Monday, June 13, 2016


I feel a lot of thoughts and empathic and telepathic "reaching out" right now.  Some panicked, some shocked, some just searching the network, looking to see if it has widened or narrowed.

I feel free to say whatever I want here on this blog, because I am not a public figure, very few people read this blog (20? regularly... not really sure lately, haven't been watching the stats), and those that do are here by choice.

As I am sure I have said before, there is great power, real power, personal power, in being "powerless" and "poor".  I think the most difficult thing for people, and especially New Age people in an Old Age world, is to become famous.  Especially psychics and empaths.  To not be aware of one's empathic or psychic abilities and to suddenly have thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, thinking about you.  This is a good year to do the work, but avoid the cameras, unless you are super, super strong and focused.

These zealots and defenders of the Old Age either believe in Hell, or don't mind using it for their own purposes. They worship out of fear.  (Just FYI, if you are new here, I am not talking about Christians that truly love Jesus and what he taught, and do not embrace the idea that hell is judgement or condemnation from their Divinity.)

The world that is collapsing is filled with humans who cannot figure out how to be good people without the Almighty threatening to burn them alive FOR ETERNITY!  And since this Deity is the ONLY god, or the powerful of the Gods, they are really stuck!

They can't live in this world, they can't live with themselves, they know they won't be living with their God after the die, no matter how many "sinners" they kill.

I said in my last post that psychics, 5D and New Age folk might be surprised to find that they are completely out of touch with "muggle" madness.  The best predictors, even astrology, may not cut it right now.  As I mentioned, the more those clinging to the Old Age rebel against the New Age, the more we will find ourselves invisible.  ... Which isn't bad.  Better than finding one's self a target, which is why I believe we need to stay out of the limelight, even if one has chosen, as I have, to keep pushing at decrepit, corrupt Old Age structures, and heralding the New Age wherever anyone will listen.

Don't worry that you aren't on the "wavelength".  Don't let frustration or rage at the senselessness and idiocy of this crumbling, inept world and vengeful gods and greedy men drag you into the despair and nihilism. A big shift is coming, and when it does it will likely take us all by surprise.  It will likely be catastrophic, but I promise you, if you remain steadfast in your vision, once around the corner the New Age will be undeniably visible even to "muggle" eyes.

AFTER the Tower crumbles, comes the healing Star, the waters, the cleansing and renewal.  (Then the Moon illuminating the darkness, etc.)

You are here for a reason. You have powers and abilities that other people don't for a reason.  But it probably isn't to "save" anyone or everyone.  Saviours and Messiahs are part of the Old Age.  Aquarius is the age of the individual.  (And I am sure there plenty of astrological posts on many other blogs about Uranus and Aquarius and homosexuality, trans-gender, etc.)

And Saviours get crucified.  Martyrdom is useless in the New Age. It's more useless than violence or murder.  Save yourself, lend everyone else a helping hand.

If you are a witch, mage, or medium, there is a lot you can do to be helpful.  At this point, it doesn't include uncovering terror plots before they happen though, at least not generally.  Uncovering the roots of the Old Age networks of greed and corruption- the El, the Country Club boys, the Illuminati, the Lizard People, the They Live Aliens, the Bush regime- whatever you want to call them, they are likely out of your mortal reach.

But as a mage or medium, there are many things that the spirits are doing to uncover corruption, lies, warmongers.  It's Astral Fight Club right now.  (Except the Dead can and do talk about it.  And I don't think they are fighting each other in parking lots, either.  But I don't know that for sure.)

I hear a lot witches and New Age folk say that it is wrong to use "supernatural" powers to overthrow evil government or corporate entities. Or to change weather patterns.  Or even to save the honeybees or purify the waters.

I disagree.  I think that is also Old Age thinking.  Magick, psychic abilities, Mediumship, these are all going to become the new "natural senses". A witch in the USA does more magick and alters the environment simply by turning on the air conditioning in this ridiculous for-profit world then s/he would by summoning a spirit to uncover the truth about 9/11 or why the school districts in Saint Louis cannot stay solvent and accredited, or commanding through dominion an increase in honey bees, even if just in the local area.

In fact, at this point in the Shitstorm of 2016, we'd all do well to emulate Severus Snape during the Harry Potter's Quidditch Match. Without the concern that anyone will see what you are doing.  Because let's face it, the powers that be in this realm would just think you were nuts, and the Powers that Be on the astral plane have their hands full right now.

Although if you are always stumbling into them- and the very weak or the newbie, and the very powerful both will at times- you might want to just attune your thoughts with the energies in a general way.  Cover it in Pink Love Light, use a Green Owl, or if you have any spirit familiars ask them to pass the message on.

The apex, or next high crest in the madness seems to be around early July, but June 15th is on my radar, too.  September and November both seem heavy.  But there really isn't a set course at this point.  Everything is becoming very personal and subjective.  It's ironic that the harder a person clings to what was formerly the collective "shared reality" the more they lose their grip on the true reality- the subjective, personal reality.

Another protection, actually, magickal peeps.  As our collective spheres of influence narrow to just our own lives, in preparation for the next big shift, it also makes it very difficult to attract the Old Age Powers That Be, or have your magickal energy tracked back to you on the astral level.  We are creating our own worlds, all the time, anyhow.  But right now especially, your influence will affect your world.

Many New Age spells to assist the peaceful, safe collapse of Old Age structures will be like ghosts, even to the ghosts!  (Meaning those on the other side that have bound their spirits to greedy evil living men will not be able to see anything but their human proxy's own Karma, not necessarily where the "push" came from.)

Horrible things are likely to continue until enough people wake up to the fact that world is not going to proceed as it has for the last 2000 years.  No matter how much they want it to, no matter how many people they try to convert or kill or dominate.  It's like teenage girl trying to pretend she isn't getting her period, or a teenage boy trying to ignore the startling independent life his favourite appendage has taken on.  There is no turning back from this point.

Even if we try to stop the New Age from coming, maybe to give our loved ones or even ourselves a chance to catch up, it's too late.

I feel you, readers and seekers and kindred.  We mostly don't know each other in the flesh, in this dimension, but I know you are there.  And I know a lot of people feel as lost as I do.  This is what I got.  This is what is helping me.  Maybe it will help you.

This is time of great challenge.  As the Goddess of West  says "Chin Up, Tits Out."

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