt. I sent him the same animal I saw in his living room. Gonna check the pink balls before I post what I sent.

    By this time in the meditation I had recieved 13 actual pink balls, all still in the holding area of the Green Owls.

    Pakistan and a goat. Kabul.

    Tried to stop at 2307 my time. Was attempting to go to the Love Light meditation but a few more things kept interrupting.

    A Calf Dragon- on closer inspection I got the Capricorn fish goat in a Nativity scene.

    A dude broadcasting Pink Floyd's "Shine on you crazy diamond." Send him a pink diamond back.

    14 or 15-- one or two more pink balls were delivered.

    A crazy yellow Dr Suess looking bird that I think came from a friend in Cali.

    A bunch of purple hearts.

    An elephant.

    Blue dolphins, not fish-- this is from my notes. The couple were originally seen as two Pisces type fish and this was a correction- from David Bowie's Heroes- "swim like dolphins could swim"

    At 1118 the static and the deliveries stopped and I did the world Love meditation.

    Will add another comment when I open the pink balls.

  3. So I opened the Pink Balls last night... Yeah, I never do anything on schedule...

    Part of the reason I was so reluctant is that the actual event on the Solstice had so much static. And I expected 8 or 9 responses, at the most, and I got 15 or so pink balls.

    I also learned during the meditation that I am not really a telepath. Mind reader, psychic, empath, yes, but telepathy is something else altogether. I didn't really "get" that- or get my own limitations, until that Solstice night.

    Also, I hesitated because I wanted to do it when I was alone in the house, and in a proper state of mind. But those two things weren't coinciding much during the HoliDaze of activity.

    Last night I was alone, but had just eaten a lot of rich food and had a hot chocolate with dose of Brandy, and I was sitting idly communing with a dead witch friend visitor, and pretty much the Owls just showed up like "We aren't holding your packages anymore if you are gonna sit around chit-chatting". I was half-way to the astral anyhow because of the spirit interaction. So I dropped the "roots" and sent up the "shoots" (i.e., grounded myself in the earth and universal energies) and opened the lot of them in one sitting.

    Even knowing my limitations from the event itself, I still over relied on my other skills instead of practicing pure telepathy. I had hoped that having the location inserted in the pink ball would help, but I got sounds not words, or images.

    Here is what I got:

    A woman made of golden light in a green dress, in a walled garden ("the Garden of Eden"-- oh I had a dead poet making commentary on everything throughout- not my visitor friend, someone else- someone who hangs out near the Green Owl perches.)
    The Golden Light woman released a pink ball. No location- a blue dragonfly, then a butterfly, then the butterfly was pink, then glowing orange, and then yellow butterflies, many of them.

    An image of a map of the Middle East. A word that sounded like "Pomona" as in the city in California.

    The next was a man. Just the knowledge of a man. A ball that looked like a yin yang sort of but made of blue and white, with a green smile shape underneath the blue and white ball.

    My somewhat annoying poet commentator: "Blue and White light from above/ Silver stars/ Liquid stars/ coming down."

    The next was the first of the pink balls in the holding area that I retrieved. It had a sweet fragrance, like a rich flower from a lush oasis. From a woman...

    Not sure if "New York City" was the next ball or the same one as above. One of the internet trolls apparently sent one, which is hilarious. But it was disruptive to the process.

    Then a Gold Ball. "Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow". This also was fragmented by the troll static. This one was really beautiful. But it didn't have a location. Just the beautiful image.

    The next was from someone that lives in the areas in South County that was flooded. I think the guy saying "I am right here in South St Louis" during the event. I got an astral image of the sender attached to the ball- this man translates as a Merman of sorts, bearded.

    The next was sent via a Harry potter Hedwig and wasn't accepted by the Green Owls. Was interesting though.



    Then, preceded by the commentary "Pink Ball smatters/Shatter blue/against the wall/for us all".

    The sound "Delphinos" and image of a dolphin. Sent by a woman. Image of a map of Greece, that region- the Mediterranean and Albania, Turkey, etc.

    The next was actually sent in this dimension. It "hit" the window glass and became a baby bird, blue. MORE BLUE! and more animals.

    Don't know if this was another ball or just random image, but a stork dipped it's wing into water.

    Then another with a "Golden Crocodile on The Nile"... poet dude is lurking outside the holding area for the owls. Man in Egypt. Cairo. This as knowledge, not words or images or sounds.

    Then I heard a sound like "Marseilles". (Really did not consider language barriers when using telepathy. Probably partly why all my other "senses" kicked in.) Then I guess Marseilles was the wrong translation because I got "Marsupials".

    And a Pink Flamingo (or a pink stork I guess) dropping off an infant made of golden light. The Pink Flamingo was likely packed in a pink ball.

    At this point all hell broke loose and I was getting tired and unfocused:

    A ball glowing orange and hot. Sounds that were like "minotaur" then "monkey" then a lot of random map images- Palm Springs, Barstow, Nevada- several times. Then images of desert, and very clearly a sign that said "Nevada".

    A ball from Los Angeles. A fish on the end of the fishing pole, and the fish was encased in it's own clear ball, the whole thing from a swimming pool in a house that overlooked a canyon or valley in LA mountains.

    The next was a big white hot ball- the pink balls were about the size of baseballs, and this one was the size of a basketball. This was a basketball playing man flying high in the sky over Nowhere- it looked like Pennsylvania to me. In flight over the USA. Oddly, even though the "basket ball man" words came- probably the poet dude- I was not sure this ball was sent by a male.

    The next ball had melted or something. It was delivered via a sidewalk pushing up from somewhere -- the sound accompaniment was "montreal-all" and "sinaloa". The sidewalk was pushing up from an image of a map of Quebec and could have been covering Montreal, haven't had a chance to google all the map images. The pink ball looked like sparkly pink fingernail polish and shaped like a melting ice cream cone scoop that had fallen on the sidewalk.

    Then a ball with a lot of pine trees, and image of Canada's NW forest areas. I think a woman sent this one. The pine trees were strong image, really strong and clear. But the rest of the information was garbled, or probably, I got it garbled up.

    Then I heard "Washington, more trees". As in the state Washington. And then "Blue Ridge" but not the Blue ridge mountains. Although there were more mountains. But I think it was Colorado, and intuitive feeling of Denver.

    I asked the Green Owls for a list of locations, afterward, to see what matched:
    Cairo, Egypt
    Paris, France
    LA, CA
    Ditto (two separate from LA)
    NW Canada- have to google the map, guess not a town or city
    South St Louis
    An airplane in flight over the USA
    Junction, Indiana -- haven't checked to see if this a real town name, and/or "Forest Grove"
    "Blue Ridge"
    Constantinople/ Istanbull
    "Delphine, Ostenteen, Isle of Patmos" Seriously. This was definitely foreign. And isn't Isle of Patmos from the Bible?

    I will send out response tonight or tomorrow night. These will be animals that are one colour. No words or anything else.