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"Planet earth is blue/ and there's nothing I can do..." 

Even before Bowie died- and I can barely talk about that without tears forming so I am not going to talk about it- I had been planning a post about "how to care for your deceased loved ones."

Contrary to popular belief, my understanding is that we don't come here for "life".  Life is eternal and everlasting on the other side.  We come here to experience life with a death.  With an ending.  On the other side happiness and sorrow, joy and fear, everything, in fact, is all complete and whole, parts of the same thing.

It is here that we experience these things as separated. Even ourselves, our spirits, are like puzzle pieces. The larger part of us never enters this body.  When we die, our own spirit comes to meet us at the doorway, at the gate.  And it is that larger part of our spirit that generally decides when we are going to die- sometimes even in the case of suicide or murder.

When we have nothing left to learn from this life, when it is time for our spirit to move on, the larger part of us- usually against our incarnate spirit's desire- will recall us "home."  Back to the place where we are complete with ourselves, our spirit.

I think I wrote about the massive influx of spirits that visited this Samhain, the yearly event when the doorway between the worlds opens.  A lot of spirits said that they were going to be "crossing over" permanently to reincarnate into the New Age.  And that many others would be hanging around all year until next Samhain, and crossing over then.

"Crossing over" and "Heaven" are two terms I need to explain as I understand them.  First, the after-life you get after you die is part of this life.  Like your sleep dreams.  Like your body, your physical self.  Each of us is unique.  No matter how many incarnations we have on this planet, throughout the ages, each is separate and unique.

In each incarnation we are in a different time, different bodies, changing gender and race and nationality.  In each incarnation we will have different beliefs. So we will experience different types of after-life. Some believe that we choose our parents and our circumstances and gender, even "bad" things like disabilities or handicaps.  We want as many different types of experiences as we can get.

So we have a new spirit for each incarnation.  And we experience different parts of the after-life, or different experiences in the after-life, for each incarnation. The "heaven" that a Christian spirit experiences after a lifetime in this age is vastly different from the "heaven" of the middle ages, etc.

So the "crossing over" in one sense means crossing over, out of this life and also out of "haunting" this life as a ghost.  Some stay here in an incorporeal state because they are lost.  Perhaps died during sleep and keep trying to wake from a dream.  Or keep repeating bits of the life they were living, like the movie Groundhog Day, expect that nothing ever gets resolved.  It really is just like a dream.

Some stick around to interact, or try to interact with the living from the perspective of the dead.  Again, this is all a continuation of the incarnation the deceased had most recently experienced.  Some might stay for decades, even centuries, in earthly time.

The refusal to let go and move on eventually will render the spirit devoid of everything but whatever is tying it to its last incarnation, and you end up with these poltergeist type spirits.  Basically irrational, repetitive, troublesome, and sometimes downright evil.

For instance, the famous "Exorcist" case was likely such a spirit and not a "demon".  A spirit that was feeding off of the untapped and unused psychic abilities of the boy (the real Exorcist was a boy, not a girl, like in the movie) or someone in his family. And probably a spirit that had worked very hard for many years to manipulate this dimension without a body.

In a case like the Exorcism. the belief of the priests is set against the spirit.  And in this case, the priests won.  They successfully banished the spirit to a type of afterlife jail the Catholic Church has set up- either a hell dimension or purgatory.

Either way, banishing rarely helps the lost spirit "cross over."  The real crossing over happens when the spirit completely relinquishes the incarnation in both body and spirit.  In other words, a good Christian believer will die, go to a heaven of their God and stay there for "eternity".

Eternity is NOT a series of days with out end.  It is not linear time extended indefinitely and forever.  It is NO TIME AT ALL.  It is a state of eternal awareness and oneness with all things.  Things that have happened, will happen, might happen, are happening, and all the possibilities in between those things.

So in terms of linear time, the person might go to heaven for one second after they die.  Or hundreds of years.  When that spirit has sufficiently expanded to encompass the experience of that after life, THEN they will cross over.

Or they might come back to visit on their birthday or other significant day- or depending on their beliefs, might visit from "heaven" as an angel, or during a Samhain free for all, or in a time when their loved ones need them very desperately, etc.

But once a spirit really crosses over, they go back into the "pot."  My understanding is- and people get mad at me for saying this, sometimes, so realise that I am explaining my understanding, not promoting this or saying this absolute- that what eventually happens is that a hologram of sorts remains in the astral part of this earthly dimension.  Like the images in the Harry Potter photographs.

But the spirit and the soul, go back into the "pot".  The pot is all human consciousness, spirits, experiences, etc.  You, me, Hitler, Ghandi, David Bowie, Hildegard of Bingen, Suetonius, Carl Sagan, Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

You get the idea. Really big spirits- Jesus, Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, Michael Jackson- they create a bigger splash when they go back into the pot, which is why I think so many people have "past life" memories of being Cleopatra, etc.

