Saturday, December 5, 2015


Masks, in the Old Age, "micro" world, hid someone or some thing's true identity.  Perhaps in the New Age, (transition to) the "Macro" world masks are something that we must don willingly.  With recognition of another identity beneath.

With 7 billion on the planet, maybe we have to give each other space.  And enough space to work.  I think all jobs should have a union and wear uniform.  When we are in uniform we are that function.  We will interact with each other in a professional manner.

Unions need to transform.  They need to be true worker collectives, so that our way of living in the world can be improved at a faster speed to accommodate all of the souls that are incarnating, and so that we can live in a more balanced, prosperous, and peaceful way.

(I also think that everyone should have a job that supports them.  Maybe some work more to have more materialistic things, but everyone has the basics- clean air, water, food, shelter, medical care, education, excellent public transit, and also travel, public service in some form, and publicly owned Internet, utilities, public transit, and television.)

When I use the words "micro" and "Macro" I am referring to the book 2150 A.D. by Thea Alexander, that I believe is a true vision of a possible future.  One I believe that we can reach, that we will reach, but not without conscious effort.

In order to live in a truly diverse world, we need to wear a masks when interacting outside of our world, our own network.  And to truly be free enough to live in an "utopia" we have to be willing to don a mask, all the while recognising that we and others are wearing them.

In the micro, Old Age, great power was gathered globally, professionally.  But in the Macro, New Age it is our local communities, our personal networks- physically local, and also social media and psychic.

For example, I see memes and hear people saying "how can we take refugees when he have homeless?"  Why can't we take care of both?  But let's stop having this conversation nationally or impersonally.  Let's start having it with ourselves, in our neighbourhoods.

Why can't St. Louis city and county end homelessness AND take 10,000 Syrian refugees?  During the three year screening process for the refugees can we find homes for all of the homeless?  How about reinventing the Homestead Act and occupying all of these vacant properties?  In particular bank-owned properties?

But to do this, we need to start having a lot of conversations about this.  And we have to find a way to separate our daily lives, compartmentalise to give each other some space and dignity, and some time to work it out.  Especially these crazy GOPers and other Old Agers that cannot let go of their micro selves.

These "Right to Lifers" that either can't or won't admit that they cannot imagine a world where each woman can be queen of the family if the men can be king of the world, and where the king of the world owns the queens sexual organs and reproductive capabilities in exchange for protection, title, and inheritance rights of the children.  (You know, like Republican Jesus said it's supposed to be!)

"Right to Life" is a misnomer in so many ways.  Not just the obvious "I will kill to protect you until you pop out of your mother and start breathing air and consuming resources that I want for myself/family/people/nation" etc.

I mean this whole Christianity thing, many religions, where the AFTER life is Heaven and this is just a gladiatorial contest to get a hell/eternal suffering/separation damning Deity to put your name on the list, like some barbaric maitre'd at a restarant where if you aren't on the list you are in the slaughterhouse and on the menu.

These people worship death.  We definitely need to wear masks of sanity and service to a higher purpose when dealing with them.  Like kindly matrons in a madhouse.  Or their own avatars, like Jesus.

The real Jesus.  Not that gun toting, sexuality obsessed, patriarchal assembly line producer of souls to be judged.

I guess that would still be a pretty tall order in this world, while the Old Age dies.  But we can certainly design the mask to fit the compassionate but firm matron in the madhouse.  "Yes, psychopaths, you will take the medicine, and the prescription is social change."

Start in your ward.  With your crazies.

Maybe start with the sane people first.  But be prepared for the crazies.  Put on your mask.  Let them wear theirs.  But be sure to take yours off.  Sign those petitions, make the calls, keep doing your work in the world and contributing to the current system as best you can (Edit for clarity: not contribute to keep this as it is, but to keep the transition smooth), while making the changes and preparing the way for the New Age that is already here.

Just a little Saturday rambling to Django Reinhardt.

Blessings, Peeps!


  1. agreed...and when people say lets take care of our homeless and vets first...well do one's doing anything about it.

  2. Now that the defense industry is mostly privatised and the profits are made from machines of destruction, the foot soldier isn't important anymore. The people that run the defense industry run the government. They are too far removed and too powerful to reach at a global level. We have to begin knocking out the base, our local communities. Making vets a priority in our own towns. Am I right that West has no homeless? St. Louis city and county needs to follow suit.