Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Today is Epiphany.  It's Wednesday and Mercury is retrograde.  I still had an Epiphany.

It's been three years since I met my friend Epiphany on this day.  The book I am writing about my friend is still not done... Even without that marker in my life, everything about the first week of January is a combination of regret over the past and superhuman belief in the future.

The year changes for me at Samhain.  But the calendar year change is the most magickal day of the non-magickal "real" world.  People, myself included, really believe that somehow the change of digits in the date is going to give them the power to start anew.

Because we want to believe. Have to believe.

Most smokers that quit on the 1st of January resume in March, same with dieting and exercise plans.  But, three months out of 12 isn't so bad.  It's a start.  I am a half a century in mortal years, and if I hadn't had a decades of 3 month starts at the beginning of every calendar year to work on myself I wouldn't be where I am now... never mind that I still fall short of my own expectations.

Epiphany has always been one of my favourite parts of the Christmas cycle.  It kicks off the Mardi Gras season, for one thing.  But I always loved the story of The Magi.  And the idea that Christ brought such light to the world that we all would receive "Epiphanies" of understanding and clarity.

Today mine was that at 50, my Bohemian lifestyle and absorption in writing projects needed more tempering with a solid day to day schedule.  Just because I can stay up all night writing doesn't mean that I should.

I am hoping on the mortal magic to get me through til March, to help me overcome my own lack of discipline, and hopefully by March my new habits will be in place and I won't abandon them.  I don't make resolutions, but this year I decided I do need to make some adjustments. I need to parent myself.

Caveats... I did the watermelon man spell and see I forgot to write about it.  I did it at Samhain but didn't release it until the Solstice. (Link about the spell HERE and HERE.)

That was a hell of a spell to work out.  I finally decided to concentrate on Darren Wilson supporters, and in St. Louis.  I didn't force it on anyone, but anyone who accepts the dream will get to see the other side, in particular, what that experience would be like as Michael Brown, Jr. Or rather, if they were in that position, and in that situation as a black man.

I'd hoped to release at the Arch but couldn't, because you cannot get to the Arch at all during the construction.  If you read the (still draft) first issue of Supernatural St. Louis you know why I chose the Arch.  I was initially concerned about having to release it elsewhere, but it seems to go okay.

I knew there would be some kickback.  I didn't expect it to be so soon.  It came with the Oregon wackos, "Y'allQueda."  Do you know that my theories about that Bundy Ranch group is doing is shared by other right wing groups?  That was weird.  And uncomfortable.  (One of the militia groups even said that the Oregon group was a "False Flag" operation! Even further than I had gone! I was just musing on what the CIA has done in other countries!)

And the gun thing.  I never really understood people's insistence that you have to have a gun to fight the government.  Most of the people that say this are white, but not all.  My belief was always that the government has so many weapons that a few little guns wouldn't do anything.

But as I mentioned in my last post, these people have guns and they are being treated like they kings! It's either white privilege to THE MAX or it is that yeah, you have to have a gun (or a whole lotta cash to change things in the courts) to get anywhere with the US government.

Pink Ball Caveats... That was too much.  I posted everything in the comments of the event post. (The link in the sidebar.  The first two comments from me are what I got just doing the meditation on the Solstice.  The third and fourth comments are from the actual messages.)

Too many people were just thinking about it, but not doing it, and it was so random.  So no more public things like this because there isn't enough real world feedback.  Also, everyone sent me animals, and that got kind of confusing.  I was trying to hear the messages with the location information, and that was enough for me.  I "cheat" a lot- asking spirits and stuff for help translating, and using symbolic skills to translate images.

So the idea was I would be getting the actual telepathic THOUGHT with just the LOCATION.  And all sealed up and tamper proof in the pink balls.  I still feel kind of worn out from all astral animals.

I did send every single respondent an animal of one colour as a return message this afternoon.  I sent everyone an animal, inside of the pink balls, via the same green owl that delivered your message to me- regardless of how badly I got the message garbled.

So- email or put in comments if I got your information correct, and also let me know what animal and colour you got back.  With individuals I would like to start practicing sending and receiving at pre-arranged times.  We don't have to use the green owls once we have "real world" contact and an appointment.

I hope everyone got an Epiphany today, delivered on a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end.  I hope everyone got to see a little more of their own light, and the way to make the world a brighter and better place for all of us.

Love and Blessings! And Epiphanies!

PS- if you'd told me two weeks ago that the Bundy's were going to take over a wildlife refuge centre I would have believed it.  I would not have expected this though.  Truth is surely stranger than fiction! And you just never know who is watching, do you? Forget the NSA! We have BIRDWATCHERS doing surveillance!

A must read!

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