So "you" do reincarnate, but each time a soul "crosses over" it's like pouring coffee back into the pot and then pouring again.  The pour is never exactly the same, both in the changes for the next earthly life, but changes that occur in the pot.

For one thing, if in the after life your spirit did not re-experience the incarnation from the perspective of everyone else that you interacted with, the pot will fix that.  I believe this is where the Christian concept of "God" comes from.  God is all things, and God is good.  But on this earthly plane being "all things" and being "good" are contradictory.

But not in the "pot".  Not once you cross over. **  In the TV series Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Buffy dies at one point and her friends resurrect her, thinking she is trapped in a hell dimension.  She had actually been in 'heaven", in the pot.  She explains "I felt complete and whole and I knew that all of my loved ones were taken care of."  She was with "god", with "all things", where "all things" were "good", were "god".  Far removed from this dimension, even the parts of it that were the after-life.

So, about those lost spirits, and about caring for the spirits of your dead.  Most people don't seem to have strong beliefs.  They might profess them while they are alive, but I get far too many hard core zealots coming to me after they die. You will experience what you actually believe, not what you profess.  And a lot of people don't know what to believe.

So whatever they said they believed in life, they were actually waiting to see what was "real" or what death is "really like".  They end up not in hell instead of heaven, but somewhere between.  Neither here nor there, and often end up hanging around for a long time as spirits, trying to find the next place to go.

Suicides and murder victims often get "stuck" in something that looks like tar.  Astral tar.  Made up of whatever horror they were experiencing when they killed themselves or were killed.  And people that were murdered often get "glued" to the spirit that hurt them, because by necessity, the murderer has to experience the event from their victims point of view, and often all of other people that were affected- loved ones, bystanders, etc.

For any spirit, the best thing to do is to light a candle, put out some flowers, photographs of the deceased, favourite food and drink.  This creates a space for the spirit to inhabit.  Say their names out loud, another way to create space for them to inhabit (by moving the air molecules around).

All humans, plants, animals, clouds, and also everything that is on other dimensions- angels, spirits, dreams, consciousness, etc- we all inhabit the same physical matter, albeit in different arrangements.  We are really just more "dense matter" than our spirits without bodies.  Nothing ever really "dies" it just transforms.  The dinosaurs are still here.  All of their molecules have simply transformed into something else. And they, in turn, were made up of matter that had been amoebas, and stars, and hydrogen, etc.

So create a space for the consciousness of your deceased loved one to inhabit.  Even if you are not a Medium you can still talk to them.  You can still tell them how much you love them, and how that love is everlasting and will never die.  Tell them any issues you had and try to resolve them in your own mind.

Love is the pathway to all things good, in all the realms and dimensions.  And especially for a spirit that is lost or confused, Love will show them the way to their next experience.  In death, as in life, Love is the most important thing.  Feeling love.  Finding love in your heart.  Remaining open and receptive to love.

Even if the deceased was a master at astral travel and magick while s/he was alive, being without a body altogether takes adjustment, and we must continue to being loving and supportive even as we mourn their passing.  Let them know they will be remembered, but don't cling.  Let them know they can come back to visit, but encourage them to make peace with their Higher Spirit's decision to remove them from this life.

Encourage them to release the negative aspects of their life and death, and embrace love for their own spirit fully.  Let them know they are not forgotten, that this is not the end of them, but just another part of their journey.  If they don't know about Samhain, tell them about it so that they can find it if it wasn't part of their incarnation's belief system.  (Or if you are from a culture that has another time where the dead visit, let them know that you will remember on that day, and be open to a visit from them.)

If they are stuck and you have the ability, you can help them cross over at Samhain.  There are always emissaries that come to assist with gathering the lost and helping them to move on.  (You can set up a portal, or use a portal like the Gateway Arch, to usher them out of this incarnation's after-life dimension.)

If the spirit has chosen to hang around that is another matter.  You will know because after the grieving process is mostly over on your part (not that we ever stop grieving) you will only feel a good feeling when you think about them.  You will know they are in a better place.  Even if that place is right beside you, but without a body.

Love, in all matters, is always appropriate.  But especially when caring for your deceased loved ones. It is not death we must fear, but a life without enough Love.

"Tell my wife I love her very much/ she knows..."

 Love to you, and to all your loved ones, here and on the other side,
Lady Rae

**Revelations and the Final Judgement are, I believe, when the last human spirit has crossed over, the "pot" or "God" will reclaim all the lost souls, those still trapped in some part of the afterlife.

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